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  2. Not restraining, no. Well, my tentacles actually have different effects on even and odd nights (hence me calling my role rather unique). Mostly has to do with redirecting the actions directed onto my own target. If you'd allow me, I'd like to keep exactly what they do and who I visited a secret, in case I am not lynched. Not entirely sure what you got planned by voting me, but I'll trust ya. I mean if being doused means I'll end up being lit up soon, I'll gladly take the D1 points. Right now I am highly sus of Aldo. I mean voting me can be explained from general suspicions, but completely ignoring my call out is reeeeeeally shady if you ask me. Can't say much about the others but I'm inclined to lean town on Fali and Nick.
  3. Yeah, I'll call you out on that opportunism @Aldo. [Eliminate] Aldo Also Garou having a threat level is specifically due to the fact that he is a hero hunter. As in, he is a general threat to the hero association. Although considering what AL said about everyone having some threat level, perhaps Saitama is classified as god level for this game. Also of the heroes, I really hope Mumen Rider is one of them. He is the greatest hero of all time. Come to think of it, I could also see Bang (the old martial arts guy) as a hero, but that's just a guess. Plus the fact it doesn't matter if we don't know what they do. You know, since I'm doused and at a higher chance of dying, hi I'm Kombu Infinity. Kinda funny the seaweed monster gets targeted by the arson. How 'bout you Aldo?
  4. I suppose that is fairly well put. A vote to bait out mafia per se. However the distancing from the monsters was never the intent of my message. A strange inference to make if you ask me. I simply stated one of the town roles (as I must say my own is quite unique) may have some sort of arsonist-like dousing ability. However the fact remains, the arsonist remains at large (if that is where the dousing came from). And the one link I see is you jumping at the mention of the arsonist. As we have established, it would seem it likely said arsonist exists as mafia or hostile tp. So let's follow your logic. Mafia joins the wagon, and you gain yourself some well earned town cred. I mean who would suspect the arsonist to vote whom they had just doused? But as you said, this is D1. And as long as the holy fluids bind me, I must seek the being who has sent them. I'm sure you understand. Oh yeah totally forgot about the threat level thing. which ig isn't too great for me since I'm only tiger level Yeah, if this stays true to OPM, heroes shouldn't have threat levels. As to whether they'll be lynched in a tie, idk if they'd rank above or below monsters. @Anti-loser Are we allowed to ask how that works? (and how would it) Also, if there is a god threat, it could be that it is one (or both) of the TP.
  5. I suppose that's a good point. Given how different my own role is from the norm, I thought there could be some other strange monster ability or something. Although a hostile TP does sound likely. Unless it wasn't oil I was doused with...... In the meantime still waiting on Nick to respond. Don't see why he felt the need to make blind accusations. Unless he knows who the arsonist is..... Maybe he's that hostile TP........
  6. Tbh I just said monster because I felt that would be a monster role that someone would have, and that I was doused by mistake.
  7. I really don't know, I just got doused. If you saying there's a arsonist hero then, who's to say that's not you
  8. Oh yeah the fact that we have a connoisseur of the holy fluids makes me believe that there's some arsonist like monster role.
  9. Me too Nicki. Me too. I have been doused by the holy fluids. May this start my ascension into the extracorporeal planes of existence. Speaking of which anyone got a sponge or something to clean this up?
  10. Oh yeah I just realized since there's no point in revealing my role we might as well get the most out of it. We can get Fali as the driver and Mimi as the NPC. [Reveal] Random NPC
  11. Well then. Looks like we're now on phase 4 of taking down raid boss Lia. Let's go. [Eliminate] Lia I genuinely have no idea what that role reveal of professional gamethrower was. Unless Jace's role was just a similar version of mine..... All I know is that my actions are exactly what I described. So if it will help: [Reveal] Ancient Being
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