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  1. it is 4 am. I should be sleeping. But I would rather write about how tired I am. I'll probably read this in the morning, and realize how many grammar mistakes there are.

  2. What even was this debate. Was Hillary reading a novel the entire time or something?

  3. So what's the consensus on the undercover study video of the DNC? Fake, real, somewhere in between? What is thought of it so far with you guys?

  4. Tfw you get quoted in the yearbook for saying: "I hope you buy a Samsung phone" next to my sarcastic smile. Everybody has a love hate with me now, you feel?
  5. So there is this kid in my math class who won't stop yelling that we are stupid any time we talk. I would say "shootup +1" but that's really bad a- oh sh-

  6. Sorry to post two updates on one board, but this must be shared.

  7. I'm feeling deplorable Ice cream ma- I mean lady witch thing
  8. I hope this debate won't be a joke. Well guys, it's either the angry businessman or the criminal. Take your shot.

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    2. Sutoratosu


      And no, if one is an american with any respect for the blood shed to grant you the right to choose your own leadership, or the fact that once upon a time, not all citizens of all genders and colors had the right to vote at all, then it shouldn't be considered "Optional"

    3. Absol-lutelty awesome!

      Absol-lutelty awesome!

      ^ thank god people like you exist. I thought of these exact words as I typed it because I come from a military family. I feel kinda bad for being too lazy to express how I really felt.

      I always felt that the constitution should never be "modified" by a lobbied politician. It is blood soaked, and therefor can never be written over without using a part that has yet to be stained for what it stands for (an amendment)

    4. Neo


      More like the Business man that's campaign on thinly veiled racism, or the typical politician (with everything that entails)

  9. So, Chris Wallace will be moderating the final debate... opinions?

  10. "Caught in election fraud" "exposed election fraud 2016" "Hillary using voter fraud" and Wikileaks showing the same, why am I not surprised? *sigh

    1. Sutoratosu


      Because hillary is a fucking crook with a long history of many other uninvestigated crimes, including several suspicious deaths of those who either opposed her at some point or somehow got on her badside.

      Trump was right about one thing, and one thing only- she deserves to be prosecuted, but then again... so does he, cause he's got tons of illegal shit on his shoulders too.

    2. Sutoratosu



      All these people...dead... all of them connected to Clinton in some way or the other, and all of them with some potential reason to have gotten offed by her.

  11. No! Me! I swear you guys it is 1 am don't you even dare question my judgement! Ame!
  12. I feel like if I keep spinning this balisong for long enough something bad is going to happen

  13. This is why I question my life
    1. Hect


      ... That could've ended painfully.

    2. Absol-lutelty awesome!
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