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  1. Pokémon Rejuvenation is cancelled Pack your bags we're going home
  2. There are cactuses Make florinia say fuck
  3. [Eliminate] Fali This is a placeholder vote so I don't get mod killed don't get ur panties in a twist for this [Reveal] Fali the beggar I would like to know what the person I visited does
  4. It won't be a lot of help since I suck at sussing ppl Plus I didn't get any soup shards
  5. by lias description i meant the description bean gave me of her name and role but fine if you guys kill me then one less investigative role to help town not that my role is any helpful
  6. yall are lynching the wrong guy whenever i visit someone at night i only learn their passenger names and role names not what the role does the name bean gave me of lia is simply inquisitor so ofc i went to check and got the conclusion it didnt mention anything about being hard to kill thats why i dont reveal as much since i dont even ehat the role does or even their alignment
  7. [Eliminate] Walpurgis Let's just kill off the spanish inquisition This game is getting dragged on for too long and I'm tired [Reveal] Neet
  8. Uhm why is Astra maf? Also how does the coyote work again I kinda forgot and there's no info on it
  9. lia’s description didnt really mention her being unkillable so im guessing she had an item or that somebody else protected her
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