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  1. Okay okay okay SO I nominate @Cad, @Caimie, @the_phantom_eyes, @cicada, and @Starry Knight for Queen @andracass, Quinn (can't find his forum tag), @Hellscythe, @Aaron, @Hat'n'Clogs, and @ARandomName for King aaaand @ZEL, @SailorMercury, @Ikaru, @Azeria for the meme, and @MelonLord for Sovereign. Long may they reign!
  2. Hey happy birthday Brave! I hope you'll have a wonderful day 🤗🎂

  3. Ladies, gentlemen, and those who don't subscribe to the bullshit gender binary, y'all'ready know who it iiiiiiis~! It's ya boi, the Bravest of Souls, here to let you wonderful ragamuffins know what's new in the community. I'mma try and keep this short and entertaining cuz I know we've all got things to do and the world is kind of on fire right now so we need a little levity in our lives. Last time, the ranks of the Discord Warriors expanded to include two more fighters. The one known as the Abyss Reaper, a handsome bloke from across the pond who valiantly offered his services in th
  4. All praise be to Her Excellency, Kyra.
  5. Hey, look, I'm on the forums. That's rare. Y'all know what time it is! Party Time! That means it's once again time for that beloved Reborn tradition: Reborn Royalty! Side note: I've been told that I completely misinterpreted what "Reborn Royalty" meant and that we aren't deciding who among us shall rule over the peasantry as is divinely ordained by Our Lord and Savior. But, like, why even HAVE an aristocracy in the first place? This government is ridiculous. Anyway, for those of you unaware, let me quote the Lady herself: A few changes from that quote, though: NOMINA
  6. Yo. Long time, no see.

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    2. Melody


      Honestly? I only came back because it's not a place I can just let go easily. That and I have some friends here and now I'm helping with a few projects when I get the time. I'm keeping busy myself and still teaching, so not much has changed other than my school degrees and moving to Florida awhile ago.

    3. Brave


      <a fucking week later> Yeah, I've been trying to make more time to come back and see everyone but life is eating my soul alive and I have to focus on school. Good to hear you're doing well, though.

    4. Melody


      Good to hear you're doing decent as well. Not going to lie, I'm at fault for being late as you are...Especially since it's been more than a week. I work a LOT more though, since I got promoted. 

  7. Dan is that you?

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    2. DJ Mewdeon ft Dan Punk

      DJ Mewdeon ft Dan Punk

      because everyone was a cat before so I'm like this and I haven't really had a reason to change it, lol

    3. Brave


      can...can I pet you?

    4. DJ Mewdeon ft Dan Punk

      DJ Mewdeon ft Dan Punk

      I... well I mean I guess so if you're into that

  8. Oh, wow, the forums look slick as fuck. Nice work, Amethyst.

  9. That fucking feel when you reach your mental limit with this fucking stupid election cycle trying to figure out how and why people could be so fucking stupid as to vote for an idiot like Trump with no experience, no real policies, no morals, no brain!!!!! I've actually seen a comment today in which someone says they are sick of lying, fake politicians and they're voting for Trump because he's "real", the problem with that being his "realness" is just as bad as the negative traits politicians try to hide about themselves. I've seen pundits on TV bend over backwards trying to defend him and just
  10. I'm beyond fucking sick of this election already. Why are people so goddamn stupid?

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    2. Absol-lutelty awesome!

      Absol-lutelty awesome!

      Stupidity births from the inspiration. Inspiration stems from the speaker, and the speaker stems from human ambition.

      The only way to determine who is stupid for the right reasons is by the ones they follow. Hence, I choose individuality. I'm stupid for myself.

    3. Combat


      I always assumed stupid was defined as "Invading Russia During the Winter."

    4. Absol-lutelty awesome!
  11. Someone help me I can't team build to save my life

    1. Motomiya


      get a team full of monsters with either scarf specs or band ez

  12. That feel when she comes back and says she might be starting to love you and all the sudden, these emotions come flooding back and you're not sure what to do with them because of various reasons. Also, hi, guys, been a while.
  13. Oh, wow, it's been a longass time ignore that last status update I thought it was the search bar

    1. Cowtao


      Who's the scrublord now RJ?

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