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  1. Gather around children and let me read you story about a holiday in Whoville. The whos and their guests were preparing the feast, With the oldest one cooking the roast beast, But outside of town in the middle of the night, a sinister group waits out of sight. The grinch and his crew hated this holiday chatter, So they decided nothing else mattered, They would sharpen their tools, And put an end to all of those fools. Hide contents Mafia is a social deduction game which requires analyzing, cooperation, and looking through lies. There are two main factions in a mafia game: the Uninformed Majority [Town], who have to find others of their kind while hunting for the mafia, and the Informed Minority [Mafia], who have a private chat and plan there on how they should trick the town and whom they should kill. At the beginning of the game, players receive a channel in the discord with their role and alignment. There are two major phases in a Mafia game: (1) The Day Phase – Typically lasting 48 hours , players use this opportunity to discuss about several things, which may include the outcome of the previous phases, behavior of players, and flow of the game; the ultimate goal in the day phase is for the Town players to find the Mafia slowly while Mafia players have to blend in carefully. Before the day ends, players must vote for a player whom they want to be eliminated on grounds of suspicion and the player receiving the most votes will be eliminated. (Or in this case, executed.) (2) The Night Phase – Typically lasting 24 hours, the thread is considered “locked” at this point and players may not comment at all. Instead, players with night actions, special abilities related to their role, may use these to aid their faction. The Mafia also discusses in the private chat on whom to dispose of. The game continues until one of the major factions attains their win condition or unless it is no longer possible.  The role list Hide contents Town: Sam I Am Horton Ned Mcdodd The Cat In The Hat The Lorax Thing One Thing Two Betty Lou Who Bartholomew Cubbins Thidwick The Big Hearted Moose Mafia: Grinch Joey Jane Kangaroo Yertle The Turtle Third Party: The Onceler Vlad Vladikoff The Rules Hide contents 1. You must vote every day, its majority lynch, if people are tied in votes everyone will be lynched 2. editing posts, editing is discouraged, if its a minor edit to fix your grammar that's okay, anything else you must make a new post 3. all major discussion is done here, mafia can talk in their chat at any time 4. be respectful to everyone involved 5. sharing of roles in dms or pms may result in a mod kill There are 16 people in this game 1. Falirion 2. Drago 3. Ali 4. Candy 5. Nicki 6. Seal 7. Newt 8. Lykos 9. Aldo 10. Bean 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  2. I really want to know what happens if you lynch the host since he said it’s possible, if you want to blame someone blame yourself for telling me I could do it
  3. Anti loser said that we are allowed to vote him when I asked and he will get lynched so [eliminate] anti-loser
  4. If I had a gun I would have shot nicki, also I would have said in all caps who I was shooting, also @Chickens can someone from soup shoot someone here? Because jace did claim a coyote type ability but he is in drowned by soup
  5. I feel like no one paid attention to what I repeatedly claimed as my role the previous day
  6. [eliminate] nicki aldo remember this, I’m helping town so if you say my lies you will only be hurting your chances at victory
  7. It looks like fali can only post in pictures now, which is honestly better than trying to read scrambled words
  8. I got my role after I died, he said my role and alignment wouldn’t be revealed because I didn’t get my role before I died
  9. I can telL you, I already won but it would allow me to win twice or more and haunt more people
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