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  1. so this happened, is there an easy fix or do i have to redownload the game
  2. Heyy happy birthday Eric 🤗, i hope you'll have a wonderful day and hopefully you'll get also cool gifts bro ❤️🎂

  3. im already at the 6th badge and now i cant ev train is this guy supposed to be a roadblock?
  4. Can we just say that the most batshit crazy person in rejuv is named karen Also good art yes more
  5. The freedom badge doesn't show on my card Aderyn that bitch gave me an invisible badge Actually every badge after Connor is missing so
  6. I'm pretty sure by answering the library likes decaf you get the worst ending
  7. Reina says Anna oop unironically She also post fancams under rens thread on twitter
  8. Will there be a list of obtainable Pokémon soon?
  9. Had a great today.

    Probably because you were in my heart. Thanks 😉

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    2. GenEric


      Are you high? Do I need to call someone? Should I get a restraining order? 

    3. dnjdndf



      Oops 🤣


    4. Candy


      Tf Eric get out of my hart

  10. this was in the safeguard tm room
  11. only the first move shows if i move it around like if rollout is the first then only rock is showing
  12. Jesus fucking christ Amelia does look better Holy shit
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