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  1. Kane remained silent for a moment, giving his own sigh. "Yeah. Yeah, same boat." He didn't have much else to say in response. ——— To stave off the urge to squeeze Justine tighter, out of fear of hurting her in more ways than just some broken bones, Arthur opted to rub her back instead. Slowly, gently— he wasn't exactly skilled at such comforts, but he tried his best. It helped that he had some experience. "I..." You've made me happy. "..." His bravery wasn't quite there yet. As much as he wanted to say it, to reassure her... it just wo
  2. Arthur's heart rapidly quickened. There was something stirring inside of him— not love, but... fear. Justine was close... Too close. Mim got close— stepping over the line and jumping back before Arthur would even know what happened. Justine always liked to play on the line. Those were both always fine with him... but Justine wasn't going back over the line. She was staying there. He didn't know what to do. Her words blended together at points as a bit of panic began to set in. Arthur's eyes briefly went wide— sucking in air. No. No. He couldn't. He couldn't do this. He cou
  3. Kane just let out a sigh. "Well, you certainly don't expect royalty to come knocking at your door after a string of heists and, rather than try to put you away and make things feel more normal, saddle the fate of the world as we know it on your shoulders. It's beyond exhausting, even when everything ends up somehow going according to plan." Kane pinched the bridge of his nose, groaning— perhaps the closest he's shown to having any sort of cracks behind his otherwise cool demeanor. "...I'm just tired." ——— The awkward feelings were radiating off of Arthu
  4. "...I don't believe that I deserve this yet." "...But if it's what the team needs from me, then consider it done."
  5. Indeed, as Pinecone felt the scraping of wood against his skin, he felt no urge to slow down his assault. He still stood tall, looming over his enemies as he kept the smaller bugs (and Ebon) within his cover. He brandished his lance, his eyes set on the fire mage. He knew how dangerous it was to attack, and yet... "...I may miss this one. If I miss... I apologize for my failure." With that, Pinecone waited for his moment to strike, and fired at will. Lotus to J6, shoot Fire Initiate B After Secluded and Lotus attack the Fire Initiate, Pinecone atta
  6. Because Cole has absolutely no self-control on the day of the announcement of Legend of Mana's remaster, I have selected not one, but two applicants! Boss and Mina have both been selected as the new applicants for Mortal Transgressions, bringing the player count to 12! Full house! First Class levels will be rolled for them once they have posted promotion information! Trainee Levels for Boss and Mina
  7. Lucy didn't respond to Justine— she met her eye, and then scurried over to her throne. She went back to laying down, trying not to cry. Arthur, on the other hand, finally caught his breath and groaned— burying his face in his hands. "God- I don't know, one minute War was there snuggling Lucy, then suddenly Ferdiad comes out and tries to cut her in half, then Baldur takes the blow for War, she's gone, Baldur's dying, Ferdiad's probably having a fucking existential crisis as we speak— I don't know. If that's what's gonna happen every time I take a relaxing walk, I'm just gonna s
  8. Arthur burst into the throne room— anxiously nudging Lucy back to the throne she found to be a nice resting place. She was more than happy to get back to laying down and getting comfortable. "Godiva— Need you outside— Orchid's hurt, stupid accident, need help now...!" It was in fragments, but Arthur's frustration and exhaustion was kicking in and he needed to convey his message as quickly as possible.
  9. "Son of a bitch...!" Arthur didn't respond much at all, just grabbing Lucy by the arm and running for it— his grip was forceful, making Lucy feel more like she was being dragged rather than guided along. However, it still did the trick as she eventually got to her feet and ran with him into the hallway.
  10. Mim's motion had been much too subtle, too warm for War to properly notice that something was amiss. Perhaps she had simply thought it a kind gesture towards Lucy after she had revealed a truth, a truth that Lucy most definitely wanted to tell the world but feared its reaction too greatly. Mim was warm— comfortable to Lucy, who was not ready to leave the caring embrace of someone who loved her. Of course, all was too quick for War— it would have been perfect, a clean shot that not even Famine would have survived, had Baldur not stepped in. War wheeled around the second Baldur shiel
  11. War could only continue to give Baldur that same look of disappointment that she had trained on him for much of her participation in the earlier skirmish. “...I will not comment on you jumping to believing that I showed my legs to appeal to your gaze, but you were extremely foolish to heal my wounds— just as you attempted previously for that Rian general. I have no intentions of treating you as anyone other than my enemies, and that includes Pestilence once I depart. This is a one-time meeting— next we meet, I will stop at nothing to kill you. Such are my orders." Her gaze dri
  12. Kane didn't go too far from the window— he was just doing a once-over on the sides. The front, where the group created by Mim was, did not seem to concern him very much. However, it was clear that his attention was starting to glaze over— only renewed once Lenore made her way towards him. "...No." Kane let out a sigh. "...I had thought our endeavors would spurn more capable people to act. Not that we're not capable, not in the slightest... I just didn't think we'd be laying siege to half of the castles in Purgus. It's... daunting." ——— Arthur looked awa
  13. With our first promotion, I would like to go... SIGNUPS ARE OPEN AGAIN WOOOOOOOO Since this isn't to replace anyone, no specific classes are really needed. Go nuts! Be a Scholar so you can take Lizaveta's book from her and make Baldur happy I'm just looking for one player once again, as long as said players don't mind joining when we are basically halfway into the campaign (though this bad boy's gonna be kicking for another year or so, I can already feel it in my bones)! The current setting, as well as where the player will be, is still in Ria. Specifically,
  14. Lucy's panic was now starting to fade, the beginnings of a smile returning to her face. Adelaida, in the meantime, scoffed at Baldur. "Pah. Me, a traitor? I'll tell you what, the second everyone decided 'yes let's go fight for Perus and the goddamn clown brigade', I know Ivanovich woulda told me I made the right choice. Hell, even Richter would have agreed with me... Well, minus the fact that he's... you know, dead." With a groan and a hand on her face, Adelaida leaned against the exit to the throne room. "I don't usually need to talk to people, but if this Anvil
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