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  1. From what I understand the current plans are to make it so that the terrains set by the terrain abilities (as well as moves that set them, like Mist) do not actually replace the field. Instead they will be on top of the fields, so that you get the effects of both without replacing the fields. Obviously I am not a dev but that is what has been mentioned on the discord.
  2. (Not a dev but) Considering that there are a few characters from the official games (I won't spoil because I get the feeling you haven't reached that area yet), I feel like I can give the answer of "yes". Most likely it will only be a limited number of official characters for a smattering of reasons.
  3. You could also reverse candy it to level 36 and then level it up again
  4. 1. Why Bobs the Boldore and not Bobs the Bouffalant? 2. Which Ojama is the worst and why is it yellow? 3. Y dis?
  5. The berries in rejuv follow the gen3 berry growing rules. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Berry#Generation_III
  6. I believe it has before and to my knowledge with the most recent patches it has been fixed. What version (and patch) are you playing?
  7. Yamask and therefore Cofagrigus is available in Goldenleaf. Galar Yamask and it’s evo will be added somewhere, and it’s evo method will be changed in a way that makes sense. It is the same case as the Alolan forms evolving on Terajuma or alolan marowak evolving in the goldenleaf area.
  8. Best take I've seen in this thread in regards to the new character art yet.
  9. Please for the love of everything holy learn what “thicc” actually means and stop describing Texen as “thicc”
  10. The old design still has rainbow hair, except it is just pastel. As for the skin color it is now closer to crawlis, which makes sense (also it’s still relatively the same, the shading on the art is different).
  11. What you are asking for (some difficulty) while also wanting mega evolutions early is counterintuitive.
  12. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  13. which auth smells the most? (other than yourself) favorite bird? where is the one place in the world that you want to go the most?
  14. this ditto is transformed, but the sprite did not update
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