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  1. Just got them, thank you so much!
  2. Sorry I think this should be it. Game.rxdata
  3. This should be good I think. Game - 1749 - Jared - 204h 29m - 17 badges.rxdata
  4. How do you upload save data? I've seen it done a few times on here, but have no idea how to do it myself.
  5. I've been trying to do this for several days now, but to no avail. No videos can really help me because I'm apparently too stupid apparently. My grid looks like: 629 475 134 829 578 316
  6. Yeah that's a good idea, right now I'm just fixing up some of the unnecessary EV's on my team
  7. This is gonna be "fun" for my mono steel run
  8. The wiki for the gauntlet battles says that they all only have 10 Ivs, and no EVs when if feels like they are a lot stronger than they would be with all of that. It says the same thing about Hardy which seems ridiculous as he is the 17th leader.
  9. I'm curious if there are field notes to be found like in Reborn, because I'm about to fight Keta, and the closest I have found was the notebook in the storage area f the port for the missing cargo sidequest.
  10. I just beat Venam, and was wondering if mega evolution was in the game yet, and at least a general idea of when we get it, because in Reborn it was obtained quite late into the story. Also curious if there are z-moves available at all.
  11. So I refused to give Blake the ring, and fought Aster at Ametrine mountain, but I went back and he still doesn't let me get the shiny charm. This is very confusing considering in my other save file the event worked perfectly fine.
  12. I have psychic on wormadam which with all the boosts including crit chance would be insane damage potentally
  13. Yeah I was thinking about wormadam because it has carried me multiple times surprisingly. have to train up the sandshrew, but slush rush could be good for sweeping. Thank you.
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