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  1. If you are interested in debug mode you can enable it yourself it's super easy:
  2. Xead xhis, xry xo xake xense.
  3. And you are pretty right too, thank you I'll edit that message to not confuse people
  4. I don't know about El and Luna being based on real people, it definitely can be possible imo, I won't bother to find out though. In a new game, I've read every line of conversation, why? Because I didn't like the characters but I also find it stupid to judge anyone when you don't know about him. So I read everything, took notes to not forget and to connect lines and learnt about them, my mind changed on some. But I'm not crazy I swear, I just wanted to be fair when judging them. I really dislike injustice Also play Rejuvenation, the new version comes out soon. I even like the bad guys
  5. Gardevoir Hypnosis seems logical. But why do that when he's gonna snap out of it and turn against you, we need story on those two. Just check this out, I know that El got his sight back by holding the Emerald key. And I also know that Radomus had later stolen the keys and turned them into jewels. Radomus had given that specific jewel to his friend who turned the keys into jewels. And finally Luna was given the Emerald necklace by her father.
  6. I had made a character tier list for Reborn characters to see how much I like the cast and for my own entertainment. I had put 19 characters in the dislike are, which is exactly half the cast. Even though I don't have a reason to kill Julia, for example, I don't like her. In Rejuvenation I even like the bad guys. There is character development for them. And about Elias and Luna, she is his! He hired a woman to have her!
  7. Hey, about Radomus, are you refering to the fact that El was acting like he was brainwashed inside Radomus' gym? Because I can't recall him doing anything bad, give me some insight. And about Amaria, I just want to say that I like your idea, it sounds very interesting.
  8. Banned for living in a pizza
  9. Banned for not having banned yourself yet
  10. Greninja, Aerodactyl, Infernape, fast with very nice coverage and a few tricks. Luxray for those water-type tanks I hate with all my heart. Swampert, the only water-type tank I love and he has carried my greedy ass hyper aggro strategy. Mvp. Ditto as my last member and he had been working miracles in this game. From winning speed-ties vs Hawluchas who had setup out of control, helping me switch in the carries safely, beating down dark souls bosses. Mimikyu has replaced it and it has the same role of covering my team when it's weak, but without tossing a coin ev
  11. Hi! Since the game feels difficult and you wanna use your favourite pokemon, I have a few recommendations to make. One is to use the debug mode to change your pokemons ivs/evs, give them moves, make them stronger. And the second recommendation is to edit your game's bps files and buff the base stats, abilities, moves of the pokemon you like and use. Problems, solutions
  12. I think you 'll have much fun on this run, the idea alone sounds entertaining. Good luck man. I'm going too because it's getting late. And I had fun talking with you, thanks for the company
  13. So it's a quest in Agate City. You go inside a house -like anyone cares- and there is a woman on the left (I think a ranger) and a guy on the right. Talk to her and the quest is up. A guy named "The swordsman" has a post talking on this and I'm copy pasting the rewards: Electrium-Z, Galladite, Froakie, TM03 Psyshock, Groundium-Z, Mawilite and Kangaskhanite and a Poipole. Honestly, I would cheat the game at that point. But Froakie is probably for 300 entries which may be possible considering this game is huge.
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