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  1. "I believe I can make this work..." Tabitha takes Axes and replaces character skill "Center" with "Renewal"
  2. Tabitha looked at Fey and gave a solemn nod. The adrenaline and anger pumping through her prevented her from truly expressing to her friend how much this act meant, and the closure she would hopefully receive from bringing justice to King Darcy. She slowly walked towards the pitiful man before her, thought about everything he's done, all of the lives he's ruined, and the people he's taken from her. "Because of you... Because of people like you she had to die." She could feel anger welling up inside of her once again. "Have you ever stopped to think what happened to those who's liv
  3. Just the idea of letting King Darcy live just another moment made her blood boil. She wanted to strangle him and watch as the his life slipped away from his body, she wanted the sick enjoyment of taking another life, but deep down she knew that this would only provide a temporary support for her violent emotions and that ultimately she would be left unsatisfied. "You know, when I served time as a sister we were taught the concept of repentance, working hard to not commit the same sins you've spent your life committing. I think more than anyone I want this asshole dead, but even I'
  4. Upon dodging the knife assault from King Darcy, Tabitha could only utter one single word as she looked down upon the corrupt ruler. "Pathetic." In this moment she wanted to fight back and clobber him like no tomorrow, but she also knew that unfortunately her revenge was second to her teammate despite how much this agitated her. She mumbled to herself as she knelt down beside Arthur. "One of these days...." Tabitha to G5 and HEAL Arthur
  5. Tabitha of course was angry. She was angry at the way Darcy was talking about that man, claiming him to be a pious noble, one of recognition and praise. But most importantly, she was mad at herself, she had never considered the possibility that the women who were set free from Pud's brothel would be shipped out to another den of sin. Finally she was angry at the gods who would allow this to happen. She clenched her free hand into a fist tightly. "The only Goat that monster Pud is going to deal with is the one who is tearing into his hindquarters in deepest pits of HELL. You claim
  6. Tabitha upon hearing this mumbled to herself: "Scum like you shouldn't get the choice of whether or not you get the opportunity to be wiped off your palace floors after we've smashed your skull in" Much like Baldur, Tabitha was appalled at the sight that stood in front of her. She didn't consider what stood in front of her to be human, he was lesser than that. Ultimately, he reminded her of someone she wish she could forget. His manner of carrying himself with an air of self-importance, the way he had numerous women draped around him, and the fact that his power over t
  7. Tabitha nodded at the single and fumbled with the key thrusting it into the keyhole jiggling it for a second and then turning it. USE DOOR KEY. There was a small noise as the door unlocked. She mumbled to herself under her breath. "If I had my woodcutting axe we probably would have been able to get this done faster." To attempt to lighten the mood from her recent outburst she turned to her companions and flashes a quick thumbs up, then turned around and kicked the door open. She regained her composure, "Door's open now."
  8. Tabitha to I13 and HEAL Baldur. Tabitha stared down at Orchid laying on the ground unconscious. She was angry at him for making a stupid mistake but at the same time felt she needed to calm down given her last incident. However given she knew Orchid could take it she slammed her staff into his back and began to heal his wounds. As she worked her magic she prayed to gods she didn't believe in and asked them for strength, patience and common sense for her teammates.
  9. Tabitha stared at Reiko noticing the freshly inflicted wounds that now adorned her body. She wanted to go help her, but the threat of being ambushed by to the north and east of her position made her push that thought back into her mind. Surely Orchid could handle doing such a task. Tabitha to I17 and HEAL Mim.
  10. Things had been rough for the past little while to put it lightly. Tabitha unsure of whether or not she had the right to say anything silently stood at the back of the group, watching and waiting to see when someone might require her assistance. Tabitha to K-19
  11. She felt like a child. Whether it be because of her outburst or being carried by Fey, in this moment she felt a rush of somewhat comforting embarrassment. Despite her feelings, she knew this was the right thing to do. She let her arms dangle as Fey carried her and sighed heavily before muttering something. "Thank you..." As she was placed down she silently nodded to Fey then to everyone around Mim. As she knelt down she used Arthur's shoulder to get herself stable, despite not having suffered damage during this last encounter, her legs were shaking for other reaso
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