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  1. 1. galarian meowth 2. i guess? 3. i dont know any of them other than terra? i think? 4. terra 5. jaja 6. entry hazards but none of those shit gimmick moves lol
  2. pretty well my man. my knuckles it's decent nothing really. doing taxes i guess?
  3. why rock wrecker instead of something cooler
  4. F to the one reborn chat i had any power in
  5. ouch there's no more girl in the picture but uhhhh probably friends from work?
  6. in the fridge funni joke xd. but im cool w smooth peanut butter axolotl mid rare, with red wine pan sauce and mushrooms ideal house would just include a lot of storage and some nice audio equipment. i'm easy to please unfortunately i do not meet the requirements to teach this class
  7. lykos you of all people should know why i did it. we are both rivals along with bean and bok. whichever one is alive at the end of the game wins. figured i might as well get some competition out of the way and see how the other rivals reacted
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