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  1. "Might I suggest selling hot products in a cold place, or cold products in a hot place?" Rachel suggests to the vendor, "I would have happily paid double price for a piping hot groxburger during that tour on that Emperor-forsaken iceball Tetris Seven, or for ice cream when we campaigned on that desert tomb world, and got stuck with a rhino APC with a busted cabin climate control."
  2. "Nice cream..." Rachel raises an eyebrow at the concept, "You are aware that it is rather cold and snowy here, and that the name of your product sounds rather like ice cream, something people rarely want to eat when it was cold? If what you are attempting to sell is not in fact a frozen dessert, I might advise a rebranding, to make your product more inviting to customers."
  3. "Yeah, sure, why not," Vitor nods at Lucien, "If nothing else we can get a finger on the local vibes, figure out how things are going on around here. I mean, if you can't get a latte for a reasonable price, that's usually indicator number one that civilization's on the verge of collapse, am I right?" ------------------------------------------ "Ugh. He's primping?" Mirri leans against a nearby wall and polarizes her visor, "Wake me up when he's done beautifying himself. I promise I won't bite if you poke me. Probably."
  4. Rachel stops in surprise as Papyrus gets zapped instead of her. "The Emperor protects?" She ventures questioningly, taking the orbs from Papyrus mostly on autopilot as she goes through a brief moment of 'wtf'. She gives Sans a brief 'are you serious man' look as she examines the device... Huh. This is some outdated technology, if in reasonably good condition. Not sorcery at all. But it still has a machine-spirit, and that spirit is reasonably cooperative... "I wonder..." Rachel reaches into her pack and comes up with a plastic tongue depressor, which she slips between the battery and the contacts that allow it to complete the circuit and deliver electricity. She does her best to keep Papyrus from seeing it... but he does anyways. "Oh well, I was never great at Inquisitorial work anyways," Rachel mutters, giving up on the pretense of playing along. She strides through the 'maze' without pause, yanks the tongue depressor out of the ball once she's next to Papyrus and lightly tosses the electric orb to bounce off his chest. "Not sorcery after all. Good."
  5. Rachel looks at Papyrus' orb with no small amount of disdain. "Your sorceries shall not avail you, creature. For I am girded with the Armor of Contempt, and the Shield of Faith! And through the greatest trials, I shall not falter!" She begins to walk slowly, implacably forward, keeping her hands loose and empty by her sides, looking the skeleton directly in the eyes. "For the light of the Master of Mankind is with me. And the Emperor. Protects."
  6. Spider-Man annihilates a New Deadite with a single punch! "Oh no, Freya!" Danielle exclaims, screwing up her face in concentration, "I really, really, really want something to cure whatever is poisoning Freya! Now!" With a pop, an alarmingly large pill appears in her hand, and she forces it down Freya's throat. Freya is cured of Plague. Scout Skipper tries to follow Doc Ock into the arcade and clip into their barrier. But when he breaks through, Doc Ock keeps fleeing. And when he tries to follow... A man in a slightly ill-fitting Spider-Man costume and a very chunky, chrome bracer leaps down and lands before him with floaty, wire-supported movements, and strikes a series of menacing poses. "AN EMISSARY FROM HELL! SUPAIDAMAN!" Whenever Scout tries to leave, fight, or do anything else, he finds himself right back in front of this surreal figure, as he performs the exact same action. Thunderlord flickshots the Plague Marine for 34 damage! Aquila gets really angry. Stretch prepares to protect Freya! Freya sends her Bone Bats away and calls in Henry the Skag, who attracts the Plague Marine Deadite's attention. Dyno claws at the Old Deadites for 24 damage, downing one! The zombie horde brawls the New Deadites for 80 damage, downing three! Danielle slashes at the Plague Marine Deadite for 31 damage! Harry heals Freya for 19 HP, Spider-Man for 15 damage, and himself for 13 HP! Sha'Tith ANNIHILATES the remaining Basic Deadites, leaving only bone splinters behind. The Plague Marine Deadite is compelled to blast Henry twice, dealing 29 damage! That's exactly enough to disable the undead creature. Initiative: Status: ------------------------------------------------------- As Alan steps out of his van, he runs straight into the chrome bustier and massive handheld laser cannon of a rather curvy female robot, covered in shiny, chromed plates, and with blue, glowing eyes. Two younger-looking women are standing behind her, one dark-haired and wearing sunglasses, in dark purple with a bow and quiver slung over one shoulder, and the other a blonde with no visible equipment aside from an armored, yellow and blue jumpsuit. All three are wearing white belts with a red, circular symbol in them, a stylized combination of an arrow and the letter A. The archer loudly blows and pops a pink bubble of gum, looking Alan up and down. "Now, I ain't no expert," She drawls in a thick, Bronx accent, "But I think Doc Doom hits the gym a bit more often than this guy. The showers too, yeesh."
  7. "I would not enjoy what I would have to do if you get possessed by some daemon from that," Sister Rachel tells Ignia seriously, "So please. Do be careful. Regardless, we cannot tarry here. We must press on."
  8. Cell is able to take both items without anything unwelcome occurring. Cell obtains the Ice stone and the Kanohi Hau With the morale boost of your new acquisitions, getting back down off the mountain feels a lot faster than going up it did. The downhill incline probably helped. Once down, Hahli guides you to the lagoon where the water stone rests in an underwater temple, tantalizingly just outside the reach of even the best Ga-Matoran divers... and Hahli isn't exactly one of the best. That said, Gozer doesn't need to breathe, and you all do have the Great Mask of Water Breathing.
  9. Cap faceplants into the snow on the other side of the icicle bridge. Nuparu claps politely. Cell makes it across without falling. Edmond doesn't think he can risk flying. The winds almost slam him into the cliff face before he can hit the ground again.
  10. "That sounds like something a thing of chaos would say," Rachel mutters discontentedly, "I wonder how many have been corrupted by such seemingly innocuous lures..."
  11. Putting a different mask on doesn't seem to change Tsubasa's hair at all. It seems that whatever the Kanohi Faxon did to her, it's no longer tied to the mask. ------------------------------------------------ Any further experiments will have to be done on the move; even with the wound Tsubasa dealt the Makuta, his forces are likely still on the move. If nothing else, DacklyMedusa is definitely still at full strength. And the ice stone is in a marginally less hostile environment. The air grows cold and the ground slick as you begin to ascend the icy slopes of Mount Ihu, a light snow beginning to fall. It is cold. It is very cold. As beings of Bionicle, your enhanced endurance means it's not unsurvivable, but it's very wet, chilly, and unpleasant. At least as long as a blizzard doesn't spring up. And fortunately, though it remains very windy, no such storm occurs. Instead, as you hike up the narrow path, a glint of metal attracts the eye. Moving up the path a bit reveals the source; a silver, helmet-like mask laying in the snow. Next to it sits a pedestal carved from ice, and atop that the foil-wrapped package of a Toa Stone. It's right there! It's so close! It's on the other side of a drop so steep you can't see the bottom, the only way across looks to be a very thick, very round, and undoubtedly slippery ice bridge, and the wind is picking up with a howl...
  12. Iowa staggers from the recoil of her guns, far more than should be expected. A greenish-grey tinge slowly spreads across her face as she wavers on her feet. "I... don't feel so good."
  13. "I suppose we head for Snowdin town then?" Rachel muses, "There doesn't seem to be anything in the other directions."
  14. "I mean I have heard this Asgore's tale before, hundreds of times over," Sister Rachel sighs, the bombast falling away from her as her shoulders slump, "From the greatest of sorcerers to the least, there comes a time when their ambitions overreach their means. They are confronted with a problem that demands more warpcraft than they can muster, and they must make a choice. To accept their limitations, to seek help from others or simply leave alone. Or to give in to the whispers within the warp, and sacrifice their kinsmen, their humanity, and their very soul to power through. 'And so'," Her voice grows quieter, taking on the cadence of someone quoting from well-trodden memory, "'Magnus looked at what had become of his body, and his works. He looked at the fruits of his endless lust for secrets and power. And in the moment before his mind and soul shattered, he wept, for he had become the very thing he had sworn to defend humanity against. The very thing he had sworn to destroy. Yet he could not, for he had let the Ruinous Powers into his soul, and they would not relinquish their prize.' By the time a sorcerer, as Ignia put it, escalates to empowering themselves through ritualistic murder..." Rachel moves over to the keyblade wielder and starts bandaging and stitching her larger wounds almost on auto-pilot, so practiced at treating flesh wounds that she barely even needs to think about it. Anesthetics are *not* used; Astartes-grade disinfectant is. "The Emperor's Mercy is the kindest thing we can do for him at this point, and administering it before he can complete his ritual the surest way to keep the abhumans of this place safe from his lust for power beyond his ability to control it."
  15. "Of course they are. The heretic Asgore must be attempting to ascend to daemon princehood with his human sacrifices!" Rachel exclaims, "It becomes ever more imperative that we find him and stop him as soon as possible."
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