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  1. Happy B-Day!



  2. Happy birthday Matt!! I hope you'll have a wonderful day 🤗🎂

  3. Have you people heard of The Legend of Greg?
  4. Aight gotta start off. Say is there a rule for voting 1 person for all 3 First off I'm nominating @LykosHand for Ember King cuz as the heavenly buddha as my witness, if I spent every day writing birthday wishes I would most certainty devolve into some Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide abomination and commit unspeakable atrocities. I'll nominate the lovely prince @Candy for Midsummer Queen for her fantastic work on her Reborn fanfic, From Everland to Reborn (do check it out if you would like a good read). And for Sunlit Sovereign I'll nominate @Cad for keeping up the Rejuv13 hype train and for being Cadᵗᵐ. Now I must retreat back from whence I came.
  5. Baz is that you? I've finally found you! How you doin? Also are the flotation devices just azumarill? Can I substitute oxygen masks with air balloons? Does the plane allow emotional support espur?? Also cool lookin game you got there too.
  6. yeahhhhhh thats kinda cuz its stolen without permission Yeah not to downplay anyone's opinion but I kinda have a moral obligation to highly recommend against playing Fullmoon cuz, well aside from the blatant stolen sprites and tilesets from multiple other fangames (all without permission I'm assuming), the plot is.... well ignoring the subjective details it supports a few unhealthy tropes to say the least. Overall I would agree with the others above with trying out Pokemon Empire, it has many interesting gameplay mechanics and rebalancing of mon and moves to try out, complete with custom terrains, weathers, and field effects. Its still a work in progress (which I'm assuming you'd be used to with these games) but still a great game to play.
  7. I have the pingas
    hi king

    1. Kingoflife24


      Hi Drago, good to see you!

  8. you can't stop the oarientation

    1. Dark Eclipse

      Dark Eclipse

      no no no you cannot stop it

  9. hello world of Reborn

    I am now back to haunt you

    and also play Deso v5 since I finally have some free time and love that game

    should probs start a brand new run cuz I can

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    2. Dragoknight



      rip Schnappi, 2018 - 2020


      well anyway after like 30 min of soft resetting I managed to get this girly


      goin for a duskanroc

    3. SilverAngelus


      OwO She's beauty!


      (I take it Schnappi was a Sandile)

    4. Dragoknight



      Schnappi das kleine krokodil (all I remember is that show's theme song lmao)

  10. Aye Sol!



    Happy birthday m80

    Hope you have a great one~

  11. Heyyy happy birthday Drago 😄, i really hope you will have a wondeful day because you deserve it ❤️🎂

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    2. Dragoknight


      Heya, yeahhhh. Certainly has been awhile hasn't it?

      Things are going pretty well and I'd say today was fun. Thanks a bunch~


      .....I guess I could try posting here more often too. I initially stopped cuz of school work, but that's not really burdening me as much nowadays. But really thanks for the warm wishes guys~

    3. LykosHand


      You're welcome Drago 😄 yeah post more status updates and remember to post more in mafia too :] 

    4. Seal


      Happy late birthday Drago!

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