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  1. Hmm. This do be an interestin' progression. I must say, I do be a bit skeptical of yer claim Astra. However, I don't see you lyin' 'bout bein' one o' those tp either. Let's hope yer bein' truthful with that survivor claim, ye hear? And we'll see where that brings us. Looking over it, I do say Michel an' the Lass do bring up a good point 'ere. The lack 'o a pirate claim d1 does seem a bit off. That would be a fitting explanation as fer Eric. Now if my countin' be right, t'would seem Aldo 'n Astra be tied up now at 3. I 'ave to say I'm not too sure of Aldo's guilt meself, plus countin' in ole Newt's vote cast in the bottle. Fer now I'll be leavin' this one on the mad chicken an' see 'ere if anyone else be willin' to change up the tie 'ere..... [Keelhaul] Bean
  2. Well then. I do say this talk o' blood baths 'n tentacle monsters do seem quite threatenin'. Best keep an eye out fer these matters. T'would seem this talk o' pirate roles is certainly somethin'. If they be anything like the town of salem variant, perhaps they be the source preventin' kills. Plus the blubbery one does bring up a good point 'bout a potential actress role.... Tis be most confoundin'.
  3. En lieu of any leads on mafia and nothing from Bok and whether or not I'll be back on by phase change [Keelhaul] Bok
  4. Aye. Tis been most uneventful on my end. T'would seem one of them mutineers were caught right in 'ere tracks. Jolly work Amine! Seems like Newt's lead here is the best we got. Don't know what 'em third party folk be capable of.
  5. Well I ain't no weak-willed landlubber, I ain't believe in no abstinence here. But I ain't gonna sit 'ere an' 'ave no mutineers 'ave there way. Best lay low an' keep watch of the quarters for now. [Abstain]
  6. well it looks like Aldo's at it again Aye, Tom was one of our greatest chefs on this ye here vessel. Tis be a loss. Looks like there's booty to be a plundered and plundering booty is wha' ye do! Is that to say ties are treated as the same person? Say Leghook 'n Lolipurr 'ave the same booty, would the one below them be the second highest?
  7. So, it seems we are all here now. I don't have much else to offer. All I can say is that I urge you to reconsider your votes. We can say for certain Hypurr has some evil role. And as for my suspicions, Fali would be evil due to Aldo's reads, which I am fairly sure are consistent at this point. I don't know what to make about 2 poisoned, but it is indeed strange. I am a Lookout here. I had saw Eric visit Mimi last night. That is everything I can offer now. So I plead with you, let us take on of the evil up here.
  8. Nooo Jailor-sama I will avenge you! Hmmm. So it would indeed appear that no one was poisoned yesterday.... As for Ali's will, well it's no surprise that Hypurr is evil at this point. Which then brings us to another point. Hypurr and Fali were roleblocked the night before. I'm banking both of them are indeed evil. Right now I'm quite sus of both. We need to get a lynch today after last phase. Additionally, it appears I have news. A certain someone was visited. As to what it means, I would need to hear from Mimi first.....
  9. I admit, I have been taking Aldo's claims at face value. The fact that we are where we are could mean he may be lying to us. I mean, getting Dive correct by chance isn't that farfetch'd I suppose. Psychic is a relatively easy claim, and Aldo can be quite deceptive. But then we have the conundrum of 3 lookouts. My initial instincts tell me Fali is lying about his role, simply taking my own as his when Aldo came up. Also, I can't help but feel there is something to him bringing up Hypurr possibly being witched by the CL, and then claiming that he visited Hypurr's target. Almost like he knew.... But on the chance that both Fali and I are indeed lookouts, we can say for certain Aldo is lying about being psychic. As for Hypurr being the 3rd lookout...... .....well it is possibly (although quite unlikely), but I could also see him lying about his own role just to throw some chaos into the mix. I had actually targetted Eric both N1 and N2, however on N2 I did get visited by the Coven Leader and I’m not sure where I ended up (presumably Lykos, since you visited Dive). Good ole chaos. My favourite. also what do you have against Ericc roleblocking him Yeah I figured the CL must've dragged you over to Lykos when you claimed you were targeted. Someone is lying here. Indeed. Things don't add up...... and this is coming from the statistician here
  10. Wait so you're saying Hypurr claimed Lookout in the whispers? That could change some things.... 3 Lookouts does seem like a stretch.... In Aldo's first read, I was fairly confident Hypurr was an evil role. And while he still may be, if it is Fali lying, there is a greater chance Hypurr may actually be innocent here. I urge you to reconsider. I had claimed to the jailor N1. I am but a poor boi.
  11. So then. It seems we were right on getting Dive as the werewolf. And it seems we lost someone now...... Yeah, I really don't know what to make of Hypurr, but considering yesterday's reads I am fairly confident he is an evil role. Although his behavior so far kinda makes me feel he may be jester... That does sound plausible. The no mafia part that is, at least not killing roles. I doubt they'd be inactive tho, but that would be good for us. I suppose this also brings up who was poisoned last night. As well as any others roleblocked. At least one is evil, yes? Since Mimi revealed herself as mayor, this is definitely a good read. Well, I don't see the point of hiding my role. I am the Lookout. N1 I was jailed, and I gave jailor-sama the safeword. N2 I visited Lykos and I saw Nicki visit him. N3 I visited Mimi to which no one visited. Fali showed up before on the reads, and now we have the reason why. [Trial] Fali
  12. Hey, just because he's a "bad guy" doesn't mean he's a bad guy. [Guilty]
  13. Not necessarily lost on me. I kinda just wanted to hear something from Hypurr. You know, we can have multiple trials in a day if the trial doesn't end in an execution. But as it seems, he has no interest in helping and we are limited in time at the moment. Your argument is quite sound, so I'll help out. I'd assume that's how it works. But it's not necessarily the same chance of a random lynch. Allow me to explain. For simplicity's sake, lets take Aldo's 2nd message first. "Nicki, Hyppur. At least one of them is good." In this scenario, since one is guaranteed good, there are only 2 possibilities. The 2nd (in no particular order) is good or bad. Thus, there is an even 50/50 on either, but only 1, being evil. Note that the normal probability of any one of us being evil is (number of evil roles present)/15. If there are less than 8 evil roles, this is an improved chance. As for Aldo's first message. "Daniel, Falirion, Hypurr. At least one of them is evil." Using Dive's claim, we can rule him as the one guaranteed evil. Thus, we are left with a simple scenario. If you are familiar with punnet squares, this should make sense. There would be a .25 chance both you and Hypurr are evil, a .5 chance only one is evil, and a .25 neither of you are evil. If we were to take the chances of either you or Hypurr individually being evil, then it would be the first scenario plus half of the 2nd, another 50/50. Now, to take Hypurr's odds using both visions, we would simply use an and or probability, taking the probability of A + probability of B - probability of A and B (as it overlaps A or B). .5 + .5 - (.5 * .5) = .75 To recap, we have: Nicki: .5 Fali: .5 Hypurr: .75 Thank you for coming to my statistics class. [vote] Dive
  14. Yay, an undisturbed night after jailor-sama's abuse~ Yeah seems like a lot of things going on. Might as well break this down ig. Seems like a bit of an easy role to fall back on. So you can just survive to the end of the game with us, and you win when your target is killed? If I'm reading this correct (and from what others have stated) we can say Dive is the evil of the first message, but that doesn't exclude Hypurr or Fali from being evil. The 2nd message doesn't really give us as much information, but it seems it's a 50/50 that one of them is evil. It seems the chances are slightly stacked on Hypurr here being in both messages. Going with what Aldo says (and considering we can have multiple trials if we don't lynch them), I'll put this down for now. [vote] Hypurr
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