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Found 14 results

  1. Prologue – Wanted: Virtuous Taking the usual paths is about as safe as a normal, unwanted person wandering into a heavily armored fortress for you all, so you strayed off path for your next mission of causing chaos while simultaneously helping to bring down the corrupt society. You were Virtuous, the infamous band known for causing trouble around the world, notably in the northern regions. You were a blight upon the world as criminals that could not be caught no matter how hard people tried, and in the minuscule amount of cases someone succeeded, they’d find themselves knocked out
  2. Fire Emblem on Forums: Tiny Steps Prologue: Redoubtful Beginnings Redoubt, Scholars' Redoubt As one of the two capitals of the Scholars' Redoubt (itself one of the very few regions of the known world bustling and organized enough to even have those), even in normal circumstances the area outside of the Redoubt is a flurry of activity, with various traders and civilians going around their business in what is a fairly lively city despite its military purpose, not to mention the soldiers and messengers flitting around in order to carry out and communicate their leaders' wi
  3. All The Night has begun. Dark beings wander the normally peaceful streets of Kanzakai, hunting unfortunate souls that are out in the Night. But, there were also those bitten by the dark beings, the Voids, and tonight, like most Nights, marked their most active moments. Licht Kreis HQ As per normal, the Licht Kreis HQ was buzzing with activity on tonight, for obvious reasons. Much of the Executioners, at least the ones that weren’t away from the city, were already out on the field, while others made sure information and readings of the city were up to date. T
  4. As an Orc, a Robot, and a lady IN a Robot fire high capacity weaponry into the Ammunition Manufacturing room, something happens, a flash of bright light that sends everyone sprawling back onto the ground, Even Alexandria is sent flying like a child wearing cardboard from the gravity waves. A horrible noise erupts from the room as reality itself collapses like a glass floor, the room twists, and a naked black hole begins stretching light towards itself like a greedy hand, grasping at all warmth and light, before exploding violently, sending colorful everythingness across the walls, which stretc
  5. Our tale begins in the town of Brindol, made famous during the time of the vile Red Hand army’s invasion. It was here where many soldiers, mercenaries and warriors lost their lives holding off an unending tide of goblins, trolls, ogres, orcs and even dragons. While the town defended itself from this onslaught, a group of brave adventurers sneaked behind enemy lines, and slew the vile half-dragon Akarr Kul, leader of the Red Hand, in his own temple dedicated to Tiamat (the goddess of Greed). Thanks to the cunning plan of Brindol's brave heroes, the Red Hand’s great army splintered and were p
  6. PROLOGUE: THE RIGHTS OF MEN Barsadian Year 740, 4th of Ovis Once every three years, Lorelle becomes one of the most crowded and active cities in Sathor. Just over a full day's trip downriver by boat from the Imperial Capital, the sparkling riverside fortress has for generations served as one of the main points of defense on the way to Queensgate. But its more well-known -- and far more controversial -- feature that has led to today's thick multitudes and the high spirits of its citizenry centers around the arena at the far end of town, and the Games that had been held there fo
  7. Everyone awakens in a white room, already standing and with no groggy sense, like that one would have when awaking naturally, the room looks like some kind of a meeting chamber, marble flooring tastefully compliments an alabaster wood paneling along the walls. A set of simple plastic tables, mass produced and recognizable as such are assembled in the middle of the room, around them, in direct contrast, red velvet and ebony thrones circle them. The lights appear to be simple spheres embedded in the ceiling, while a few pens sit on the table, capped and unused. Strangely, despite
  8. Escort Missions. Of course. And not even the fun kind. No, you poor saps are stuck escorting three freighters hauling cold cases of strawberries (and other assorted Terran fruits), because the elven population of the Coalition has apparently decided they’re a fad. To top it all off, they didn’t even give you a decent unit to work with. No, you guys are in the Void Rangers, that experimental unit you’ve all been hearing about. A grand gesture of peace and cooperation between the Federation, Coalition, and Council they call it, a step toward reconciliation after two thousand yea
  9. You all awaken on the cold hard ground, spotting each other, you find that yourself and 3 others are also in this strange place. To either side of you, a massive Canyon Wall stretches up high above, numerous small footholds dot it, dangerous to those not fully in tune with such a trial. Looking up, you see the sky is full of silver clouds and golden sunlight streaming down. It is very cloudy, but also very bright, resulting in an odd atmosphere. In the middle of the Canyon, you see a massive gap separating either side of it, barely wide enough to jump, in the case of
  10. “Captain. We have several requests for unidentified signals requesting permission to beam onto your vessel.” The robotic voice echoed throughout the Warden’s quarters, snapping him out of his careful work. A drop of cold sweat crossed his forehead, before sliding down onto his nose. The sweat sat there for a few antagonizing long seconds, before falling onto the table where his full attention had been turned. Moving his hand ever so slightly, the Warden held his breath as he pressed his thumb and index finger together… A loud buzz rocked throughout the chambers, as the Warden threw the metal
  11. In the late afternoon on sunny day roughly around the same time you all arrived on the southern front of central Midchilda at facility known as Long Arch. Long Arch is a large complex built along the coast with roads running around it and under it. The main building of it is a bluish color and you would guess would be about three to four floors tall and has a lot of windows. You where asked to meet here by your higher ups in the TSAB at the request of Admiral Chrono Harlaown. Upon getting out of the vehicle that brought you there you all are greeted by a mousy looking young woman with short
  12. The early dawn hours of the next day... outside of Eden "I will give this damn lecture one last time before we enter beyond the gates!" Jace shouted over the din of questions and conversation that had arrisen from the last bout of briefing a moment ago, helmet in the crux of his arm as he paced back and forth before the assembled them as they all waited infront of the massive stone entry way to Eden's garden, and by extension the giant gates within them. The entire membership of Chimera 17 stopped their gossiping at the sight of his growing rage, all of them shutting their mouths and stan
  13. ((Official Theme of this RP:)) "We're here, sir." A lone pilot said as he eased back on the controls. All around him the cockpit instruments were blazing to life as he initiated the landing procedures, shutting off the engines and reducing their speed enough to not burn up upon touch down. Sitting beside him was a man of high Military rank, his shoulders covered with silver epillets and a host of medals adorning his broad chest. He stood from his seat, gazing at the ruins visible in the distance, shrouded partially in the dense vegetation of the sprawling forest. The setting sun cast a brigh
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