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  1. "You were going to PAY to be conscripted?" Ebon laughed in a booming voice, dropping all pretense of the gravelly intimidator. Blackwing, for his part, cawed in amusement as well. Though Ebon still couldn't quite tell if the bird actually understood what he was saying, or if he was just mimmicking the mannerisms of his rider. "Well, I certainly wouldn't complain about that. We'll talk more business when this is over. For now uh...give me a second." he looked about until he spotted Brilliant Deduction on the battlefield below and eased the crow in her direction. Returning to his no
  2. "I suppose I can sympathize with that. I was never the biggest fan of how things were run, but I put up with it until..." he looked pained for a second but shook himself out of it after a few moments. "Well, that's not important. If it's money you want, I'm sure we can work something out. My company and I are getting paid quite handsomely for this job, and payment is individual." he purposefully failed to mention that this "company" only included himself and Lotus. Looking down at the battlefield again, he added. "Your current employers aren't going to be alive to pay you by the end of this a
  3. Ebon sat upon Blackwing silently as the other mantis approached him, and listened to what he had to say. To tell the truth, he did remember the old name, but not the face. Either way, this Freely didn't seem more than Lotus's age. "Inspiration....?" he asked, a bit off guard. Now THAT was something he had never heard before. "Listen kid,..I'm only doing this because I have to. There's nothing to be inspired by or proud about in taking lives. If I had to guess, the people here have their own problems, too." he grimaced and shook his head. "I'm not going to tell you to go back home
  4. Ebon grimaced seeing Pinecone go down, as besides Lotus he was by far the most effective one here. Though the distraction didn't last long once he spotted the bug in dark robes that approached him. He wheeled Blackwing that way, delivered his strikes, then glided idly past where he once stood. Then he watched, looking for anything that would tip him off as to who Flies Freely really was. Stab Dark Initiate, Canto A7
  5. Ebon cocked his head for a moment as the battle began. The ambush didn't surprise him, but something seemed off about the opposing bugs. The other bird rider especially. He wracked his brains trying to make sense of it, but ultimately turned to Lotus. "Ready?" he asked aloud but added "Does the guy on the bird look familiar?" more quietly. Deciding not to dwell on it for too long, he took Blackwing's reigns and guided him to the closest bug, promptly thrusting his lance into the spearmans chest. C7, Stab Lancer A, Get Guarded By Pinecone
  6. At the end of the battle, Ebon largely kept to himself as he strode through the remains of the fallen, looking for anything he could use or sell. The marauders wouldn't need it where they ended up, after all. Afterwards he loaded it all onto Blackwing and kept a watchful eye on the party from the back as they grew ever closer to the University. Upon their arrival, he pondered at the bugs scurrying to and fro. He had seen many different kinds in his travels, of course, but something about this place and them unnerved him a bit. He couldn't tell exactly what, but it was probably somethin
  7. Ebon nodded silently as Lotus said her piece. Neither of them liked it when targets got away (not that it ever really happened) and the intimidation factor was good for business. Though before being able to see the fruits of that labor he had to take care of the rest of this job, he thought, taking Blackwing's reigns once again and diving towards one of the few bugs still standing. E6 Poke "Elite" Soldier, Canto D9
  8. Have healing items been made more available? I remember one of the weirdest things in version 4 was that only Super Potions were buyable, which didn't exactly work well when your mons were well into the late 50s and even 60s level wise. (I had actually brought this up to Caz in feedback I sent a billion years ago, though I wouldn't blame him for not remembering lol)
  9. Like so many times before, Ebon waited for Lotus's arrow to pierce the guard of the bug in front of them and almost immediately pulled Blackwing into the air with his lance held aloft. Then he dived. Without waiting to see the results, he drifted the massive bird a short distance away and turned his attention again to the field. The leaders finally moving spelt danger, but now they were the ones outnumbered. And that meant the end was near. D6, Finish off Elite B, Canto F6
  10. Finally Ebon thought with no shortage of relief. It wasn't optimal, but at least they were all on their feet now. He grabbed Blackwing's reigns again and prodded him forward, deciding to ignore the squeak about mercy as he passed. It wasn't worth arguing. Eyes settling on the beetle with the axe that spoke earlier, he flew closer and thrusted with as much precision as he could before Blackwing glided backwards again. A7, Poke Raider A, Canto A8
  11. Somewhat bewildered at Stardust's attempt to heal the dying moth, Ebon shook his head and glided Blackwing around to the archer that tried to shoot them earlier. Dropping the reigns and letting the bird's momentum carry him, he raised his lance again and stabbed. Afterwards the crow hopped backwards with a caw of satisfaction, and the knight once again turned to the bee. "You can't save him. Not with a wound like that and no real healer." he said, trying to sound as firm as possible. "So get up and fight or whatever it is you do, unless you want your end to be similar to his. Loote
  12. Ebon grimaced as Stardust pleaded them to help the roach her brother had stabbed moments earlier. He was right. This really was the worst party they could have gotten stuck with. Breaking down and crying at blood? On a battlefield? Much to what would be Bend's dismay, he had no idea how to handle this. Unwieldy recruits were very much not his area of expertise. So he was going to do what he usually did, and if it didn't work, she'd most likely be useless. But better useless than dead. Directing Blackwing past her and landing in front of the roach, he stabbed downward wi
  13. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  14. Ebon stood silently as Sting ran into Pinecone next to him and chattered incessentaly. He could already tell this group wasn't going to be what he was used to, and that didn't bode well for the mission. But at least they could hold weapons. Sighing, He dismounted and walked past the large bee, glancing briefly in confusion at the staredown happening between him and the councilmen. At least he had Blackwing and Lotus. If they had to they could probably carry this out themselves. Though that assumed the council's report was accurate, and he was still fairly suspicious of that. Decidi
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