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  1. Had a great today.

    Probably because you were in my heart. Thanks 😉

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    2. GenEric


      Are you high? Do I need to call someone? Should I get a restraining order? 

    3. dnjdndf



      Oops 🤣


    4. Candy


      Tf Eric get out of my hart

  2. only the first move shows if i move it around like if rollout is the first then only rock is showing
  3. Jesus fucking christ Amelia does look better Holy shit
  4. Wow we won! We never could have done it without Matt and only Matt
  5. Oh shit were inside a dream inside a dream inside a dream
  6. so how is development going is everything on fire yet
  7. @cicada @Amine @Candy @Alistair @Chickens @Newt @Bok Choi @LykosHand @CrimsonDragon21 @Dragoknight @L'Belle @Nano4 @EndearingCharacterTrait @Seal @Walpurgis @restofmafia Mostly because I get to talk shit with yall without getting muted @Caz @Posty @Ruby Red For making green Charlotte Great again @Jan @Zumi For teaching me lesbians are the best characters a game can ever have fuck tlou2 haters @Amethyst For making all of this possible in the first place
  8. Read the faq, it's answered there But basically med school
  9. So darkrai will be a regular character? Can he talk lmao
  10. Hc hottest sheriff in town gets into bar fights after half a shot of whiskey
  11. How old are the characters exactly? If they were to partake in a drinking game, who would get drunk the fastest and who would stay sober?
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