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  1. "We're looking for the descendant of Nagi, who helped Amaterasu in defeating the Demon King before. We believe he lives in Kamiki under the name Susano, but if you could help us finding him faster that would be greatly appreciated."
  2. Cell whips around as the Rahi Nui bounces off his shield, letting his blade drag along its side as it charges. Pausing for a moment he takes in Tsubasa trading blows with Icarax. A short gesture later he summons an aura of whipping razor sharp winds. (Free action) Cell counterattacks the Rahi Nui for 8d6+16 damage. Cell uses Aura of Laceration on himself, Tsubasa, and Edmond granting each 5 DR/all and 5 thorns vs melee for four rounds. 2 DR/all 15% DR/Physical Crit Meter: 4/8 Loadout:
  3. Spicy HG gave the proprietor of the Inn and clan leader a bow once they had approached. "You have a beautiful Inn here, we were happy to help rid it of such demons." She straightened up fully, changing her tone a demeanor in the ways that show one's great practice in giving many long leading speeches and statements. "We three Great Kami and our companions are in search of demons and the greater beings they may be in league with. Have you any knowledge of such?"
  4. The man disappears up the ladder for a few minutes before coming back into the room through the front door. "I don't know where you want'em but I left the crates in the yard. You can use the dolley to move them if you like." Glancing outside Satomi and Kusuke see four heavy-looking wooden crates on a dolley.
  5. Spicy HG enjoyed the scenery as they past, watching the animals lounging about as they passed with a smile. She stayed silent during the exchange with the two birds, but looked to Ako after they finished. "So who is this Great Boss Jamba?"
  6. As the Rahi Nui huffs and snorts Cell turns to face it, drawing his blade and shield, the red metal and off-set black cross catching sun as he brought his sword to rest on the edge. Cell prepares to Parry against the Rahi Nui! 2 DR/all 15% DR/Physical Crit Meter: 3/8 Loadout:
  7. Spicy HG watched curiously as Ako dealt with the demonic doorway. She nodded once at the request to go first. "Gladly. You know I've been thinking. Mitsurugi seems very familiar with this world, its traditions and expectations, I imagine it must be very similar to her own-" She stepped up, and with a flick lit the blade of her weapon to use as a torch to light their way through the tunnel. "And I can't help but feel a certain familiarity as well, but everything is just so...ancient here."
  8. Spicy HG frowned as Mitsurugi left. She felt like she of all people ought to be able to help her, but the shear weight of sorrow on her shoulders left Spicy HG with no real place to start. She stepped over to the still-smoking essence of the demon they had dispatched and pulled it up for safe keeping. Surely she could manage to do something with it later. She also grabbed anything else anyone was disinterested in taking for themselves before turning back towards the lift and following Ako. "Mind come along? I'm interested to see what parts of the inn there are that I haven't had
  9. A few minutes pass as people mull about, recovering from the fight, falling into post-adrenaline fatigue, and tending to those wounded enough to make them moveable. Mira gets another buzz from her communicator from Histoire warning for eminent evac, something about the teleporter losing charge if they didn't. After the now-expected flash of light and weird twisting sensation the party found themselves back at the Basilicom's teleporter room. Stepping out guards direct most of the others towards the infirmary, while Histoire and Chesh pull the the rest of you aside towards the pew rows in
  10. [83] Lyra pokes her way across the ruined battlefield looking for anything worth grabbing out of the piles flanking them. Eventually she sees something that hasn't lost its shine despite the acidic air here. Lustrous metal splintered with a woodgrain-like fiber to it. Moving along eventually she finds an oversized game controller, about the size of her head with a strange three-handle grip. She manages to pry the faded D-pad out of its socket, just small enough she could barely wrap her hand around it. Obtained: Ironwood Splinters: Fragments of ancient wood from a b
  11. Ignia got only enough time to turn and stand, dropping her drink before Frisk shouted out and she pause. Immediately her heartrate raced, after all they'd done to save these kids she wasn't about to let this woman get away with Frisk. Though what Frisk had said and the sudden deja-vu had the gut wrenching reaction of telling her she had no choice but to let them walk. Her first clenched down on the wayfinder at her hip as she stared out, not towards the woman or Frisk, but analyzing the portal, the world beyond it, absorbing every detail and feeling of the world she was heading to, to make
  12. Mira turns to see the battlefield behind the party littered with dead monsters, jagged ice crystals, and large blast craters. None of the others seem particularly bad off, or at least the ones that are are already getting attention. Mira hears Histoire on the other side. "We aren't picking up lifesigns from Magic or the Deity of Greed anymore. When your group is ready we'll bring you back to Planeptune Tower."
  13. The figure waves off Saejik's concerns as she turns to face the Trespasser. "Now back to work for the both of us." She steps forward as a gate like the one she arrived in appeared and stepped through it. As the gate closes behind her the Trespasser and spear wielding creatures shift and warp like a mirage, before dissipating into nothing. As the image fades completely everyone in the party feels an odd hitch an sudden rush of noise as the world around them starts moving once more, none the wiser. Mira's communicator buzzes.
  14. "Study it. The Trespassers you fight are just fragments and pieces of the whole incomprehensible beings outside of the world." She slowly lowered her shield, and seeing that Lyra and Mira had in fact stopped she dismissed both it and her weapon in a dull flash of light. "If we find a weakness in this Trespasser it may be shared by others of the same Brood Lineage, others from the same...parent." She reaches into her coat and pulls out a small clear-plastic case containing a circuit board and small power-supply. "I said I'd give you something and this should be appropriate for this world."
  15. Lyra slams into the figure for 18 and 10 damage, reducing her output by 6. The Figure fires another pair of Torpor bolts at Lyra, who manages to dodge the first but takes 8 damage from the second. Mira’s attack clatters against the Figure’s shield for another 18 damage Theme: Final Status: The Figure glances between Mira and Lyra, and takes a single deep breath. "Alright that's enough-" She straightened up her stance and relaxed slightly, though her shield was still ready, "-You've done better than I expected."
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