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  1. Yo it's Baz's showti- i mean today is your birthday!! I really hope you will have a wonderful day 🤗🎂

  2. After talking to Lin here, if you stand where she was and interact, you can repeat her message.
  3. Just reminiscing, blowing off a few cobwebs...


    Change is inevitable, but to see your first "home" become something so...


    ... there are so many words to describe it, but none can truly convey.


    It hurts.

  4. We prepared a survey for those who have played the game! We appreciate the feedback https://forms.gle/jB6MpSjVN9kLLXj76
  5. We have arrived at our destination. The local time is fluctuating. Please see the download link below to finish the arrivals process. We hope you enjoyed your flight, and thank you for flying Redemption Airlines. ... The enigmatic Crescit Region has been ruled by the Royal Family for generations, but all things change in time. An established parliament has slowly taken over the Royal duties, and cries for reform rise from this discontent. Change does not come easily, whether it be peaceful... or otherwise. What will become of the Region in this trying time? ~ Features ~ ~ Screenshots ~ ~ Credits ~ ~ Download ~ ~ Discord ~
  6. Heyy happy birthday Baz!! I hope you'll have a wonderful day 🤗🎂

  7. We've kept you waiting foR quite some timE, haven't we? Don't worry, wE just finished the Many preParations. I know you've seen all the Trailers, you know what this Is about. WelcOme back, challengers. Stay tuNed.
  8. Hey happy birthday Baz 😄, i hope you will have a wonderful day ❤️🎂

  9. It's been too long. The Pokemon Redemption Team has been working hard in our absence to bring you a new adventure. For those of you that are new, the Redemption League ran for 3 seasons on the old Pokemon Showdown server, and it ended about 3 years ago. The League was an homage to the original Pokemon Reborn League, and was one of the many leagues that the server held over its run (check out Prasiolite's archive thread of the old leagues) The long-anticipated Season 4 is finally on its way. Kinda. ... Welcome to the Crescit Region, a region with a long history of rising and falling kingdoms, clashing titans, and of course Pokemon. Nothing ever happens in the small seaside village of Tannic Town, so what makes today any different? Well like it or not, today is the start of your adventure. And it's a beautiful day outside. Features: Screenshots: Expected release: April 2nd 3020
  10. Why are you believing them aaaaa Also AL I'm only saying this now because I've been really busy over the holidays and just now got time And now I get here and drop crucial information and... Bye, lol.
  11. If Fali's obsessive posts against me aren't signs of his guilt idk what are. It's obvious that Nick is agreeing with him casually to throw his outburst under the rug to cover for him as well. This is what happens when you townies blindly trust NickCrash.
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