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  1. hello world of Reborn

    I am now back to haunt you

    and also play Deso v5 since I finally have some free time and love that game

    should probs start a brand new run cuz I can

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    2. Dragoknight



      rip Schnappi, 2018 - 2020


      well anyway after like 30 min of soft resetting I managed to get this girly


      goin for a duskanroc

    3. SilverAngelus


      OwO She's beauty!


      (I take it Schnappi was a Sandile)

    4. Dragoknight



      Schnappi das kleine krokodil (all I remember is that show's theme song lmao)

  2. Aye Sol!



    Happy birthday m80

    Hope you have a great one~

  3. Heyyy happy birthday Drago 😄, i really hope you will have a wondeful day because you deserve it ❤️🎂

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    2. Dragoknight


      Heya, yeahhhh. Certainly has been awhile hasn't it?

      Things are going pretty well and I'd say today was fun. Thanks a bunch~


      .....I guess I could try posting here more often too. I initially stopped cuz of school work, but that's not really burdening me as much nowadays. But really thanks for the warm wishes guys~

    3. LykosHand


      You're welcome Drago 😄 yeah post more status updates and remember to post more in mafia too :] 

    4. Seal


      Happy late birthday Drago!

  4. pls with all the times I've been ousted as maf d1-2 by sheer chance luck doesn't exist Huh. So you're claiming the TP is a cupid then? Hmmm. Well then. (also thnx Ali :peepohug:) Tbh I was thinking of using you as the gold standard of town to find any remaining heretics. If we're to assume that there is only one TP then, that begs the question as to whether Candy is the cupid or if she is indeed one of the heretics. Since the cupid would be non-hostile, I'd hope for the latter. I suppose there is only thing to do now. The gods have made their decree, and I can only hope that my reads will expel the heretics. [Subjugate to the Truth] Astra
  5. so I guess I nixed the possibility of them having a strongman Our faith guides us further my friends. We must continue on. Nicki is of a different alliance than Alistair. Given the previous report, Astra is a heretic with Nicki. And then there is the Candy. I don't know if mafia refused my most gracious offer, but she is a heretic nonetheless. Choose your path.
  6. Hmmm. Why, this is a most interesting turn of events. The ways in which the gods work seem to be beyond us. @Smooth you were the first to suggest I had some ulterior guidance. You are indeed an astute observer. However, I can't say I believe your roleblock charade. But more importantly, I find it quite strange you felt the need to translate everything in japanese. You have something to hide. You will bask in the light of Truth! [Subjugate to the Truth] Smooth Well then, now that everyone has revealed their true intents, I see no point in holding out any longer. Allow me to elaborate. Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round. @Alistair @Amine @Astra125 @Candy @cicada @Cнєяяу @Chickens @Eviora @LykosHand @Nano4 @Newt @Smooth I come to thee as the acolyte of our newfound society here on this island, but there is more to it than that. You see, the gods have chosen me not only to spread Their word, but to deliver Their divine Justice. My role (aptly named Justice) allows me to choose 2 players each night. I will learn whether the 2 share an alignment. N1, I had chosen Candy and Alistair to test their resolves. I had learned they are of differing alignments. For reason of Candy's vote, I thought it would be interesting to see if there was anything to it. It seems there was. As I have a good townread on our fellow Alistair, I would like to make the claim. Candy is mafia or TP. N2, I had chosen Astra and Nicki for the very suspicions I make claim to earlier today. I had learned that they share an alignment. Yes, I had been pushing a Nicki lynch to see if mafia would be so quick to turn on her. We will find out where her and Astra's allegiance lies in due time. N3, I think I will try Alistair and Nicki to test another hypothesis of mine (depending on how Smooth flips ofc). However, I feel my time on this mortal coil of ours fading. There will be a time when I will be unable to guide you any longer. I do not fear this future, as I know that our faith will live on. The heretics will be rid of and we shall prosper! I will leave with this, awaiting what the future has in store. I would like to request a doctor this night. However, should I die this night, I would like you all to treat my hypothesis as correct, that Nicki, Astra, and Candy are mafia. Funny you should mention that. @Mafia. If Candy is not part of your faction, then she is TP. Be a doll and take care of her for us.
  7. ......except you clearly weren't. Listen Lykos, I'll play this the nicest way I can. I don't get your hate boner for me. "I don't think AL is third party." Based on what grounds? You made this comment just to disagree with me. Why? All I can ask is get your head out of your ass and please listen to what I have to say. In all sincerity Lykos, just please. I don't want to have to argue. But I rabble on. One must not lose themselves on the journey onward. There is truth to the fact that I have been "riding" something up to this point as you so vulgariously put it. I ask of you, and of all of our society we have built, have faith. Not just in me, but the gods and the progress to the Truth! My main suspicions ride upon Nicki, as I make clear. I will state it again, I believe she was told to ignore Astra's vote on her. Ignoring such from her self-proclaimed rival, and then going off to vote someone who already has a vote on them, like her own vote (or more specifically who gets lynched) has no consequence, is extremely unlike her.
  8. I have no idea why this is odd You know Astra, I never said you were sus. Just the situation and Nicki. Why so defensive? Trying to protect her? I think we should also note. So far you have been doing the bare minimum as to not be modkilled. I think your hasty response means I may be on to something....
  9. Now who's not paying attention smh I'm sorry, but that's not even close to what happened Lykos. Let's break it down. Astra votes Nicki. Nothing out of the ordinary given the situation and lack of a clear directive. Now. As Nicki's "rival" she completely ignores the baseless vote on her and hops onto someone else who already has a vote on them. Almost as if she was told to ignore Astra...... Sounds pretty sus to me. I think it's a decent lead. You do have something with AL though. I am unsure what to think of him, he may be a TP or something.... I would like to hear more from him or at least google translate his reads on others
  10. It would seem the Gods have shown Their mercy upon us once more. We come together because we are strong together, our faith will guide us onward. The heretics hide in fear. For fear of our strength, for fear of the Truth! We must rejoice and we will drive them out of our land! As I ponder the series of events that have transpired, a curiosity begets me. I intend to follow through. My curiosity begets to a select few. Of conjecture. I find the actions of Astra and Nicki to be quite strange. Astra places a last minute vote on Nicki, and Nicki would rather vote someone (Amine) who already has a vote on him then place a counter-vote on Astra in spite. No not even a mention of Astra's vote on herself. This may be just speculation, but I find the scenario to be a bit..... orchestrated. And from her "rival" no less. I believe she was told to ignore the vote placed in her. Most likely Astra informed her of his vote in advance. What say you to these occurrences? I do believe it is worth a shot.
  11. It would seem that the blubbery one remains absent for his confessions. However, we must move forward! The Light will cleanse all, and the Truth shall surface. We can only move forward with our belief! (Yeah so far I think this is our best bet at finding mafia, let's hope we're right). [Eliminate] Seal
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