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  1. "Here take this!" Hikari uses Blood Transfusion on Cicivexa, healing them for 20hp and causing Hikari to lose 20hp. Her Blood Barrier remains active.
  2. UB-65 walked over and took a seat on a sizable rock near the two and took out her notebook and pencil that was nearing the end of its life. She looked at IP, "If you two want to fight, then go ahead." She looked to both of them, "Just no killing or maiming or whatever it is those spell cards do." She looked to her side and motioned as if she wanted someone to sit next her, before finding the next blank page of her notebook. I hope I don't have to step in. Please, I really dont want to step in.
  3. Hikari used Dispersal Slash to attack Medusa from behind with the Star Storm Spear dealing 6d6+STR in damage. Enhanced Reaction Time activated granting an extra turn, which Hikari used to make Drain attack. A metal spear-like tail erupted from Hikari's bloodveil and stabs into Medusa, dealing DEX in damage and healing Hikari for 1/2 DEX. Blood Barrier is still active.
  4. Hikari manifested her sword in flash of red particles and took a defensive posture. She activates Blood Barrier, blocking the next 2 attacks
  5. UB-65 turns around and notices the lady. After IP speaks, she adds, "We were brought here by Yukari and are just checking the surroundings." She looks next to her and nods, taking a more defensive poster in case something happens, "I hope that is alright?"
  6. Ub-65 looked around the train's outside for a short time before turning to follow IP and company to the village, stopping with them on the elevated position and moving silently into place near them as to not disturb them. She tried to assist in looking for signs of life in the village. Back to the way things used to be with recon, I see. No more head on engagements for the time being.
  7. UB-65 closed her notebook and replaced it into the breast pocket of her uniform. She rose from the chair, brushing her uniform of as she did, "Yes, thank you. The food was very pleasing." She turned and followed Walmond through the portal.
  8. Hikari looked with a concerned expression towards the lake. "Yeah~. I don't think that I should be the one going down there either. I've had some bad experiences with water where I'm from..." She paused for a moment, "If you do happen to draw them up here, I'll happily go to work."
  9. "I think that it's a good look for you." Hikari tried to hide her smirk and she made her best attempt at teasing the newly scale-clad companion, "Nothing better than being able to distract your target with an explosion before going for the deathblow."
  10. UB-65 glanced around at those in their debate over payment, price, and otherworldly deities and ate her snack silently. She took the small leather bound notebook and a small pencil from her pocket and begin to sketch the scene before her and take notes on each of the new people in the room. Maybe these will come in handy later for identifying specific people of interest if we ever have to come back this way.
  11. Hikari stood up and gestured in manner to stop any more confrontation. "People, people...We're tired and just had a fight. Wouldn't it be better to not cause another one with these questions and get some rest while we still have time?" She motioned to the area she had selected to sleep in. "Lets get the best night rest we can and we can sort things out in the morning, yeah? I'll even take the first watch and keep the fire going."
  12. UB-65 continued to look through her notebook as she sipped the tea that had been brought out. Without looking up from her book, "Trespassers are interdimensional creatures that sole purpose is to destroy everything in the universe the come into. Or at least that's what I have been told so far by the group, since Im newer to this than some of them. They would know more about them. As for introductions, I am UB-65." She glanced quickly to one of the sides of the room, nodded, and then went back to her notebook as quietly as before.
  13. "Cutting someone's hand off is a little extreme if he was truly trying to help you. I can't even remember the last time someone offered to help me outside of whatever I've gotten pulled here." Hikari took a cloth out of her bag and wiped down the few she had, most of which were already beginning to show signs of healing.
  14. UB-65 stuck her hand out of the bush and grabbed Richter's hand for help to get out. She looked down at her dirtied uniform, still smoking a little from Reimu's last attack, Wunderbar...I don't think there is a way to clean this here or anything either... She brushed off what she could of the leaves and and the mud, and made her way to where the group was around Reimu.
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