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  1. The eyes pressed against the boy all felt like daggers. He wasn't much one for public speeches either, though someone has to do it. He takes a deep breath before he begins, "I won't bore all of you with something long and drawn out so I'll get straight to the point. I ask is that some of ours be allowed to rest here before we begin leaving and moving forward. That is all." Glancing around at everyone's condition he adds, "And... if you would wish it of me I shall be glad to help heal the wounded if you all would grant us stay." He stands firm waiting for their responses with b
  2. "I suppose that does work in our favor..." His voice trails off a bit at the end there before he quickly shakes it off, "Lets head down then. Better to just pull this band aid off quickly than to have it be long and drawn out." He waits for the warrior to lead the way down.
  3. "Hmmm, this is quite the issue now isn't it. We can't just leave the girl freezing there either." Baldur tilts his head and ponders for a moment, "I don't believe those men will be too willing to listen to an enemy in a suit any time soon... Though perhaps they might be more willing if a former ally came along as well." Turning his gaze back towards Adelaida he continues, "Would you by chance be willing to accompany me down there? I'd sooner like to get the confrontation over with than risk a surprise assault sometime soon."
  4. “Well I’m glad you like it, and thanks for letting me keep this.” The butler gives a slight bow before trying to figure out what he’s going to do before they head back out. He knows he should be resting but he can’t sit still while within these halls. Though, now that he thinks about it he hasn’t seen Lucy ever since... that scene. Might be good to go check up on her. His searching eventually brought him to the throne room where he would find a napping Lucy curled up on its decadent seat. All this stress probably knocked her out. She can’t just sleep here either. First of all, i
  5. Baldur wasn't exactly thrilled nor in the right condition to be going on a big shopping trip at this moment. Besides, too many people in one group would draw some attention. At the mention of metal, Baldur is reminded of what he scavenged from Seigmund's defeated corpse. Baldur approached the smiting duo slowly, being careful as to not reopen anything. "Oh Simeon, if its metal you're looking for I did scrounge up this. I don't know what you could do with a shattered blade, especially when its chained and enchanted with dark magic. However, if you could use this in any way, be that fixing this
  6. "A simple shoulder to lean on will be good enough, Knight." Baldur made sure to emphasize. He was not about to be carried off his feet back to the group. "My promise since the beginning was to keep everyone safe. I will do whatever is necessary to make sure that promise is kept... or well I will whatever I can at the very least." Glancing back down to the coat underneath him, a wave a guilt washes over his entire body. "Say uhhh... if you need me to buy or make you a new coat just let me know. It's the least I can do."
  7. The butler reluctantly sits back down before letting out a groan, "Yea yea... you're right... Sorry for causing so much trouble for you two..." He turns his head back towards Ferdy, "I'm also sorry for taking that away from your Knight. It's just... now wasn't the right time."
  8. Almost on queue Baldur slowly lifts up his upper body, now sitting on the ground. He instinctively goes and grabs his lower chest in response to the great pain. Wiping the blood from his mouth he finally speaks up, "I'm fine," He's obviously not, "We can't waste anymore time here. We have to get back to camp- ACK!" He lets out a wince of pain has he tries to force himself to his feet.
  9. “Heh, sorry Snowbird. Guess I wasn’t able to keep that promise...” The butler’s knees began to shake and his vision quickly blurring in and out of focus. The searing pain echoing through his whole chest and up his arms. However, even through all of this Baldur still seems to keep a smile on his face. “You- know... people say pride is the worst of the seven sins. The one that paves the way to the rest of the six. cough I myself... I disagree. With the right amount pride... is the only one of the seven with any redeeming value. Killing War... here and now... there’s no pride... no justice. She c
  10. The butler could almost sense intense bloodlust in the air and when onto alert. This was followed by the rustle of the bushes and the clanking of armor. Out of all the times to seek his revenge. Everywhere in Baldur's mind and body is telling him to let Ferdiad continue with his assault. Not like he hasn't done the same thing before to an Icon, plus with her gone that leaves only two to deal with in the future. by all logical accounts this is the smart to let her die. However, somewhere deep down his thought drift elsewhere and in a split second he's made up his mind. Dropping his
  11. At the first sign of War, Baldur took a step in front of Lucy wary of any stuns she may pull. However, after War’s little... act he went into more of a scowl crossing his arms and tightly gripping his sleeve with his free hand. “As an Icon or Sin and one of our advisories highest in our list, please have some more self respect in the future. I can tell simply by your state that you’re not going to try anything stupid. Especially with four of us here.” He tilts his staff towards the injured mage as sparkles envelope her closing her major wound. “There, that should make things easier for you. Ju
  12. (Will maybe edit in something later) Stardust make her yelly Charisma+ sounds
  13. The butler was initially dismissive towards Mim but Lucy's glances seemed enough to drag him out of his comfort zone, "Fine... the air in this place is quite choking, and thats without Seigmund's curse looming around us." Making his way with the four person group he stopped noticing the armored lady still with them. Thinking it would be rude to just leave her in the dark he walks up to Adaleida, "You should come with us back to our camp. Not exactly safe for a traitor to walk around. I or Snowbird, the small purple one, can treat your wounds with more care back there. We also have
  14. After all foes had seemed to make their retreat the butler let out a sigh of relief and adjusted himself. He pushed himself to go over and look down on Seigmund's corpse almost mourning at his loss. Baldur couldn't help but feel the shadow sword was also a victim in all of this as well. Sure he did some atrocious things, but from what he said it was a the direct command from the King. Not like some could exactly defy a king without risking their own death and in the end he did seem to have some drive to take out Rusland for all he forced Seigmund to do. Granted even if he was spared he'd still
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