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  1. Automated Movement Shin to T22, Silver Longbow Necromancer D, canto to X20 Baldur to T20, Rescue Arthur to U20 Arthur to X18, equip Sacred Fire Justine to T21, Dance for Liza and Baldur Baldur to W19, Rescue Justine to X19 Kane to W21, Lust Thief B Lizaveta to V20 Lysander strikes out at the Thief with a gust of wind. Just as the thief thinks they're in the clear, Lysander sends them rocketing to the ground with a sudden second blast of wind. Shin rides in and rains down a volley of arrows down on the Necromancer's head— taking them out before they
  2. A choke of shame, and a gust of wind erupted from Lizaveta. Both were too much for their targets to bear, completely unavoidable in what destruction they cause. EXP: (74/100) Enemies Killed: 3/60 Stats
  3. Fey's set of bolas quickly ties around the swordsman's legs, causing him to fall and crack his skull— he doesn't look like he's going to be getting up anytime soon. EXP: (72/100) Enemies Killed: 3/60 Stats
  4. Boss plunges her halberd into the Myrmidon, who is thoroughly unable to pierce Boss's defenses— however, the Myrmidon manages to keep themselves in tact. EXP: (69/100) Enemies Killed: 2/60 Stats
  5. Without giving him a chance to retaliate, Ferdiad swiftly drives his lance through the Myrmidon's gut and ends his life. EXP: (67/100) Enemies Killed: 2/60 Stats
  6. And blow the Myrmidon to bits, Mina... did not quite do, as the Myrmidon was left standing. However, it would clearly not take much more for the Myrmidon to be successfully blown to bits. EXP: (63/100) Enemies Killed: 1/60 Stats
  7. Mim lets off a volley of arrows to start off the skirmish. However, while she shows great confidence in her newfound form, she does take a sudden unexpected hit that leaves her with a lack of energy after burying her second shot. (11, Payday! Mim obtains a Gold Bar!) EXP: (61/100) Enemies Killed: 1/60 Stats
  8. Eventually, Kane took a deep breath and stepped forward. "...Right. I can't let myself fall to pieces right now. We're going to the castle right now— and we are going to rescue Queen Stella. Come on..." Kane paused as he moved forward, looking at the soup. "...I suppose I can take some along the way, if that's fine with all of you." He sleepily took a bowl of the stuff, not noticing that he got a dreaded flytrap leaf in his bowl. ... The blizzard only really picked up once the group started heading up the mountain— buffeting everyone through the crampe
  9. As you all wonder who could possibly be the boss for this chapter, I grant you all support opportunities! Available Supports Lizaveta x Shin (B) Arthur x Godiva (C) Baldur x Mim (C) Ferdiad x Lucy (C) Godiva x Lizaveta (C) Mina x Shin (C) Anyone who is Promoted gets the following: 1 A, 2 B, 1 C Anyone who is still First Class gets the following: 2 B, 2 C You can not get A supports with First Class folks, sorry Mim no fast-track for Arthur. All of the GMPCs, as always, automatically accept their Support offerings.
  10. Kane was having a bit of trouble breathing— even as Mim's words tried to have a calming effect on him. He tried to take a moment to breathe, eyes closed as he attempted to compose himself... "They were here to negotiate peace, weren't they? Damn it, I thought she was just doing that as a cover, I can't believe Stella thought she could reason with that bastard... Right. I'm ready to settle this. Once and for all." Arthur took a deep breath in tune with Kane— he said he was ready, but his body language suggested otherwise.
  11. Chapter 6 Flames Atop Frozen Mountains The numbers of Virtuous continued to grow through unconventional means. However, these methods were undoubtedly effective, creating a new sense of unlikely camaraderie between the group. There was little time for complete enjoyment of the party as night began to fall, however, for tensions brewed even further within the castle. The flawed, yet confident plan of Virtuous's leader, was bound to change... Castle Ria. A nigh-impenetrable fortress made of stone, unimpeded by the natural defenses g
  12. "...Mmn. I don't know. Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the whatever they say." Arthur paused, then let out a sigh. "I don't work well in the kitchen with others, anyway— I just tend to start yelling when things don't go well. But... If you want to cook with them, you should. I want to see you get along with everyone."
  13. Arthur could only say that Shin needed to have an eye on him at all times in his head. Otherwise, he just nodded. "If you need to go watch him, I don't mind... what are they doing, anyway- are they cooking? Mmmmgh." Arthur shook his head. "Damn, I haven't cooked in Horse-knows-how-long. Never really lost the touch, though... Hopefully Kane'll let them have some time to enjoy themselves... wherever he went, anyway."
  14. "..." Arthur internally debated whether or not he should avoid bringing up the other Death-related incident for the sake of Shin's integrity. Arthur looked over at Shin— saw how much nicer he looked, then looked back at Godiva. "He just tends to get unlucky from time to time. Said unluckiness tends to lead to him getting injured and he'll often insist he doesn't need the healing. He works great under pressure, but... make sure he doesn't get too hurt." ----- Lucy shuddered for a moment as her eyes stayed closed and pensive— trying to recall the past. She spoke quietly,
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