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  1. "..." Arthur internally debated whether or not he should avoid bringing up the other Death-related incident for the sake of Shin's integrity. Arthur looked over at Shin— saw how much nicer he looked, then looked back at Godiva. "He just tends to get unlucky from time to time. Said unluckiness tends to lead to him getting injured and he'll often insist he doesn't need the healing. He works great under pressure, but... make sure he doesn't get too hurt." ----- Lucy shuddered for a moment as her eyes stayed closed and pensive— trying to recall the past. She spoke quietly,
  2. Pinecone muttered a simple word of thanks to Mercy as his wounds began to close up. Brandishing his javelin, Pinecone continued his never-ending guard duty. Pinecone to L14, guard everyone adjacent Lotus to J12, shoot the Fire Initiate
  3. Lucy nodded vigorously in response to Ferdiad's first statement. She was silent for a brief moment on his second one. "We've... been really secretive about... who we were. But, I... I know that... all of us were unhappy with... our job, despite how hard we tried to keep our emotions in check. My brother only worked under our father to get to him, to... to get revenge. Famine and War, they... they came from outside of me and my brother's family. I don't even know their names... w-well, War's name, but I know Famine's now... I wish I knew more about War, but..." Luc
  4. Arthur's feet met the ground, and he went quiet as Godiva talked. He mostly just responded in that aloof manner— with a few nods and an occasional 'yeah.' It wasn't until Godiva asked her question that made Arthur really stop and think. "...Honestly, I don't know what I want to do with him at this point. I loathe him... But everyone was so willing to let a complete scumbag like King Darcy rot in captivity..." Arthur let out a deep sigh. "...I wish I knew what'd make me happy. Sometimes it feels as if... nothing's going to make me happy."
  5. Arthur might have said anything— probably in response to Justine and how the whole thing wasn't exactly something to make a snappy decision about. However, before he could do that, he found himself vastly underestimating the muscle mass of his cousin. "Ngh- Godiva- Not in the middle of everyone-" Yet he wasn't exactly making any sudden movements to get out of the hug. "They were basically the first people I had since I got out of prison- well, they broke me out of prison, but I owed them a debt- as you can see, ultimately I'm finally going to be able to... take on Ruslan... yo
  6. Later that night... Arthur, Mim, Shin... and the two new unlikely yet still potential members of Virtuous arrived back at the outpost. Kane made sure to not rest for too long and call everyone to a meeting in the throne room— to assess the battle plan. The five hadn't quite arrived yet— most likely a result of Kane's compulsive need to be on scout duty for at least a little while. Lucy was also present— but mostly off to the side, fidgeting with her hands and only half-listening. "Alright. So, we have two orders of business. First, we have the issue of Godiva. She
  7. A few— well, most of the Rian soldiers were looking at Baldur with disdain and confusion. However, Adelaida's presence alone was enough to get them to start muttering and then hurriedly nodding. Once again, however, the guy Adelaida referred to previously as 'Nazariy' let out an audible groan. "Whatever. We've all pretty much accepted that we're gonna die without a commander, so why don't you just shack up anyway? You don't need our opinion." Adelaida made her way towards Nazariy. He continued to stare at her with an uncaring expression— all the way up when Adelaida clo
  8. "Sure. I'll give you an introduction." Adelaida led Baldur down to the basement— almost immediately, they were greeted with an infirmary setting. Rian soldiers were in bed, resting. Some peer up as they hear the door open. "Oi! Dickheads! Get up— Stay in bed, though, I'd rather you all not pass out." Most of the Rian soldiers sat up, puzzled. One stayed laying down. "Yeah, I see you, Nazariy, don't even try to go back to sleep, get your ass up." The last one laying down groaned as he tilted himself up, rubbing his eyes. "Adelaida, reporting for duty. Got some news for y
  9. "Eh, sure." Adelaida shrugged. "I'm not exactly the most charismatic person in the world, so you'd probably be better at doing the talking. I'll just be here to tell people to shut it and stop thinking about General Richter... Hm. Might have to break it to them that the guy's dead, too. At least that part wasn't our fault, that'll be points in favor of us."
  10. Arthur blinked a few times at the deer meat. "Mmmmh... Damn, I guess I am kind of hungry... But we don't really have time to eat. Can it wait?... Or are you two headed somewhere?"
  11. Despite his previous failure, Pinecone was extremely persistent in charging after the one he marked for death. Pinecone to I12, Guard everyone adjacent, javelin into Fire Initiate B's face
  12. "Yeah, sure..." Crimson muttered an inaudible not really in response to Mina. His eyes were drawn to Boss— "Wait, you have- where did you get that? Deer meat is not that fresh— don't they have that stuff cooped up in the cold weather for days?"
  13. Arthur had just a smidge of relief once Shin looked like he was stabilized. "Well... He's been through more than that, at least. One crazy bi-... someone dropped a meteor on him once and he was fine. My name's Arrrrrrrrr..." Arthur's voice trailed off, catching himself in the act of giving some questionable information. "...Crimson... Yeah. Anyways, we need to get going. Like. Soon. Quickly. Before dark... How long until Shin comes back into consciousness?" Arthur looked to Mim without dropping her name.
  14. Arthur could hardly watch this— the hand that hit himself in the face blocked his view. "...We'd... Better help him more than anything," Arthur sighed, peering past his hand towards Mim.
  15. "Lenore—" Another crack opens in Kane's shell— a particularly large one with fragments of impatience splitting off. It was only when he put a hand to his forehead that Kane was able to take a deep breath. "...If that's your view of me... then that's fine. I don't mind being corny or living in a fairy tale. As long as it gets the job done, then I'll don the mask of Phoenix for as long as it takes— it was stupid of me to try to be anything but Phoenix." Kane turned away, his voice turning quiet. "...I need to go figure out our next plan of action. Alone, please." His footsteps were m
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