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  1. Brilliant practically (albeit not quite literally) danced up to Diligence and pulled out her staff as she got near the wounded red ant (the miniscule bug on her shoulder doing the same). "And don't you worry either, dear. I have all my wonderful assistants' backs!" Brilliant Deduction heals Faithful Diligence! Mercy Harefoot heals Sting! Meanwhile, Bend came up behind Soggy with a toooooot and then a gentle kind-of-push to the back. "Aaaalright, bud, go for it. Pretty sure you're up near the top of most terrifying bugs here to have
  2. Lizaveta found that, in the end, she didn't actually have the energy to get involved in the christening and greeting of the new members of the group. Actually, she really found that... it was hard to do much of anything. Maybe it was the strain of all that had happened that day, the fighting, the worry, and of course the agonizing poison that had paralyzed her and wracked her with pain. ...maybe it was something more familiar weighing her down, creeping back in around the edges of her frayed psyche after all this time. It was probably the latter. She didn't really know what to do with that inf
  3. "Mmhmm, well, I am pretty useful~ But, to be fair, so are you! Honestly, you were a really lucky find." The relentless assault against archerkind continued as Soggy did one of the things that Soggy did best - keep charging headlong into combat scenarios like an adrenaline-fueled thrown brick. A little bit of poison certainly didn't stop him from rapidly circling behind the ant sniper's position and whirling an axe in his direction. Soggyshanks attacks Black Ant Sniper B! The hatchet Soggyshanks held whirled into the hapless sniper's side and bit deep - but
  4. The ant fire mage's loudly declared, hasty attempt to flee found itself almost certainly being too little, too late, as he was promptly run down by a very unhappy, very large bee holding a spear. "Hold on now, is there a need to be so relentless-" Pinecone wasn't really listening. He's already made his decisions, and the javelin clutched in his hand was stabbed towards the mage without hesitation. Pinecone attacks Black Ant Fire Initiate B! The poor ant didn't even stand a chance. Although he made a very spirited attempt at avoiding Pinecone's thrust, Stardust's prese
  5. "What do you mean where ar- oh- uh- there she goes." He watched the precipitous tumble of the mosquito girl and winced. "Yeahhhhh... been there. Mostly." Recruit Bend has refreshed Sting? It was questionable to what extent Sting essentially flinging herself entirely headlong into the officer of this little squad of ants actually counted as an attack, even with Sting's sword included in the mix of flailing limbs and antenna. But that was sure what she was doing, and it drew a frankly indignant squawk from Gloom as the mosquito barreled right into her. Sting a
  6. No doubt, it was a rather bemusing experience for the black ant fire mage to have a terrified adolescent moth running at him and flinging magic while also crying and professing her desire not to be there. But, still, even a bemusing situation where you're getting a bolt of deadly magic thrown at you is a situation where you're getting a bolt of deadly magic at you, so preparing for combat it was. Secluded-from-Illumination attacks Black Ant Fire Initiate B! Thankfully for the ant, as it turns out, a terrified single-digit girl throwing a bolt is a girl who is n
  7. "Good luck dealing with all of that, haha... really, I'm just happy that we were all able to help prevent the suffering that could have happened here. It's why we're going around like this in the first place, or at least it is for me. I wouldn't have required a reward, buuut... since we're getting one..." Perlita looked over the crystals for a moment. "Um... I hope nobody minds if I take one of these. This purple one is just kind of calling out to me... I think it might be similar to some of what I use in my magic." Hesitantly, Perlita grabbed the crystal, and started to look it over, silent f
  8. Lizaveta turned her head to look at Shin. "You.... think so?" She let the back of her head rest against the floor, as words suddenly began to tumble out. Now that she'd begun to hint at the dark, pulsing, fiery knot of agony that she'd been keeping hidden for so long now, as it got worse and worse and uglier and uglier, Lizaveta found that she couldn't stop. "I think... I think I'm going insane. I think maybe I've already gone insane." "There's a part of me that is this- this swirling mass of hatred and bloodlust and a desire to see my enemies
  9. Lizaveta made a bizarre noise when Shin gave her a pat on the head - something like an incredulous wheeze, but with an odd tension to it, underneath. So that was how it was at this point, huh...? "I... don't know that I think it's likely. They've been looking down for so long now... even when they look up in one way... I don't know." "I don't know." "Really, I think something is probably wrong with me."
  10. Level 4! Ebon Knight (krim): 44, 34, --, 40, 56, 3, 74, 57 +HP, +STR, +SKL (barely), +DEF Faithful Diligence (ElfCollaborator) 11, --, 40, 94, 24, 77, 69, 15 +HP, +MAG, +LCK, +SPD Life-Recorder (Unlurking Sentinel): 76, 97, 46, 97, 42, 50, 30, 4 +MAG, +RES, +SPD Lotus (Raindrop Valkyrie): 1, 4, --, 7, 44, 15, 50, 66 +HP, +STR, +SKL, +DEF, +RES Mercy Harefoot (kj1225) 37, 34, 31, 55, 77, 72, 56, 14 +HP, +STR, +MAG, +SPD Pinecone (RedMageCole):
  11. "AaaaaAAAAAA-" Nobody really tends to enjoy having an armored bug on a really big bird come hurtling at them as a wall of force, talons, and lance, and Adept Gloom was absolutely not an exception to that rule, flinching and shouting as Ebon Knight and his bird came slamming down into her. Of course, with Gloom being a relatively more talented and tough leadership figure, and barely wounded besides by the Chakram that had skimmed across her, the hit that ensued didn't kill her. But it had not been fun to experience, with Gloom doubling over for a moment with tears gath
  12. Isobel Low "Actually, while Masako is local to this place, I'm pretty sure that she's been inducted into the team. When we were all summoned, she was too, and she's essentially acted as a member of the group. I swear she's only this bad around..." Isobel sighed and visibly deflated a bit. "...half the time." She swept her hair away from her forehead, wincing a bit at how gross that kind of felt. "Let me tell you, though... this world has been driving me absolutely batty. The place is colorful but that means it's got colorful characters too, so to speak... I've been getting battered
  13. Lizaveta lets out a loooong sigh. "That's a complicated question with a lot of answers." "Long term... ahaha. . . probably not. Medium term, it is nice to have helped take out that asshole for shooting you." "Short term, which you probably meant... eheheh, uh, I guess I don't feel great."
  14. Of course, the issue is that Lizaveta isn't deaf, and lying right next to somebody, ear inches away from them, makes it pretty difficult not to notice even cut-off sounds. "I'm... not actually asleep, you know... just... achey..."
  15. The finger that was currently pointing at Masako redoubled its insistent jabbing, waving back and forth as rapidly as Isobel could manage while her chest was still heaving from the gasping breaths she was taking (Isobel doubted she'd ever moved vertically upwards faster in her life). "No! No- no maybe-maiming... maybe-killing... my girlfriend... either! Oh, God." Isobel put the hand down and put both her hands on her thighs above her knees for a moment, catching her breath. Wiping a lock of wet hair way from her face and back up into her bandana, she reached into the green bag hanging near her
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