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  1. Alunda to J10, revive Mercia. "Argos, cover her. I'll deal with the skeleton." Vlassis goes J12 and attempts to murder the Bowaton B Argos invokes mayhem by moving to H11 and smacking Demon A.
  2. Vulture Inn Up until her name was spoken, Ako was currently blanking, trying to make sense on how and why the merchant was here, blinking rapidly when she heard her name and shaking her head, “No, I don’t think they’re a demon. Or if they are, they are remarkable at hiding their nature” “Thank you, Miss Ako. I don’t exactly have a way to prove that I am a demon, besides my word. But, I suppose for now I’ll return to my room and gather up my wares, if this place is as dangerous as you say. If you have any time before I leave, I’d be happy to let you browse them” Tanabe spoke, ending with a tip of hit hat and a puff of his pipe as he began to turn away and walk back to his room, until he stopped, seeming to remember something. “Oh, and additionally, if you’re clearing out demons and the like, I’d be wary of the Inn Keeper. I’m well versed in people, and I can confirm that she’s an absolutely dreadful person. Receptive enough for business, but has a terribly high ego and awful ability to name things” the merchant added with a shake of his head, “‘Vulture Inn’. Absolutely dreadful name to give to such a fine establishment” he scoffed, passing out of sight of all but Mitsu, who merely saw him walk into an open room and close the sliding door behind him, completely unphased by the potential threats presented to him. Ako merely watched him go, moving to rub her eyes in both exasperation and annoyance once he was out of sight, “I will never understand that man” Ako muttered, to herself, “Still, not surprised that someone took over and renamed the place. Why is beyond me, aside from... Maybe spite?” she added with a shrug, turning her gaze towards the elevator that had remained untouched by the brawl. Spray, Unknown Through years of experience, it was rather obvious to Spray that whatever was happening to him wasn’t a dream. Yes, he had gone to bed to prepare for tomorrow, but shortly during his nap a light had enveloped him for only a few seconds, before leaving him in what felt, sounded, and looked like an endless void for what felt like a minute. Then the curtain of nothing was pulled back, revealing a large plain with clouds rolling across the ground, mountains seemingly painted on the horizon, and an impossibly large Sakura Tree, lifting all the way into the sky and various roots bursting from its base and spreading across the land. It was on one of the smaller roots that Spray realized he wasn’t alone. For sitting there was a young, black haired woman of obvious japanese heritage, wearing… Nothing but a green leaf bikini and pink skirt, hands folded on her lap as she took notice of her new guest. “Welcome, Traveler, to Nippon. It is a pleasure to meet one of your kind at last” the woman called out, standing from the tree root she sat on and somehow floating towards Spray, “I am Sakuya, Guardian Spirit of Kamiki, and helper of Amaterasu, Origin of all that is Good and Mother to us all. Unfortunately, she is currently preoccupied with an old adversary, so I’ve been asked to greet you instead” she explained with a short bow, her ethereal and calm voice adding to the soothing space Spray found himself in. Even if was still all too sudden.
  3. Proditor Though the area had been dark and foreboding, it was only now that Proditor felt the room's tension as he read through the new entries, taking special notice of the bowl covered in white slime. Injecting everything with a direct emotion, choosing to simply do that when one did not know what they were even doing. Foolish. But the entries stated that those that had "fallen" had gotten back up, yet the lab was seemingly abandoned. Clearly, something had gone wrong after the subjects were revived, something to leave this lab in its current state. Stopping in the middle of the room, Proditor scans the surrounding area for any lifeforms, as he had done earlier in the lab far above them.
  4. Vlassis had nothing to comment on the Demon's taunts, instead taking a few steps back to get into the rest of the group's lines once more, placing a hand on his shoulder plate in order to readjust it. He was still rusty, but he could at least feel himself getting back into the flow of combat. But it would do no good if he was slain right here, and with several of his companions down, it was better to go on the defensive to protect them. Vlassis moves to I12 and guards the Squid Man
  5. Proditor It was quickly made apparent that the door was far more complex than a simple lock, his psionics failing to make any suitable progress with it. In fact, the only sign the alien got that he was doing anything of note was a power flux in the system, overloading a vending machine nearby and causing it to dispense a bag of snacks. A small sound of clanking armor caused Proditor to retract his spirit, his head turning slightly to glance at Nader as the man shrugged, offering his thoughts and then moving down the right hallway. He was still on the notion that this was all related to godhood, and while Proditor was certain that it was something else, the old alien didn't speak a word, instead choosing to simply follow Nader down the right hallway.
  6. Harmony With naught more than an eye roll and stepping back, Harmony allowed the group to continue with their forceful entry, barely batting an eye when their bomb arrived, completely obliterating the gate that blocked their passage with a "Hm... So these are the creatures of this world" she murmered to herself as the various apes roared and hooted their way into the clearing, taking a few more steps back in order to seat herself on one of the untouched barrels scattered around the camp. Animalistic as they were, these creatures were somewhat interesting, showcasing a limited intelligence with their trophy necklaces. She considered the others more interesting, but she supposed she could see how they responded to threats. Harmony uses Art Shift on the Bullymong Brute, reducing it's Strength stat effectiveness by 25%, and using her free action to Observe it to prevent Art Shift's timer from counting down for this turn. Loadout
  7. Proditor "Very well" Proditor replied, watching Nader move on, a tad disappointed but unsurprised by the man's response. He let it go for now, floating after Nader as they delved further into the underground lab. At least until they hit a locked door and new pathways. Doubtful as he was, Proditor attempted to use his psionics to open the door himself, expanding his mind into it to fiddle with its locking mechanism.
  8. Proditor "Perhaps the solution to all this is simpler than dietyhood" Proditor commented, staring at the entry panels as he himself thought about the puzzle presented to them, "The barrier they're referring to may be metaphysical. But I believe we've already encountered this barrier. Earlier, before we entered this mountain, something prevented me from retrieving any data from my psionics when I sent it in, something that trapped it inside. Both at the pit, and then the door" he added, recalling his experience from those times, as well as the short tale that they were told going through that empty house. Specifically, the tale of Asriel on the human child. That held the key. "... I was unable to catch most of the story, but I recall that one of the monsters, Asriel, used a human SOUL to pass through the barrier. It can be traveled through with one, but their goal is to free them all... Dietyhood might be their goal, but I believe that plan is to gather enough SOUL energy in order to overload this barrier, breaking it and allowing everything inside to leave. Even if it isn't, there may be more information hidden down here" Proditor explained, turning away from the panel and to the hallway, and then back to Nader, taking special notice of how Nader said that something was 'talking to him', "Nader. Whatever it is that's trying to speak through you... Would you allow me to attempt to contact them myself?"
  9. After several minutes of figuring out how to get herself active again, helped by Rein's stew, Máni let out a stretch and a yawn, finally formulating her thoughts and going over what had been said so far, "Sorry for not speaking up earlier, I guess waking up was never one of my strong points. It's a pleasure to meet all of you, my name is Máni. I think. Pretty sure that's what it is, at least." the woman greeted, giving a short wave to the various occupants of the room, "I'm not too on board with joining up with a cause that I know nothing about, especially when I don't know anything about myself in general. But if this is all similar to a 'dream', then there's no real reason to say no. Might miss out on some fun."
  10. Mira Mira barely reacted to the heat of Brave's sword, her armor and Magra taking the brunt of the seemingly half-hearted attempt to keep her back. What she did react to was the bombing that occurred shortly afterward, violently erupting the ground beneath her very feat before she could avoid it. Yet through the dust and smoke, Mira continued, wisps of Magra holding her armor together even as she brought Black Heart into Brave's armor, tearing off a multitude of plates to reveal the inner mechanisms of the being. This was the only opening she needed. Focusing entirely on the revealed circuitry, Mira took one step forward, her foot grounding itself deep into the ground as Magra began to erupt from her being, far more than what the warrior normally demonstrated. However, the newly generated Magra was swiftly pulled back towards Mira, traveling through her armor and into the palm of her free hand, taking the form of a small, condensed black orb. And with one word, Mira closed her fist around the orb, using her momentum to throw a punch into Brave's opening, "DIE." Mira uses Shattered Moon: Eclipse on Brave, dealing an undodgeable (4[6d8]+13)x1.1 damage to him in exchange for all her current Magra. Her Magra passives are now irrelevant, due to the fact that she cannot gain anymore. Noticable effects right now: Unstable (Flaw) Mira is the carrier of the prototype Magra generator, which can become unstable if met with other instances of magic. Any magic attack that connects with Mira deals 50% more damage. (Equipment) Mira’s Armor: The armor of the “Dark One”, Mira. Rusted, old, and cracked, yet durable enough to continue protecting its user from harm. Gives +4 Damage Reduction against Piercing/slashing attacks, and gives a +1 Damage Reduction against all physical attacks, but lowers initiative by 4-Strength (to a minimum of 0). Greed: 2 charges Black Heart bonus (Craft) Level 5: Aura of Greed: Once per round when Mira lands a weapon attack Black Heart gains one charge. Mira gains +1 Syn and -1 global DR for every two charges Black Heart possesses. Black Heart looses all charges at the end of each encounter. Currently at 2 charges.
  11. Walmond "I see. Thank you" Walmond replied, both to Youmu and Yukari as he took a sip of the newly made tea. He figured that Yukari, being as carefree and mysterious as she liked to act, wouldn't give anymore details than that, but at least they knew that she knew the person that left them. For now, his attention was turned back to Reimu, finally seeming to get her head straight once again thanks to the tea provided by Youmu, "My name of Walmond Reigard, simple scientist and inventor. My companion here is Lambda, an automaton I created to assist me in field research" he greeted, gesturing a free hand to the robotic maid behind him, who simply gave Reimu a polite bow as her own greeting.
  12. Tanabe "Simple, I was resting here before moving on to Kamiki Village. I did notice an odd change in service when I arrived. Mostly the food and tone, but I could hardly sleep in the wilderness with my inventory out in the open for any would be thieves" Tanabe replied with a small shrug, "Believe me, they're more of a problem than you would be lead to think."
  13. Vulture Inn "Yes, it would seem so" Ako replied, slips of paper vanishing into her sleeves as she took in the state of the inn, "Odd that there were so little demons here. I figured that our entrance would alert the entire place to an attack" she added, resting a hand on her chin as she took a moment to think, "Hm... Considering the dark air, the Demon's leader is still around. If I were to give a guess, they might either be above us where the Boss lived, or in the Sanctuary past the hot-" she continued, turning to a hallway off to the side of the room that seemed to lead outside, only to be interrupted when a new voice snapped her out of her thoughts. ??? "Ah, Miss Ako, what a surprise to see you so far from the Shrine. I see you're also with this fine group. A pleasure to see you all again" a voice called out, a cheerful energy cutting through the tense air like a hot knife. Upon looking for the source, it would be easy to find a familiar face resting a hand on the second floor's railing, taking a short puff of their pipe, "I heard some commotion while I was trying to eat, and figured I would see what it was about. I hardly expected to see you folk here" Tanabe added after the quick smoke, giving a smile to the various members of the group, all while ignoring the dissipating parts of the now slain demons.
  14. Proditor In contrast to Nader's reaction, Proditor barely flinched when the elevator began rapidly descending, the only sign that he reacted being the slight opening of his helmet. At first, the alien attempted to at least slow the elevator down with his psionics, mostly to ensure the inevitable crash wouldn't be as hard on the both of them. When it was clear that he was unable to slow the descent in any meaningful way however, he instead changed his approach... Swiftly phasing out of existence as he harmlessly latched onto Nader's mind, only to reform shortly after the elevator finally made its stop. Once more, Proditor remained calm despite the situation, noting the fact that Nader had turned his gun on him for a brief moment before moving it on, but choosing to ignore it. Seeing as how they were now cut off and in a potentially hostile area, that seemed to be the better idea than bringing attention to it. Regardless, Proditor left the elevator shortly after Nader, expanding his senses in order to get a better understanding of the area around them. He knew that there were lifeforms down here, but sensing something miles away was different from sensing things nearby.
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