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  1. Aldo was the first to talk about seemingly cult stuff, could he be the cult leader? [eliminate] aldo
  2. Wow, the third party in my tos games had no luck but the pirate in a non tos game has already won
  3. You pulled the same stunt last game claiming to be beans guardian angel, what is your sudden obsession with bean?
  4. If we have the pirate from tos, then could the kraken be like the plaguebearer from tos?
  5. That sounds like the pirate role from town of Salem, that might be a third party
  6. Why do I feel like Aldo released the kraken
  7. If Aldo truly is third party then he should tell us what exactly his role does [Swashbuckle] Aldo
  8. as the noose tightens and hypurr's body goes still, the 5 remaining hold their breath as they wait to see if the stand stays active Hypurr was lynched with a vote of 5 - 0 We found a will Hypurr's role was plaguebearer with hypurr's death the stand deactivates, there are no more conflicting parties THE TOWN HAS WON
  9. Hypurrr has been put on trial @Hypurr what is your defense
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