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  1. Forum name: Juilliard / Reignited'Light Showdown alt(s): Juilliard / Reignited'Light (Are my main alts. I do have tons of other showdown accounts that I love to use) Discord: Reignited'Light#6148 Availability: GMT -6 (Availability changes weekly) Favorite type(s): Psychic / Dragon / Water / Fire / Normal Least favorite type(s): Rock (LOOKING AT YOU HELEN)
  2. won the NA Summer Party 2016 tour. ggs!
  3. I will find you. I will always find you.

  4. Is the tour OU or Ubers? It just specifies Ice/Grass/Fire/Water+Delibird. I'm guessing OU since it's like the main tier, but confirm please.
  5. closest thing to Taylor Swift's song, New Romantics. Shoutout to Kamina for finding this for me! http://musicpleer.biz/#53e93f3a741fda3542ed92e1ac17708f
  6. [21:45:26] Asgоre: Sports suck [21:45:31] +Avatar of Grima: Ew Dallas [21:45:37] Shadow Rоxаs: Thank you Edge [21:45:41] Asgоre: TexASS [21:45:46] Inno: Oh, there's a college named Loyola Marymount University nearby. [21:45:47] %King Murdoc: Vikings! [21:45:51] Inno: That's why I know the name. [21:45:51] +Avatar of Grima: Ew [21:45:52] Kаmina: ^@ edge [21:45:55] Shadow Rоxаs: Edge is true fam [21:45:58] %King Murdoc: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! [21:45:59] Asgоre: :]] [21:46:01] Kаmina: that is like only thing i'll agree [21:46:09] Inno: I say "nearby", I have no idea where it is. [21:46:09] +Chaise: The Minnesota Vikings are actually referenced in the Pokemon movies. [21:46:15] %King Murdoc: They are? [21:46:16] Rᴇɪɢɴɪᴛᴇᴅ'Light: kam your battling ability is literal ASS [21:46:18] Rᴇɪɢɴɪᴛᴇᴅ'Light: so stfu [21:46:20] Kаmina: :[[[ [21:46:22] Asgоre: Yeah [21:46:22] @LidаRоsе: Yep! [21:46:22] Shadow Rоxаs: werent they only referenced in the first one? [21:46:23] %King Murdoc: wao skits [21:46:23] +Avatar of Grima: Yes [21:46:27] Kаmina: :'( [21:46:31] Shadow Rоxаs: Damn skitty, no chill [21:46:33] Asgоre: Jesse and James say something about feeling like Vikings from Minnesota [21:46:34] +Chaise: maybe only the first one. [21:46:36] Asgоre: int he first pokemon movie [21:46:37] Kаmina: she is a bully :{ [21:46:38] %King Murdoc: rofl [21:46:42] Caradius: o-o
  7. Nice, although the battle guides probably would have to be updated... idk. If anyone needs any help with teambuilding, feel free to hit me up. I'm not out of this world, but I do like to think I'm a good player and teambuilder.
  8. I use my shitpost sensors to indicate when there is a great topic posted in the wasteland
  9. sigh, I really thought jelly was gonna be promoted Nevertheless, congrats for promotions, Jericho and Rose.
  10. Can you do something with Serra? I like her character and wish for her to be more known. http://prntscr.com/8z4qsk Really bland, but can you make the background with some kind of winter colors? lol idk. I trust your judgement though. Thanks again!
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