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  1. yeah i agree. i was laughing at you and newt's posts and when i saw crystal's i was like “wait why” i guess that was a smart(?) tactic newt LOL i think the phase is about to end, and since i haven't voted yet I'm gonna add one more pressure vote to crystal for her to defend herself since iirc she's the most who's got the most votes rn anyway [Eliminate] Evi Crystal this is my first game with her,,, is she new too?
  2. Well they have to kill somebody else or the parasite would lead them to killing themselves, but... Apparently one would know if whether or not they get to choose who to kill, only if they were to go insane themselves amine told me “you'd find out if you go insane”
  3. oh yeah, and by the way I asked amine about the insanity, apparently they have to kill someone otherwise it would lead them to killing themselves
  4. I guess the “for now” means that she might have to kill someone again soon also oof fali
  5. Maybe Nano would be notified whether his action succeeded or not [Eliminate] mimi
  6. Well, I suppose that's also one less person for Oishi to investigate. Keiichi has a chance to go insane if Oishi investigates him, so I guess now that can be avoided.
  7. Well, at least Oishi has one less person to investigate! Saves up one night action for him, because not to mention that he retires on N4 :<
  8. Maybe AL also has a role which is why we can lynch him and his level is god just an assumption [Eliminate] Bean
  9. i read the posts and when i came at the very bottom there wasn't a text box i panicked for a bit until i realised a second afterwards that i wasn't logged in LOL also what's nano'd
  10. I also kind of have a gut feeling that Nick is maf.... because he and a few others kept pushing that I'm “most likely not town” and pushing too much is sus in my book but idk I'm not sure I understand Fali saying that Lia might be preventing us from winning, so I guess we could all try lynching her for today. However, that might not be possible since not everyone would vote her If I recall correctly, Lia's wincon is to kill some specific people, right? Maybe once she has killed them, she wins and the game continues on? Or it ends already with her only being the victor... [Eliminate] Lia [Reveal] Quack I also voted for Dive last night.
  11. Also, don't we have a total of 6 mafia? Who have we eliminated so far? 1. Boat 2. Candy 3. Dive 4. Baz 5. ??? 6. ??? I have no idea who the other two are,,, unless I forgot
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