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  1. i def dont dig the "staff" thing from years prior. perhaps designating folks as managers (which means not playing! just coordinating) could work
  2. possible necro but i have a couple manga to rec: -golden kamuy -chainsaw man -gokushufudou -out -planetes -beck: mongolian chop squad -happiness -route end -dorohedoro -vagabond
  3. 1. galarian meowth 2. i guess? 3. i dont know any of them other than terra? i think? 4. terra 5. jaja 6. entry hazards but none of those shit gimmick moves lol
  4. pretty well my man. my knuckles it's decent nothing really. doing taxes i guess?
  5. why rock wrecker instead of something cooler
  6. F to the one reborn chat i had any power in
  7. ouch there's no more girl in the picture but uhhhh probably friends from work?
  8. in the fridge funni joke xd. but im cool w smooth peanut butter axolotl mid rare, with red wine pan sauce and mushrooms ideal house would just include a lot of storage and some nice audio equipment. i'm easy to please unfortunately i do not meet the requirements to teach this class
  9. coke. dont want to offend anyone. griff's. night bus. what shrug trinity being fried in roux. idk plain grass? i dont like fighting. griffon. invisobill (guess super power). i have a frog beanie baby
  10. geaux tigahs i'd like to travel france a little bit.
  11. nah i usually stick to grapplers and since the inputs are usually the same the muscle memory carries over. for example, i played zangief in usf4 and transitioned easily to sfv playing both gief and abigail
  12. no. south korea. tales of zestiria, sekiro, dq xi s. no. fried oyster po boy. yes. 20.
  13. dont forget im from louisiana. who dat
  14. fun fact ive never played a pokemon fan game no?
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