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  1. Hatch an egg of the mon you need down on 7th street.
  2. Bunnelby, Diggersby's first stage, can be found to the left of Corey's gym during the day
  3. Ah well thanks for confirming at least I can get a comet shard out of it
  4. Its in front of Venam's gym during the day, less than 10% chance
  5. I've been trying to soft reset for a Moon stone from the Lunatone event mon in Amethyst Cave, but after a few hours have had no luck. Using Compoundeyes to increase item chance I've come across plenty of Stardust and a couple Comet Shards but no Moon stone. Am I resetting in vain or am I just incredibly unlucky?
  6. Huge Power Diggersby with solid atk and speed IVs sweeps Shade 6-0 with nature power. Its immune to both ghost and electrical attacks. Nature Power first turns on the lights with Discharge and then begins wrecking everything with Gear Grind, which on Factory Field (lights on) gets a 2x damage boost.
  7. With Kubfu in the game, how can I make sure I get one form of Urshifu over the other when all the PBS files say is a simple happiness evolution?
  8. Create and makuhita egg, and hatch it down on 7th street, the hatched makuhita will be accepted as if it were the original
  9. My favorite general strat for Titania is recycle seed spam since you can get +6 atk and the shield for protection. Combined with agility for extra speed its not hard to just sweep
  10. You get cut inside of the Lost Woods, from the house follow the 2nd set of directions from the book
  11. A couple of ice types to blizzard and freeze dry wrecks her team thoroughly
  12. Motor Drive Emolga can deflect Arceus' Judgements with Ion Deluge, once Judgement isnt a factor you can para and beat it
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