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  1. so far i have zero critical captures, even when i already have 3 charms, is this like a bug or a feature?
  2. what i like is if a pre-written mc still gives player input on how to act and what decisions to make, like the ones from telltale games, just have to give them a strong motive and likeable characteristics
  3. I'm so excited for this game that I'm ready to throw my education into a dumpster fire
  4. who would win? macaulay macaulay culkin culkin or titania drastic measures andersen
  5. and i told myself i'll focus on my studies this sem, thanks for ruining that
  6. i knew cairo is hot but damn i didnt expect him to be that hot
  7. GenEric

    e19 when

    Omfg yes new sprites is all I want
  8. Heyyyy happy birthday Eric!!! I hope you'll have a wonderful day as you really deserve it 🤗🎂

  9. wow, been a while since i visited here eh?

  10. Heyy happy birthday Eric 🤗, i hope you'll have a wonderful day and hopefully you'll get also cool gifts bro ❤️🎂

  11. Can we just say that the most batshit crazy person in rejuv is named karen Also good art yes more
  12. I'm pretty sure by answering the library likes decaf you get the worst ending
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