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  1. No I didn’t get the egg and he isn’t at the club nor the grand hall. Guess i have to use the debug mode. And do i have to uninstall this one and reinstall another or i just need to download another one?
  2. So i bought all the pokemon in 7th street before the devon corp event and even now when i beat titania I couldn’t find Arclight why? I really want a mega evoultion in my team.
  3. Ok thanks. The reason that keep me from doing is that my team is under level as hell like all of them are lv. 74- 75 by the time i reach her gym ( Mostly because i beat Adrienn with an even lower level team lol ). But thanks nonetheless
  4. I have noticed that since Titania start the battle with hail A. Sandslash should i counter her by using a sandstorm team ? And if so which mons are the dream team member for this ? Mons I currently have that could fit the team: Sandslash, Excadrill, Krookodile, Quagsire, Gastrodon, Semitoad, Hippowdon, Toterra, Swampert, Whishcash, Golem, Golurk, Ryhperior and Garchomp ( Traded, not mine lol)
  5. Oops sorry for not replying it has been a busy week for me so I couldn’t check your reply. Oh yeah btw i replaced delphox with torterra and slap flamethrower on noivern and manage to take at least two mons with it every time! I just beat ciel and now I actually on my way to collect all the starters for funsies. Thanks BTW
  6. Yeah it just that her hippodon go in later so my hail is replace by sandstorm so i have to switch out and in again just to activate hail and which point would probably die since all of his team has moves that is good against ice and fairy. Also the A. Sandslash has minus speed and plus SpAtk nature and I don’t feel like finding and grinding up another one. At this point i feel like noivern would probably do the job better tbh. Thanks BTW
  7. No my ninetales has a neutral nature and yes the garchomp out speed it. But i think now i just need speed ivs for my ninetales. Do you know which mons in the area give speed ivs ?
  8. The scizor was not a problem it was his Garchomp which out speed all of my mons and one shot all of them during the process. Also the new world orderly guy was also annoying as all hell like i just cannot break through him. Thanks BTW
  9. Well i only used the ones mentioned above since all the other mons in the PC were under level. Btw thanks
  10. So i beat fern and blake with ease but still struggling with solaris here’s my team: -Delpfox Lv.72 : Twisted Spoon Speed lowering/ SpDef up Nature: Blaze Flamethrower Psychic Fire Pledge Psyshock -Alolan Ninetales Lv.74 : Icy Rock neutral nature : Snow Warnings Blizzard Dazzling Gleam Aurora Veil Ice Beam - Scraffty Lv.75 : Black Belt SpAtk lowering/ SpDef up Nature: Shed Skin Payback Brick break Feint Attack Dragon Dance -Magnectric Lv.73 : Quick Claw Neutral nature : Lightning Rod Discharge
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