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  1. We at mafia club have a discord game, everyone! To spread some fun around and hopefully revive some activity around here, I’d like to introduce a discord battle royale: Marvel edition! The game will take place in the discord server below, and mechanics will be detailed here as well as in the server. This will begin 2 to 4 days from today (Depending on how many people join). Hopefully everyone has fun! Mechanics! Characters!! Discord Server!!! Winning!!!! As with any battle royale game, everyone fights until there are around three of you left (depending on
  2. I think this chapter turned out really fun ^_^ This music is really fun too Fox McCloud: Guardians I have enough pieces. I don’t need you anymore. You are missing some pieces. You will fail. I will no- If you’re missing some limbs, what will happen, I wonder? You bleed. You bleed until the waters run red, and creatures of the land are living off your blood. Next Time: Luigi and Yoshi
  3. I started this when Ultimate was announced and now it's out?? How time flies some spacey tunes Luigi: Accession You have done it, Callie! You stole it! Just as you asked. What’ll you do with it? Rosalina’s power will help us win. Meanwhile, you have another-nother job. With Magolor? No. Just a teensy weeny different thing. …? I need you to steal a crystal ball.
  4. Feel free to tell me if my taste in music is terrible Listen to this! Waddle Dee: The Suit of Power … Samus failed. She what? She couldn’t get the crystal ball you wanted. Ohohoho. Your turn. No. I’m done helping you. If you want it so badly, get it yourself.
  5. Life has been busy, but here I am! Btw, you guys seemed interested in thematic music, so from this chapter onwards, I'll share what was playing in my head as I was writing and editing it. Who knows, I may retroactively add some to older chapters as a little bonus. For instance this Peach: Fragmented You’re done for! Give. It. To. Me. Never. You can kill me, but I will n- It’s over here. Zelda! W-Why? I’m sorry. Spare our lives and I’ll hand it over. All three pieces. No... … Thank you, Princess. I knew you’d come to see th- Hee hee~
  6. I'll give you some time to soak it in Intermission the Second: Promises Made... Nice to finally meet you, Magolor. The great Lana. You know what I’m here for. And to get it, you’ll have to get past me.
  7. "Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten". - Lilo and Stitch Link: Betrayal We have visitors, Princess. Again? They’re not friendly this time. And we know what they’re here for. … I can’t take another fight. Is everyone else here okay? They can take care of th- The door! … … … Bring it on, assholes.
  8. This is going to be important for a long time onwards Waddle Dee: End of Day … What is this? Star Dream. I’ll finally be able to avenge my family, my *life*. Keep in minding the goal, Magolor. I don’t give a crap about your goal. You promised me revenge. HeeeEE heEE HEEee… heh. I did, did I not? But only if you follow *exactly* my instructions.
  9. This is the longest chapter yet *sweats* some music Fox McCloud: Primal Unbound … No more tries. No more second chances. I-I’m sorry! I’ll do better! No more mistakes! All your mistakes have caused nothing but chaos. I’ll try harder! I’ll make you proud! No. I have to keep order. And I'm the only one who can do it.
  10. Curious-er and curious-er... Captain Toad: Kindred Spirits Princess! How…? Wha…? You’re alive! Why… Did you come… Back? For you. Link would have wanted that. … Thank you. But I am injured. We must make haste. Right away. After all, we have visitors to expect
  11. Who's right? Who's wrong? Rosalina: The Core You’re not going to go after them? No. Not yet. I thought you needed him for your side of the plan. They’ll come to me. You should worry about your task. It’s almost time to strike. Then you’ll release her? Your service for her freedom. That was his deal. And I honor his deals.
  12. The mystery deepens... Olimar: Visitors We can’t keep this up, it’s too strong! It can’t reach the Observatory, not yet. I’m sorry, Fox, I have to pull back. … Dammit, we’re never going to keep it back long enough.
  13. Where are the rest of our Pokemon friends? Hoopa: World of Fire We’re almost there. Halcandra? Yes. The planet of the Ancients. Do you know if Magolor is on our tail? Oh, I have no doubt that he is.
  14. What could come of this, I wonder? Rosalina: Vivication Did you see that? His bracelet? I thought I was the only one. You remember, right? Too well. The Dark Star. He has it.
  15. It's been a while, but I'm baaack~ Meta Knight: The Starcutter This wasn’t supposed to happen. You want her safe, don’t you? … She’ll be free when what I need is in my hands.
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