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  1. If you can dodge a wrench (all the suffering Reborn throws at you eps 1-18), you can dodge the kitchen sink. Can't wait for ep19 Ame! :)
  2. Darkhorse

    an apology

    Ferris wheel was always the postgame we needed
  3. I had my emolga use ion deluge to neutralize Arceus' Judgements and then dealt with it from there
  4. Currently in the midst of an Ice monotype run and was wondering if a metalmorph was available so I could get Glalie?
  5. No it is not too late to access the side area of the underground railnet. You need to go back to where you found the train car and then continue further down. Looking to your left will reveal a patch of wall you can rock smash to proceed behind the gate blocking your access.
  6. Slurpuff 6-0'd Kiki for me using Cotton Guard, Psych Up to copy Lucario's Calm Mind stacks and Draining Kiss
  7. Is it possible you did not interact with the box of supplies the man trapped by the solrock dropped when he ran?
  8. Did you interact with Titania's Diary?
  9. Any chance of adding the remastered Pokemon Godra to the list?
  10. If you need to talk to Simon, you can find him in the Glass Factory in one of the rooms
  11. Darkhorse

    Shiny Rate?

    Shiny rate has remained the same, can only wish you better luck going forward
  12. Wormadam wouldn't work out so well, since on her field both bug and steel moves (the steel moves doing normal type damage) would be based on physical attack rather than special. Alolan Dugtrio is probably your best bet besides the Alolan Sandslash. Klinklang should also not be overlooked as Shift Gear raises both Attack power and Speed which improves crit chance.
  13. Darkhorse

    Ghost Kiki

    What you need to do is interact with the gravestone in front of the building with the multiple flights of stairs. Doing this turns the ordinary rock in the crevice to a strength boulder you can push away
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