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  1. Maybe AL also has a role which is why we can lynch him and his level is god just an assumption [Eliminate] Bean
  2. i read the posts and when i came at the very bottom there wasn't a text box i panicked for a bit until i realised a second afterwards that i wasn't logged in LOL also what's nano'd
  3. I also kind of have a gut feeling that Nick is maf.... because he and a few others kept pushing that I'm “most likely not town” and pushing too much is sus in my book but idk I'm not sure I understand Fali saying that Lia might be preventing us from winning, so I guess we could all try lynching her for today. However, that might not be possible since not everyone would vote her If I recall correctly, Lia's wincon is to kill some specific people, right? Maybe once she has killed them, she wins and the game continues on? Or it ends already with her only being the victor... [Eliminate] Lia [Reveal] Quack I also voted for Dive last night.
  4. Also, don't we have a total of 6 mafia? Who have we eliminated so far? 1. Boat 2. Candy 3. Dive 4. Baz 5. ??? 6. ??? I have no idea who the other two are,,, unless I forgot
  5. Yeah, I'm curious as well. Hey @NickCrash, you stared at me last night, right? What did you get?
  6. I don't know about the washing my neck thing, but okay then. Nick and Jace, just keep in mind that my role name sounds like a generic stock character, but my role's description and night actions are much more than that. Alrighty then. [Eliminate] Baz [Nominate] Fali
  7. Yes, I am Machino Gunochi. I actually didn't give Bean a name in the beginning bc I forgot I guess he just created one for me. But... didn't you say... ????
  8. I'm afraid you've mistaken Fali's role for mine, Aldo. Every night, I choose 2 people and their actions are moved to the next night. N1: uhh we didn't get our roles yet that time, right N2: First, I chose Newt and Kiet. Bean asked me to choose somebody else because he told me messed up something. I asked why not them but he would just tell me “secret”, so I just switched to Aldo and Boat. He wouldn't tell me if my actions were successful as well so ALSO! didn't the phase post also say something along the lines of “Newt (Aldo) wanted to give a gun to himself, but was stopped and he just stood there”?? N3: Newt and Lia N4: Lia and Yin — I went for Lia after she said that “her kills cannot be revived” or something like that in the Soup thread N5: Lia and Dive— changed my mind and targeted Ali instead of Dive bc I'm not even sure what Dive could be, so Lia and Ali N6: Yin and Dive — I couldn't guess what Yin's alignment was, so I just targeted him. Having no one else to target, I just went for Dive. also i really can't keep track on who died, i was surprised to see that Nicki was erased in the discord server when did that happen!? Ali was revealed to have died on the day phase before this one, right? idjsjsksowk i can't remember, bean also didn't tell me if he was already dead after I said I'm targetting him so idrk smh I can't really risk going back to the other pages without losing this post ; - ; not to mention, I'm 50% sure that Dive is that one that carried out the mafia kill tonight, since Hyper was erased and Astra killed Yin... This is also why I quoted the flavour text earlier because I think I successfully postponed the kill for tonight?? Maybe?? I don't know I'm not sure, maybe the target really was just protected or healed. I'm just glad to have released all this info before I dieded
  9. I don't know why and I'm just really curious, why are you so keen on wanting me out? Can you please enlighten me your reasons why?
  10. it was someone with the username: Salfy. tbh I have no idea who that is, I don't think we have a player named Salfy in the game?? we should definitely have @Walpurgis confirm Judging from the phase post unless it's all just flavour text, maybe Jace correctly guessed the mafia's night kill target's role and they were healed? Or perhaps there's actually another Doctor-like role in the setup
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