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  1. Absolutely, I evolved a normal beldum into a positron metang and both had the ability light metal, I then gave it an exp share and evolved it into positron metagross which funny enough also had light metal (Guess I should have also mentioned that since it shouldnt have that ability). After that I figured I would take advantage of the glitch and give it an iron plate for the speed boost. It has the sprite and all correct learnset moves (Volt tackle, phantom force etc) but when i went to check its typing it was steel/psychic. Thanks for all the hard work!
  2. Trash can in North Obsidia by the Night Club, the house it is in doubles as a Zorua event location. Easy to miss honestly lol Edit: May as well throw in a bug report, Positron Metagross retains the steel/psychic type
  3. To be specific, the Applin you get early on is nowhere near the secret glade, in order get to said glade to get said apple you need to explore the undernet which can be accessed via the onyx trainer school or malchous forest
  4. Nah, Blue mentioned specifically that the geezer is outside the gym, so either that girl moves with story progression or it is just an oversight. If its the latter chances are they'll have it fixed next version Also reporting a bug (I think?) the sweets option in the sweet candy shop crashes the game
  5. I would assume so since you literally have to get to that point to even fight all the monster houses but I also haven't been able to get past that girl blocking the gym entrance
  6. Make sure you work in taking a break somewhere in that time line, between a whole extra generation and a dlc sized sidequest we have plenty to hold us over until the next version lol
  7. The battle background when surfing on the obscure oceanfront is a blank black screen, not sure if intentional. Also hit a bug where my character stated it was best to turn back and did so in an infinite loop. Also also amazing work as always!
  8. Amazing quick work!! I feel like I am missing something with the third eevee event, I did the first two but there doesn't seem to be anything in the listed area (The candy store)
  9. It looks like Morgrem for whatever reason wont evolve into Grimmsnarl at the correct level, alongside that it seems that Sirfetch'd only has steadfast and is missing scrappy. Thanks again for the awesome work!! Edit: Throat spray also gives an error message and fails to function upon using a sound move
  10. Ah...so should probably progress past Kiki first
  11. I can't seem to figure out how to activate the totem in the secluded jungle, any tips/hints? (Might also just be the fact im trying to do it a few badges early). Also any plans for Kantonian Mr. Rime and Sirfetch'd?
  12. V0.6 has been great so far, what's everyone's favorite form? Dusk Noivern has been killing it for me personally
  13. Hey everyone I think I found the problem, go to your mod folders and see if you have the mod "Shared PC.rb", removing it fixed the startup crash for me
  14. Same crash "Script 'Scene Intro' Line 105: Argument Error occurred" "wrong number of arguments(3 for 0)" To clarify the context of how I got here I had a previous version of altforms already set up, downloaded the latest, and then "Drag and Dropped" the new files into my folder overwriting everything it asked about, I also have a few of the approved mods installed as well such as Set Weather and Mouse Cursor (Both from the modular pack) *Previous version prior to updating was v. (full)* Edit: FIXED...more or less by removing "Shared PC.rb" from mod folder, must not be playing nice with the latest version of alt forms
  15. Guy is pretty much doubling the content in the game and apologizing for making sure its high quality. Keep up the good work dude, everything is looking great!
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