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  1. The Glitch Field makes normal type moves like Pyroar's Echoed Voice do physical damage instead of special. That means that Echoed Voice would be boosted by Adamant, and its damage would ramp up as its used and get increasing buffs from Moxie's atk boost-on-kill, Metronome's boost to moves used consecutively, and simply from the move itself as its used repeatedly. Her Pallosand, the only mon that would be capable to blocking this attack, is holding a seed which means its no longer ghost type. The only assistance Pyroar received from me was an Oricorio using Agility and Weakness Policy to Baton Pass +2/+2 in atk and speed.
  2. Are you sure the weather in the snapshot provided is windy, because when I set the weather to windy as shown here Murkrow shows up. The weather in your snapshot just looks clear
  3. Adamant Moxie Pyroar holding a Metronome, thats the answer to Terra
  4. I used to think Shelly was hard until I tried the method I described above. Manipulation of the A.I. (specifically her Illumise) turns her double battle into a single battle between the mon beside Illumise and your 2nd mon. Using Sunny Day also changes the field to rainbow denying her Anorith both the attack buff from telluric seed and speed buff from swift swim.
  5. Setting up burning field is a solid strategy but a combo of Cherrim and Jumpluff works even better. Cherrim's sunny day locks Shelly's A.I. into consistently using rain dance on Illumise while Jumpluff gets the atk boost from flower gift while sun is up to sweep with acro. Just need to spam 2 moves.
  6. Muddy water only picks up electricity when the field becomes short-circuit (lights are off) and your issue is with the fact the field begins as factory (lights on). If you want to utilize that, I suggest using Noibat as bait to trigger the A.I. into using discharge as you swap into Graveler. This should shut the lights off and cause him to use earth power, however, so your graveler needs to be faster than Muk to get the supereffective hit. If you haven't already, there is a man in North Obsidia who sells you a link stone and that would allow you to evolve Graveler into Golem, powering it up substantially.
  7. nature power becomes gear grind if the lights are on, and because gear grind is a 2-hit steel-type move it will eat through mimikyu.
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