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  1. We've kept you waiting foR quite some timE, haven't we? Don't worry, wE just finished the Many preParations. I know you've seen all the Trailers, you know what this Is about. WelcOme back, challengers. Stay tuNed.
  2. Hey happy birthday Baz 😄, i hope you will have a wonderful day ❤️🎂

  3. Happy Birthday Baz!!! 😄, i hope that you're having a fantastic day 🤗🎉

  4. I don't see any mention about Species Clause or Trading, so until then... Silvally Silvally Silvally Silvally Silvally Silvally Let's go. I might not even be available we'll see
  5. Happy Birthday Bazaro 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  6. [11:16 AM] King MUrdoc-12: @here
  7. This song needs more views. Please fill Status Bar so we can spread this song's glory.



  8. N E A T O . I'll write what I can now, will edit in more tonight when I'm off phone General Info: Known as: Bazaro, Baz for short Age: 20 years old Gender: Male Birthday: May 31, 1997 Location: MURIKA (Ohio) Height: 6' 0" Hair Color: Dirty blonde Eye Color: Blue Lives with: Dad, stepmom, younger brother Pets: One super old black-lab-border-collie named Sally Relationship status: Forever alone Favourite Food: Burgers tacos and sghetti. How can I choose just one? Favourite Drink: lemonades and sweet teas Favourite Color: Orange Favourite kind of Music: Pretty much anything, mostly
  9. Looks nice. Legacies are weird. The frontmost arm is a little wonky from the elbow up, maybe just check the outline and straighten up the top border a little? As for flames, they're typically wide and wavy, with wispy "arms" instead of one single bulb.
  10. Bazaro out 👋

    1. Ojama Yellow
    2. Hycrox


      Enjoy yourself as much as you can buddy

    3. Bazaro


      Going on an Army "camping trip" for the next ~3 weeks

  11. Freeze Dry alone hits 392 different Pokemon Super Effectively, not counting Mega Evolutions or Arceus/Silvally. Add in Electric, Fighting, Ground coverage, and you hit 728 Pokemon Super Effective, the only thing resisting you being Shedinja. Mathmatical.

    1. Bazaro
    2. Hycrox


      This is the best thing I've seen all month, and I've seen Stefan Karl's covfefe.

    3. Hycrox


      This is the best thing I've seen all month, and I've seen Stefan Karl's covfefe.

  12. Happy Birthday :D, i hope you will have a great day ^^ 

    1. Bazaro


      Thanks I will~

    2. Paul25


      Happy Birthday!

      May God bless you. :D 

    3. LykosHand


      Perfect and you're welcome ^^

  13. Did you know Burmy gets Quiver Dance when it evolves? Fun, right?

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    2. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      wormadam really appreciates the buff with its 36 speed

    3. DemICE


      now i know what moth i will train at my next run

    4. Bazaro


      Assuming it doesn't get axed =w=;

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