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  1. Is there any sort of mod for ev training, because I have to do some on several mons for different monotype runs, and it can take several hours even with macho brace, and speed up. Really anything that is like a multiplier, or adds a function like in rejuvenation would be great.
  2. Actually I just tested it, and it is determined when you enter the grand hall the first time, so you just have to save in front of Victoria to at least cheese the early events, and maybe a bunch of the early game mystery eggs if you are insane to get stuff like spheal and elekid early
  3. I was curious for my mono electric run I was thinking abut doing, when are the events like the mystery egg or the snubbul/stufful determined. Is it when making a new file, or some other time. I'm curious so I can reset for a joltic and pachirisu early game.
  4. Yeah, I just downloaded the file so this will help a lot
  5. Oh okay, the wiki said no evs, and 10 ivs, which sadly happens a lot more on later battles with the wiki being incorrect
  6. Does anyone know what ev spreads charlotte has, because in my mono poison run my nidoking should outspeed her typhlosion if she only has 10 ivs, and no evs like the wiki says, but it outsped, and one shot with eruption. So if anyone knows what her spreads are that would be very nice.
  7. Aggrin

    Poison mono run

    Yeah, because I can't get one until post restoration otherwise
  8. Aggrin

    Poison mono run

    So I have beaten Luna in my poison mono run, so I am currently planning my strats for the next 4 gyms due to the gauntlet of not being able to return. My best idea for Charlotte would be to use wide guard, but the only available mon who can learn the move is the mareanie line, but my mystery egg was a gastly. I'm just wandering if it would be considered cheating to trade one over from my other save file, because otherwise I don't think I could beat her due to the sheer amount of damage her spread moves do.
  9. Aggrin

    Alolan Grimer

    Oh okay, at least I have drapion and skuntank to help with radomus, and who were a big help with shade
  10. Aggrin

    Alolan Grimer

    So I'm doing a mono poison run, and looking at the quick glance guide on the forums, it says that alolan grimer isn't available until at least the WTC which seems ridiculous for what is only an decent mon. Just wanted to verify this is accurate
  11. Love the respect for seismatoad, and emboar because they are criminally underrated

    1. pyrromanis


      Best duo ever existed! Thanks a lot for the love! <3

  12. Yeah seems so after looking around, at least the mightyena are solid levels, but just saw the pancham has a attack lowering nature so I need to breed it for my sanity.
  13. So right now I have to do some grinding for the Geara battle in the Forsaken Lab, due to the giratina taking me down. I think grinding up a pancham I have in the PC would be a good idea considering narcissa is also a ghost leader, but I was wondering if there was a faster way of grinding than on the dunsparce in the lab.
  14. Just got them, thank you so much!
  15. Sorry I think this should be it. Game.rxdata
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