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  1. you just said the scrambled words out of my mind i feel like it's either lykos is the poisoner or it's drago or eric lied about getting roleblocked and they're really just bussing each other but i'm not too sure i definitely would like to see what drago flips as. what do you guys think? I'll put [Guilty] for now
  2. is the poisoner an unique role? if so, [Trial] LykosHand
  3. more like who poisoned ME! doc can't heal me isn't that great wHY DID I HAVE TO BE THE MAYOR AAAAAAAAAAAAA
  4. hi i'm alive it's possible that both drago and fali are both lookouts, or one of them is lying. honestly, i'm not entirely sure if i believe aldo's psychic claim. i know he got dive right, but who knows, it might actually be really luck. isn't it a bit strange that in his list for today has me in it? come on, it's just waaaaay to convenient for him to put me in there since i've revealed myself, and maybe he put fali and drago together just to spice up some drama jk anyway, i don't entirely believe his claim but i'll trust him for now. i suppose he is pretty random, like u guys said which is why i love him jk LOL I agree with you there, Hyper
  5. inb4 he actually wasn't a bad guy [Guilty] i understand where you're coming from, Dive also amine smh
  6. hi hello ya hyper definitely seems like a jester [Trial] Dive
  7. wait what why are y'all going for alistair are we supposed to go for hyper or not [Trial] Hypurr
  8. good afternoon i just woke up How many people have claimed getting roleblocked so far? Idk it just seems a lot because I was roleblocked too A pirate challenged me to a duel, and luckily I won smh I'm not really sure what to say about Hyper and Dive. I think Hyper hasn't said anything so far today unless I'm blind, but Dive has and he made an “easy claim.” It's still possible that Hyper is town too, even if he appeared two times in Aldo's readings. I suppose it's Dive who's evil in the first one, and in the first one it regards that “at least one” of them is evil. The same goes for the other reading, since it's “at least one” of them is town. I think you read that wrong, Fali
  9. What bad things!? Did you get any idea who it could've been, Drago? Yes. Yes. Yes. What's Hot6? All of them? What happens when they get it?
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