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  1. Sinnoh remakes <3 


  2. won the NA Summer Party 2016 tour. ggs!
  3. I will find you. I will always find you.

  4. Is the tour OU or Ubers? It just specifies Ice/Grass/Fire/Water+Delibird. I'm guessing OU since it's like the main tier, but confirm please.
  5. closest thing to Taylor Swift's song, New Romantics. Shoutout to Kamina for finding this for me! http://musicpleer.biz/#53e93f3a741fda3542ed92e1ac17708f
  6. [21:45:26] Asgоre: Sports suck [21:45:31] +Avatar of Grima: Ew Dallas [21:45:37] Shadow Rоxаs: Thank you Edge [21:45:41] Asgоre: TexASS [21:45:46] Inno: Oh, there's a college named Loyola Marymount University nearby. [21:45:47] %King Murdoc: Vikings! [21:45:51] Inno: That's why I know the name. [21:45:51] +Avatar of Grima: Ew [21:45:52] Kаmina: ^@ edge [21:45:55] Shadow Rоxаs: Edge is true fam [21:45:58] %King Murdoc: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! [21:45:59] Asgоre: :]] [21:46:01] Kаmina: that is like only thing i'll agree [21:46:09] Inno: I say "nearby", I have no id
  7. I use my shitpost sensors to indicate when there is a great topic posted in the wasteland
  8. sigh, I really thought jelly was gonna be promoted Nevertheless, congrats for promotions, Jericho and Rose.
  9. Can you do something with Serra? I like her character and wish for her to be more known. http://prntscr.com/8z4qsk Really bland, but can you make the background with some kind of winter colors? lol idk. I trust your judgement though. Thanks again!
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