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  1. Will there be another protag? and if so would it be fern or texen( I assume if we can play as ana we can play as him)? I don't think this has been asked yet but do you recall the inspiration behind each of the characters darchlight cave outfits in terms of the protags? Also how does that inspiration reflect onto the character? This one is probably dumb to ask but is Eizen based off of Colress from BW2?
  2. Do you still need help? Tell me what NPC and where and I'll help. Sorry for being late, I mostly stick to discord.
  3. that whirlpool sprite looks so good along with everything else. The graphics just keep getting better, hope by final release we get 3ds graphics.
  4. looks like Fern has a phobia of smoothies, who knew?
  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i really hope you'll have a wonderful day 🙂🎂

  6. I think jan will probably put those in in the next update, along with the pace holder gen 8 animations (some of which were actually worked on and can be found in the animation editor of reborn but only like 6-7 are not place holders)
  7. Starlight divide, it'll be a original ip made by ame and the rest of chasing selene. It's one of the tabs on the top of the website.
  8. in the game folder there should be a icon that says updater use that, it'll tell you what version you have. The latest update is 19.07 I believe.
  9. cass is great, also vulpes,perry,marcello and whoever else touches the code to make magic happen, Like I swear they have to have done some dark arts to make things work
  10. who is out here asking non questions?
  11. sorry for being late but I made a simple one for ya, if you want somthing fancier I'd probably want paid but consider this simple one free edit: fixed a little error
  12. if you want a exact number it's 2,826 which took 4 months mostly due to off and on drive and the tedium of messing with icons. The base party icons were ones I found online with slightly different colors than rejuvs and I made the outlines darker so black shinies could work better, then of course shinied them. I already had the egg icons done forever ago but made them better by using party icons to better match tone and there were a few shinies that have changed since ep18. TL;DR I like pain
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