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  1. Have healing items been made more available? I remember one of the weirdest things in version 4 was that only Super Potions were buyable, which didn't exactly work well when your mons were well into the late 50s and even 60s level wise. (I had actually brought this up to Caz in feedback I sent a billion years ago, though I wouldn't blame him for not remembering lol)
  2. Like so many times before, Ebon waited for Lotus's arrow to pierce the guard of the bug in front of them and almost immediately pulled Blackwing into the air with his lance held aloft. Then he dived. Without waiting to see the results, he drifted the massive bird a short distance away and turned his attention again to the field. The leaders finally moving spelt danger, but now they were the ones outnumbered. And that meant the end was near. D6, Finish off Elite B, Canto F6
  3. Damn, this is the last thing I expected to happen today. I remember looking back at the old feedback I gave years ago recently and was sad it'd probably never see the light of day again. Good shit, Im definitely looking forward to it. Edit: I know it might be a little early to ask, but are you changing previously released content significantly? Kinda want to play through again now, but Im not sure if I should wait.
  4. Finally Ebon thought with no shortage of relief. It wasn't optimal, but at least they were all on their feet now. He grabbed Blackwing's reigns again and prodded him forward, deciding to ignore the squeak about mercy as he passed. It wasn't worth arguing. Eyes settling on the beetle with the axe that spoke earlier, he flew closer and thrusted with as much precision as he could before Blackwing glided backwards again. A7, Poke Raider A, Canto A8
  5. Somewhat bewildered at Stardust's attempt to heal the dying moth, Ebon shook his head and glided Blackwing around to the archer that tried to shoot them earlier. Dropping the reigns and letting the bird's momentum carry him, he raised his lance again and stabbed. Afterwards the crow hopped backwards with a caw of satisfaction, and the knight once again turned to the bee. "You can't save him. Not with a wound like that and no real healer." he said, trying to sound as firm as possible. "So get up and fight or whatever it is you do, unless you want your end to be similar to his. Looters aren't going to show that kind of mercy." Luckily there didn't seem to be any more nearby, though that didn't seem like it would last long. "Not that dangerous out there" they said, "Too cautious about inexperience" they said. If he got these kids through this job alive, he had some choice words for their employers. After payment, of course. B10, kill Pillager A, Canto to A11 Lotus D11 - Shoot Pillager if Alive
  6. Ebon grimaced as Stardust pleaded them to help the roach her brother had stabbed moments earlier. He was right. This really was the worst party they could have gotten stuck with. Breaking down and crying at blood? On a battlefield? Much to what would be Bend's dismay, he had no idea how to handle this. Unwieldy recruits were very much not his area of expertise. So he was going to do what he usually did, and if it didn't work, she'd most likely be useless. But better useless than dead. Directing Blackwing past her and landing in front of the roach, he stabbed downward with precision. Then he looked back at Stardust, though his face was expressionless through his visor. "We all have our own reasons for fighting, kid. They might need these supplies more than us. I don't know. I don't really care." he said gruffly, but softened for a moment at the next statement. "I need the money from this job more than they do." -his voice returned to his usual tone after this - "So they picked the wrong people to fuck with for getting in the way." That was all he could think of for the moment, and he nodded to Pinecone in hopes of understanding. At least he seemed competent. D11 Stab Marauder B
  7. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  8. Ebon stood silently as Sting ran into Pinecone next to him and chattered incessentaly. He could already tell this group wasn't going to be what he was used to, and that didn't bode well for the mission. But at least they could hold weapons. Sighing, He dismounted and walked past the large bee, glancing briefly in confusion at the staredown happening between him and the councilmen. At least he had Blackwing and Lotus. If they had to they could probably carry this out themselves. Though that assumed the council's report was accurate, and he was still fairly suspicious of that. Deciding that the ones that would be were sufficiently intimidated, he dropped the gravelly tone when he reached Lotus. "So. What are you thinking?" he asked. "This isn't exactly....what I expected when we took this job. But it will pay."
  9. "Ah so there is some fight in him. Good." Ebon thought at Bend's outburst, though he found himself second-guessing when he realized the sword was missing. What exactly did he mean by "experience" in this case? Dishes? Sighing he decided to focus on the council's comemnts instead. "Harsh? Perhaps. But efficiency should be a priority on this kind of business," since we arent being paid by the hour, he added mentally. "and I'd rather not have anyone lag behind. Or die. And yes, I am from the Domain." That much was obvious from his height. He wondered how much he should tell them for a moment before continuing, but eventually arrived at "not much". "But I've been all over. You have to in this kind of work, and it's better to prepare for the worst than to die unexpectedly to something you thought benign." He grimaced slightly at this last point, knowing full well they probably didn't care if they made it back anyway. But it was worth arguing.
  10. Ebon's eyes flashed briefly toward each speaker in turn. He was surprised that the big one - Pinecone - had no reaction at all, but the other two were about what he expected. Without looking directly at him, (since he seemed scared enough), he responded to the ant gruffly "You're a recruit, yes? Inexpereinced?"and shook his head without waiting for answer. "Getting in the way is kind of what you do. I've been around long enough to know." Pausing for a moment to let that sink in, he then turned his attention to the girl with the strange tablet. "And you. You haven't been outside of your hive much, have you?" he asked, almost in concern, though not dropping his tone. Was this really the best they had to work with? "Council affiliation doesn't matter when it comes to life and death. " he began stroking Blackwing's head at this point, and took a moment before continuing when the crow cawed softly in pleasure. "People out there...can be desperate. They'll take what they can get. Bandits, thieves, refugees. All of them." he looked to the council for affirmation briefly, but continued on anyway. "And a small group obviously carrying valuable equipment iis much easier to ambush than an army. Letting your guard down like that is how you get yourself killed on the first night." It was something he'd seen all too often on other jobs, and he hoped it would scare her out of doing something stupid later.
  11. Ebon Knight listened intently to the meeting, though he showed no indication that he cared or was even paying attention. He knew some of the other bugs there had either heard his reputation or were terrified of Blackwing, and he planned to keep it that way. Offers were higher if you were feared, right? He glanced briefly at one of the other bugs as she introduced herself and made a mental note of the names she mentioned, but said nothing. He had decided on the way here that it would be best to keep tabs on those they were working with directly, and she didn't seem interested in saying more anyway. When she finished speaking he waited for someone else to say something, but nobody appeared to move forward. So he mumbled a command to Blackwing under his breath and started talking. His voice was naturally deep, but he tried to make it a bit more gravelly in meetings like this to really play up the "hardened mercenary" thing. "Ebon Knight" he said without much enthusiasm. "And my partners. Blackwing" he nodded to the crow who let out a loud squawk, sure to get people's attention. "And Lotus." pointing at the other mantis, his visible features softening a bit (if only for a split second). "Mercenaries under councilman Far and Wide. Remember this, and don't get in the way. If you can do that we won't have any problems." He went silent afterwards and looked about to gauge their reactions. They were always different with this speech, and he still wasn't quite sure how effective it was.
  12. Fixed @Powder Miner I think I just forgot to change it back when I was initially putting two stats points there lol
  13. Trouble grabbing things? He sighed and made a mental note to at least try working on the gloves as soon as he could, despite her protests. She was functionally crippling herself even if she didn't realize it. Though her next question surprised him "A vampire?" he asked, amused. Even for her, that was a new one. "If I was one of those, don't you think I would've shown my fangs by now? Or at least tried some acrobatics?" He knew even less about vampires than he did about the undead, but that sounded right. "No, I haven't really gained anything from - " he cut off as Rhian and Ceridwen started screaming at one another over some slight. Very loudly. He muttered a quiet "...great." before returning his attention to Naomi and giving her a look that clearly said not to get involved. They were going to draw every dragon knight in the fortress to them if they kept it up, and he'd rather not be associated with them if it came to that.
  14. Fallon resisted the urge to grimace when he saw her hands. He had known about that, of course, but he had thought it stopped burning her once she learned to control it. "It doesn't hurt, does it?" he asked, concerned. She never showed any indication that it did, but it was best to be sure. He was still looking at the burn scars when a thought hit him. "Regardless, it looks pretty bad. Do you remember what I said earlier about the gloves at Scarleticia? They were magically reinforced. I wonder if it's possible to design something similar that would channel it through the gloves instead....?" he shook his head, bringing his attention back to her. "I'll have to look into that later. In any case, we all have different things that keep us going. If your power is yours, there's no reason to let it torment you. As long as you can control it, nobody has reason to be scared. And if they are, they probably weren't going to be a good friend anyway. How could they be if they aren't willing to give you a chance?"
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