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  1. UB-65 watched the scene unfold before her, unsure what to do. I mean, that wasn't the worst way I have seen someone used as bait before. She back from the argument and took the moment she had to bring out her notebook from the breast pocket of her coat and write down the details of the pink haired woman. She worked quickly, writing down the details of her physical appearance and a quick sketch of the girl. She replaced the notebook into her pocket and turned to Empi and Isobel, "Empi's right. We're going to need everyone for this just from looking at the situation. Let's keep disagreements to the back of our minds until we finish up here."
  2. UB-65 crouched down into one of the spots in the hiding place and watched LOTUS getting sent soaring through the air. "A-Are they going to be okay?" She peaked out of the hiding place trying to see exactly where LOTUS was going to land before pulling her head back.
  3. Hikari draws back slightly and checks her wounds. A only a few moderately deep scratches seem to be on her. She breathes deeply. Hikari disappears into a puff of blood red particles as her Dispersal Slash activates and appears above and behind the Bazelgeuse, slicing downwards into it dealing 9d6 slicing damage to it. Her blood code allows for the hit to deal 30% more damage.
  4. UB-65 stared blankly at the demonstration of the so called "plan." She felt more confused now than when she knew nothing about how everything was going to go down. What did I just watch... She decided it would be best to wait it out and not speak up. Maybe she could actually learn something from this soup-sandwich of a situation.
  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  6. So she can see him for sure now. She's the first person to ever be able to do that against his own will....Guess it may be time to introduce him to the others soon to quell any possible fears. UB-65 continued walking with the group. She looked to Youmu, "Even if it's as hard as you say it may be, its hard to kill someone who has, for all purposes of the word, already died. Myself and my 'shadow' will be fine." She turned to Masako, "I would also like to hear more about this plan before whatever is coming, but I'm assuming I will have to wait for that."
  7. Hikari looks at the new enemy that entered the battle. What in the actual FUCK is that!?!?! Hikari stabs into the nearest Nui-Rama dealing 5d6 piercing damage. Her blood code makes the hit do 30% more damage.
  8. Hikari glared at the swarm, "Tch..." She stepped back towards the fire while slashing at the swarm. Hikari slashes at the swarm with her sword inflicting 5d6 slashing damage if it hits. Her blood code makes the hit do 30% more damage.
  9. UB-65 stared blankly at Masako and Rory as they moved to the village. That was-...That was nothing more than extortion. "Well at least that predicament is over with, yet in a somewhat unsavory kind of way. Maybe this can be over and done with quicker than I thought it would be." How'd that old propaganda piece they gave to the frontline troops go? 'Home by Christmas'? She glanced to Youmu, I still want to know if she can truly see him as well, though. That would be the first person other than me to be able to do that...
  10. "Motherfu-!" Hikari yells as she spotted the bugs out of the corner of her eye. Hikari's dispersal slash activates as she disappeared into the same blood red particles. She appeared behind one of bugs, bringing her hands down in a hard downward slashing motion. Her sword appeared just before contact dealing 9d6 slashing if it should hit. Her Promethus Blood code perk and Enhanced Reaction time perk activated and allow Hikari to do 30% more damage on the hit and gain an extra action. She activated Blood Barrier on herself as her extra action.
  11. Hikari looked at the food, turning her head away from it. I can't even remember the taste of the last thing I ate. That was years ago, but its so hazy. She poked more aggressively at the fire, trying to break down a piece of wood that had crumbled to the bottom. She looked down at her hand. I don't even know where to begin with these bodies. So cumbersome...
  12. Hikari glared at Tsubasa, not sure of her full intentions. Nonetheless, she let go of her sword, while it disappeared into bright blood red particles. She kept her back to the fire and crossed her arms across her chest, "I'm Hikari Murasame. You can call me Murasame. That's what everyone else I knew did before I got pulled in here." She turned around and sat back down by the fire. I wonder what's got her so riled up? She was the one that surprised us, not the other way around...
  13. Hikari, jumped up from her seat, putting her back to the fire to create nothing more than a silhouette to the new potential enemy. She reached onto her back and pulled the metal contraption forward into a low guard stance, a katana blade dropping out of it, being held by the pincers that came from the opening. She readied herself. She waited as Edmond spoke, not letting her guard drop even after he posed a question to Hahli. As long as she is armed, she poses a threat. Play it cool.
  14. Hikari looked at each of the people speaking, nodding once they finished, "I see, I see. Nice to meet all of you." She looked to Edmond, "Wow! There's more than us? How many universes are being affected by this if that's case?" She pulled the stick out of the fire and blew on the ember that had taken hold of the tip of it, smiling as she watched it grow. She waved it around playfully, making quick red streaks through the air as she did.
  15. Hikari looked surprised at the response she initially, "Well, as to where I get them, they grow on the sprouts from Blood Springs. They are the substitute that we use to keep from draining humans for our food." She put a finger to her chin and thought hard for a moment, "Hmmm, I can't seem to remember why exactly why I need to have these, just that I need to take them when I feel a certain way." She shrugged, "Must've lost that memory too. Its common when Revenants revive to lose memories and, in some cases....Well, I won't go there." Hikari nodded and smiled, "Regardless, its nice to meet you, Cicivexa."
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