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  1. [Block 10] Meow Wow summons a magical barrier. [Hebby Needle 3] Hebby Repp's darts in to stab at Meow Wow with its tail only to have it deflected and get stunned for a moment. Choose one card to power up into something new. Status: Cards:
  2. [Cure 4] Meow Wow regains 12 HP! [Hebby Fire 8] Hebby Repp spits out another fireball, dealing 6 damage. Status: Cards:
  3. The cat looks up and sits more properly at Saejik's question. "I am not personally familiar with the details. But I believe it's something to do with a heavy bombardment and modification to the teleporter to allow it to sneak in before the hole seals." He bats the air again, causing a smaller holographic panel to appear where he types a few more things in before bating it away to fly over to Saejik. "If you would like your people to converse with our people something could be arranged." In the panel Saejik finds an autogenerated agreement for the trade of information and technology. Most of the fields are left blank for him to fill out.
  4. [Slow 10] Meow Wow casts a spell entrapping Hebby Repp. Hebby Repp is slowed. [Burning Rubber 1] Hebby Repp's legs start spinning in comical little disks as it charges Meow Wow and leaves behind a trail of fire. Meow Wow takes 5 damage and more if they make a physical attack next round. Status: Cards:
  5. [Hebby Fire 10] The Hebby Repp moves with incredible speed and spits out a fireball that deals 10 damage! [Defend 4] Despite Meow Wow's best effort they bring up their defenses a split second after the fireball hits. Status: Cards:
  6. As Francis gets into the ring his Meow Wow gets into position, as does the Moogle's Hebby Repp. As they stand there Francis notices three shapes coming into existence in front of each of them, after a few seconds three cards drop into his hands. They look nice, various bright colors, generously gilded, fancy white bordered black text. They seem to each represent an action his Meow Wow could take. Horn Dive 1: The Meow Wow gouges at an enemy with its horn, trying to gore them. Deals 1d12+3 damage. Cure 4: The Meow Wow casts a healing spell. Restore 1d4+8 HP. Balloon 4: The Meow Wow summons up three balloons that home in on enemies and detonate. Launch three balloons for 1d6+4 damage each. Status: Notes:
  7. The creature tolerates Francis' petting of it for a few seconds before bouncing aggressively forward to tackle him and lick his face. Once he pries the surprisingly light puffy creature off of him he finds the stairs unmarked, but a quick glance reveals them to lead to viewing seats a few feet above the ring. There are a few people sitting around, and he notices another of the small flying creatures hovering on the other side of the battlefield with a Hebby Repp tooling around beneath it.
  8. Spicy HG stood waiting patiently, not having much to add of her own.
  9. The creature shakes its head. "Kupo. Kupo."(Afraid not. You'll get your cards once you've met the Dreameater though.) With that it floats over to the oversized doors and tugs on one handle, pulling it open just enough for Francis to walk through. Walking down a short corridor he passes a small door and window that looks into a room full of playpins for various kinds of Dreameaters. As he watches a single Meow Wow bounces out of its pin, down the walkway, and out a small doggy-door in the door. It stands there next to Francis bouncing up and down excitedly. Further down the corridor there are archways to stairs on the left and right and an open portcullis leading to a small sandy pit.
  10. As Francis flips through the booklet he reads over titles and descriptions of a few Dreameaters they've got in the coliseum at the moment. Meow Wow: A bright blue creature that is a cross between a cat, hamster, and unicorn. Hebby Repp: A yellow and blue serpant creature that has a pair of feet about midway down its body. Attacks by spitting fire or by curling into a ball and hurling itself at enemies. Toximander: A large purple, green, and pink salamander-like creature that spews poisonous puddles and clouds of poisonous gas. Necho Cat: A six legged cat covered in bells and music notes. It can walk on air and uses this ability to avoid enemies and bombard them with spells. Escarglow: A snail-like creature with a spiked shell. Cast a wide variety of defensive and gravity spells. Wheeflower: A small pink and green flower with a heart shaped pot over its roots. It floats around slinging water and ice spells. "Kupo kupo, kupo kupo kupo." (If they like you well enough, or they think you need help, they start following you around! We feed and take care of the ones here, and don't force them to fight if they don't feel like it, so they don't have much incentive to leave. Occasionally one just gets up and wanders off though.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ena can see from where she is the ladder likely leads down and around the backside of one of the buildings beside the clocktower. Heading down would just take them back to the courtyard.
  11. The girl from the the fight with Judge, Uni, pipes up, seemingly to the cat's surprise. "The first time we fought CFW Magic we were expecting someone skilled with spells, but she's also incredibly strong and fast. She uhh...uses magic to pin her targets down and then hit them harder than any of the other Felons." The cat sits, flicking his tail and satisfied with not having to answer the question.
  12. Ignia uses Strike Raid on the Genji Armor for 13 Arcane damage, if it made a melee attack in the round before she attacks she hits again for another 13 damage.
  13. After a few more minutes of awkward silence pass the cat stops and looks up towards the door, after a second or two a pair of familiar figures appears walking toward the conference room. Falcom and Falcom walk into the room and the old of the two starts speaking. "Hey everybody, sorry we're late we took th...e...first teleport we could get." She turns to the cat and points at him. "How did they get here before us?" He replies by returning to grooming. "Whatever." The pair sits down and the cat looks up again to speak. "Well now that everyone is here...." He turns and bats at the air near the middle of the table, causing several holograms to appear and blow up to cover much of the table. "As I'm sure you know the group known as the Four Felons known to be dead for years was revived not too long ago. Three have appeared, each corrupted and alien in some way, it is assumed these corruptions are the source of their revival." He flicks again, shifting the hologram to a fourth figure none of you have seen yet, a woman with long magenta hair in twin-tails, some evidence of cybernetic enhancements, a pair of large metal wings floating behind her, and a halo of thorns. She's holding a scythe and wearing something that resembles armor if only it covered her indecent areas. "CFW Magic is the only Felon we have yet to get reports of, though we have seen a barrier appear around the Gameindusti Graveyard. Given the group's previous tactics we can only assume CFW Magic is projecting the barrier around whatever entity revived them." He paused again, flipping to a hologram of a large dome shaped field over a strange junkyard-like area. "We can break the barrier as we did before, but it would be best if everyone was prepared for a fight once its down." He takes a few steps over to a chunk tablet device. "You can use this to requisition anything you might need or want before the fight, there is a generous credit limit on it, but don't go trying to purchase the country's entire arsenal. Any other questions?"
  14. "Kupo!" (If you're just here for fun you're welcome to use one of the Dream Eaters we have here at the coliseum.) The creature drifts down and pulls up a small booklet listing a number of odd and brightly colored creatures that all resemble animals.
  15. [25, 13 vs 12] It takes effort, and some careful timing, and Ena nearly getting crushed inbetween two gears only to be pulled out of the line of fine by Leo. But both of you make it in one piece. Ena can feel herself better acquainted with her hardware in moving and jumping and gains +1 Dex. Leo finishes the ordeal with a better understanding of the relationship between machines and time, how time and timing affects machines, and how machine might effect the other. There is a small chest sitting at the balcony with the doorway leading outside the building to the service walkway. Should either Ena or Leo open it they would find a small bottle containing some kind of jelly and floating stars. Stepping out of the building to the service area Leo and Ena find themselves on the flat stone rooftop of the building next door with two ladders in sight. One that leads up to the top of the clocktower, and another that leads down to ground level. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Takumi opens to box revealing a small pair of silver and blue cufflinks that depict little teardrops. Holding them Takumi can feel the water flowing around him, through the pipes, up into the fountain, and down the drain and away. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Kupo!" (Ofcourse!) The creature shifts a little as it floats there in the air, and Francis can see it glancing down at the desk every now and then. "Kupo kupo. Kupo, kupokupo. Kupo kupo. Kupo kupo kupo. Kupo." (Flickrush is a battle game where two owners pit their favorite Dream Eaters against eachother. The owners are each dealt a hand of command cards based on the Dream Eater's special abilities, cards can be spent to use these abilities or to block an incoming attack. Each card has a random value determining which card beats out another in a contest. Successfully blocking an enemies attack will allow you to power up one of the cards in your hand. Sounds like fun doesn't it?)
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