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  1. I can't believe you put those line breaks in at the end of your post like that But, fantastic work as always
  2. No need to be sorry if a question has been asked before. Can't expect to read through all previous questions in all threads for every obscure question. Jan can probably come in and give a proper answer but from what I know 1. If it's on the wiki, take it with a grain of salt. It has a lot of very outdated information. Such as Douse being a move that used to be in the game but now it's an unused move (no one uses it at the moment) 2. There isn't any real number decided for "how many TMs intend to put in game by final version". We'll know when we get to the final version 3. Can't say anything on this. Mainly cause not everything is finalized
  3. Dude, are you ever satisfied? And what do you mean "how I am supposed to know about that now"??? The purpose of this is so that you can know
  4. Nominating @Ikaru for everything, ez
  5. Well, there is a massive "Completionist" walkthrough guide with all the information that you could need. So that should get rid of all doubts
  6. I think it should be replaced with "Key of Victory". Sounds like a pretty cool name that leads into something epic. When I make my own anime, I'll make sure a protag (or at least secondary good guy character) will have a move like that
  7. Oh no. That's so sad. Master will be disappointed
  8. Buff to their moves? Yo, are they getting Blaze, Torrent and Overgrow as their hidden abilities? That's insanely pogchamp. And what's this about key of victory? Is this a kingdom hearts reference? I don't understand it but Jan is a big fan so I'm sure he'd get it. Absolutely poggers though
  9. That's be pretty neat too
  10. Yooo, this is awesome (lemme just take this and incorporate it). While simultaneously being tilting cause some of this is such basic stuff being done wrong in the first place (what the hell is with quad-calcing terrain tag, that makes me mad). But if anything, I respect your bravery. We all know how you can make one tiny change to something non-battle related and the code goes "no, I shall not run now, at all"
  11. Special mention to @Ikaru for always being a champ. Any proper interaction started thanks to FFXIV but then spiraled into every other field. And the similarity in our tastes is insane that at times I'm like this guy is my brother from another mother (you'd think it'd only be good but something always comes along to prove me wrong ha ha). And for the rest of The People @Arkhi @Inuki @Felix~ @Zumi @Jan @Azeria @Alex @Winter @Marcello. Always enjoy talking to you guys, whether it's about music, games, current affairs (or CS if it's Arkhi). And we may not have talked as much lately cause life and timezones make it rough but I do want you all to know that I hella appreciate you (yes, that ain't any old normal "appreciation", it's Appreciation). And you guys make sure to take care of yourself. The grind is important but taking it easy occasionally is also important
  12. Yo, how you ppl doing? What's crackin? And what's going on?
  13. for real, like they got me questioning... when's v13 releasing???
  14. What about truck guy and piano lady??? Piano lady is a real one
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