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  1. Chirya groggily pulled herself out of the sand. So, the gods were kind this time. All she could remember was the ship getting torn to pieces, and diving into the icy, stormy depths, but no matter how skilled of a swimmer she was, swimming in a stormy sea was much, much, different than swimming in a calm lake. After several mouthfuls of sea water and nearly inhaling it twice, the current smacked her into... something big and hard, probably the remains of the ship or its contents, and everything after that was black. "C'mon, we'd best get moving, don't ye think? We be burning daylight. "Yeah, you're right. Three days is a long time to be out, and we'd best be heading towards our destination. If we can even find where we are, that is. " Though she had never been out of Versidia, she recalled from her geography lessons that the closest islands to where they were supposed to be were Arcadia, Kabumu, and possibly Equinox or Aleana if they really drifted that far. "Hey, I think it might be possible we ended up on Equinox Isle, or maybe Aleana," she offered. "If the currents are really strong, they definitely could have carried us that far in three days."
  2. Chirya surveyed the field, the handful of remaining enemies quickly falling to her allies' attacks. The party seemed more eager to finish off the pirates once and for all, and not long after only the leader was left. Move to P24 and dance to Karik
  3. Time seemed to slow down as the arrow flew through the air and met its mark. One part of Chirya's mind screamed at her to turn away, the other yanked at her to help. Her body did neither. She watched in horror as their newest ally fell back onto the planks with a thump. "No... NO!!" she screamed, reaching out to him but her body disobeyed still. The last thing she noticed was a blur of red and the pale blue sky before she passed out. ~ Chirya blinked awake and pulled herself into a sitting position. Shit! How long was I out for?! Glancing around, she didn't see much difference between the current world and the one she'd passed out in. Probably just for a minute or two, then. She breathed a sigh of relief as she watched Cadence helping the wounded boy, and suppressed a tiny giggle when Emilee scolded him for being reckless. "Well, I guess it's time to play my part too," she murmured, mostly to herself. Chirya picked herself up and leapt across the planks, her dancer's balance keeping her steady despite her shakiness inside, and gave her performance again. Move to N23 and dance to Cadence
  4. Encouraged by Belros's quick hits, Chirya dashed forward to help him out. Glancing around the area, she stopped and danced in a spot where the pirates probably wouldn't be able to hit her. "Go and kill that sucker for me, she nodded to Belros after finishing up her dance. Move to N19 and dance to Belros
  5. Chirya watched that pirate-boy line up with the rest of his new allies, hefting up his new hatchet. "Yeah," she nodded to the boy as he passed her. Before she could say more, she noticed a golden glow around her arm, magically knitting up tissue and banishing the pain in her arm. Chirya was overcome with a wave of nausea again, looking at the blood caked in her sash. If only the healing spirits could take away blood along with the wounds, but she was thankful for the healing nonetheless. "Thanks!" she smiled at the healer before she jogged off to perform to the pegasus rider, doing a front flip along the way to loosen herself up a bit more. Move to N15 and dance to Rayne
  6. Chirya felt queasy again as the boy brought down his axe. Not from the blood and gore of the scene; she'd been forced to grow a thicker skin to the blood of her enemies by Lenn, her childhood friend-turned-assassin. He had joined an assassin's guild not long after she'd picked up dancing, and he taught her how to defend herself, both with martial arts and with the knives she always kept tucked in her gloves. Always think about yourself, he had said. There are men who will think of nothing to kidnap a pretty girl. And you fit the bill pretty well. Don't even think about killing if you can't handle it. Just injure them, distract them, do whatever it takes to get them off your tail for a second. And that's when you run. At first, Chirya had blanched at spilling blood, but before long, she'd grown out of passing out and throwing up - mostly. Even before then, she was used to answering fights with the bullies that liked to pick on her mismatching features, and her dancer acrobatics helped her slip out of sticky situations unharmed. But there was another reason why she'd been reminded of Lenn. Steeling herself, she eased herself out of her locked knees and frozen muscles and walked towards the boy. "You remind me of my friend, an assassin," she said as she passed him. "You have the same look in your eyes after your first kill. But I hope you'll end up fighting for what you think is right, not just killing to have a roof over your head and food in your belly." Chirya felt slightly guilty after saying that. After all, her family at least had some money to leave her, while Lenn had none. She'd also been either extremely lucky or extremely skilled at gambling, for between that and her dancing career, she always had enough to live comfortably. And she'd never even thought to share. Move to J14 and try to loosen up
  7. As soon as Chirya felt well enough to move, she lined up beside the fencer and their commander, ready to assist whoever needed it. Move to H11, and look away from the carnage Hold
  8. Chirya saw the mercenary coming, but couldn't dodge in time as the mercenary scored himself a gash in her arm. She hissed in pain, but, blood. Blood was welling up in the cut - shallow, but long. Her head pounded and spun as she frantically tried to stop the bleeding, tying her sash tightly around the wound. She tried to slap herself out of her dizziness. *Gods, don't pass out now! Or else I'll be seen as a squeamish little weakling and kicked from the guard and nobody's gonna have my help when they need it!* She kicked herself mentally, trying to clear her head. The pegasus-less pegasus rider and fencer rushed in to stab the mercenary that had attacked her. She turned away from the fight, knowing it would make her head worse if she saw it. As soon as Chirya was sure she could walk and talk without tripping, she retreated behind the two. They were engaged in conversation, and Chirya didn't want to be rude and interrupt them, so she stood around more or less awkwardly for a few minutes. "Glad to know I'm not the only one who tends to dress of the opposite gender," she nodded towards the fencer. "This outfit is rather girly, but I guess it comes with the profession. Soon as I'm in town though, I'd rather have my cowl, pants, and binding back. Not to elaborate on myself, but it's just that a lady on her own in a tavern full of men.." she growled. "Anyway, thanks. My name's Chirya by the way." She stuck out her uninjured hand to shake the pegasus rider's and fencer's. "I believe I owe you guys a dance, don't I?" Chirya flipped back and landed on her uninjured arm, trying not to focus on why she was lacking a sash, but how she would change her performance to compensate. Instead of finishing with a penche, she kicked back, shifted to forward with a fouette, and finished with a short pirouette. Retreat to F13, and dance to Cadence and throw up overboard
  9. Chirya swung around the healer and performed her dance again. I should really come up with some new choreography, she thought. Eventually people were bound to get sick of the same performance over and over, but Chirya really wasn't a great choreographer on the fly. But there were only so many moves performable in so many ways in such a short period of time, and things were bound to get repetitive eventually. She tapped the nomad on the shoulder as she finished her dance, taking up a defensive stance as an enemy was close by. Move to E10, and dance to Idei
  10. Chirya wished she could have enjoyed the view and sea breeze, but the sight of bandits and pirates just made her sicker than the rocking ship ever could. "Well, guess I should check out who needs help," she grinned, pulled her braid into a messy bun, and launched off the deck. Chirya noticed that the healer - Emilee was her name - was in danger of getting sniped, and dashed over to meet her. "Hey, need a refresher?" she asked. She reached up and stretched out her back, and launched into a backflip. Just before she hit the ground, she tugged her sashes free from where they were tucked in her belt, and pulled them into a wide arc as she came up from the flip. She spun and dropped a hand on the floor, twirling her other sash around her, her opposite foot in a high back kick, and finished on her toes, flicking both sashes out. Move to D9 and dance to Emilee
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