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  1. Replying to let it be known that I saw but Something makes me think Evi's confession seems like a trap of some sort (And we all know how Nagito does that). I'm gonna keep my vote on Drago.
  2. Seems like Nick has a good target for today, let's do it [Unvote] Anti-Loser [Eliminate] Drago
  3. I dunn like Newt but I have nothing much other than my reads at the moment. [Reveal] Roles Though in my opinion, A-L seems to be acting less like himself. He's both less agressive and less analytical than he usually is. Could be wrong but [Eliminate] Anti-Loser
  4. I thought we were Lovers Kiet ;-; It's okay I have Lykos now I can relate to his hopes and we see you in similar ways :]
  5. I should talk more but I genuinely do not know how to talk about all of... this. And why is everybody dying *confused bok noises*
  6. Call me crazy, but I think I am inclined to believe bean this time. Usually he doesn't have so much conviction [unvote] Soph [vote] Arch
  7. Still no regrets :] Speaking of regrets, probably should have contributed more and will probably be lynched or modkilled, alas. I do however, have a hunch based on small non-contributions? Could be wrong, and nothing about voting patterns or posts really jump out at me for being super sketchy at the moment, so I'll see. Under other circumstances, I would vote myself, but I think if I do, I would be committing self-lynch so in the interest of not dying [Eliminate] Sopheria
  8. Oy. Apologies for being inactive, but I haven't had too much extra time to catch up and make a post Also I've been procrastinating studying for my last exam so I will read over this thing in detail when I stop dying so for the sake of getting a vote in and demonstrating I'm not silenced, [eliminate] Bok
  9. Hey @Falirionand @Walpurgis~ We can't keep Nicki's team at 3 people while they nearly outnumber the rest of us combined. As much as you might not want to, we must vote together to even the odds. If you help me lynch one of them, I promise Arch and I will not kill either of you the next night. It's 4 against 3, let's not leave this up to RNG~ [Eliminate] Astra
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