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  1. Thanks for the feedback! Looks like all the PBS editing will have to be redone since the EP19 scripts seem to be in a different format than former PBS scripts. It'll take a bit longer to release the mod than expected. Not a big deal though.
  2. Hello, Reborn! Long time no see. When EP19 comes out I will release a mod that re-balances every Pokemon, move and ability in the game. While the changes I've made here are made to be enjoyable by everyone, the primary intent is to provide a better and more interesting Nuzlocke experience. The PBS editing is already complete, and the files are included below. Note that not everything is functional as of yet, and almost all abilities + some moves still work as they do in the vanilla game, because the scripts have to be edited in the e19 script itself (when it comes out) to work, which is more complicated than simply replacing the PBS files. This is still a work in progress and subject to many changes. Please give your thoughts and suggestions! The goals are as follows: 1) Slightly improve weak Pokemon and weaken some stronger ones. Pokemon are NOT created equal, but each is worth considering for the point at the game it is obtainable. 2) Buff weak abilities and nerf strong abilities to make nearly every ability worth considering. 3) Buff underused and niche moves to add more versatility in viable move pools. This is primarily done by buffing signature moves and turning useless status moves into damaging moves with their usual effects as side effects. 3b: Add some important egg moves to the mons' standard move learn pool. 4) Nerf cheese tactics and a few types of annoying randomness. 5) Add more sources of conditional damage reduction, accuracy boosting, and critical hit avoidance. 6) Slightly buff early-game moves to provide a crutch for the first few chapters. 7) Bring the starter choices closer together in terms of power, especially early-game. 8) Add a bunch of unused type combinations to the game, and ensure that mons with the same type fulfill different functions. 9) Replace freezing with Frostbite, which no longer blocks actions but instead functions like Burn, dealing damage over time and lowering Special Attack. 10) Multipliers from stat stage buffs are lowered and have heavy diminishing returns, making set-up moves much less effective than they used to be. For instance, you now need all six of your Atk stat stage increases to match a single Swords Dance in the old system. 11) Stat decreases have been lowered in effect as well. Six stages of stat reduction are as effective as four in the old system. 12) Make some Quality of Life changes that speed up the game and reduce the need for grinding. FULL CHANGELOG Quick reference for Pokemon type changes: Ability Changes (In-game tooltips now include numbers wherever possible: DMG is Damage bonus, DR is Damage Reduction.) Moves Changes: Other move changes: Full List of Changes to Pokemon -Mega forms are not affected by stat changes (I hope) -Mons that get new types will also learn some new TM + tutor moves of that type. -If a move is replaced, it is almost always available through either the Move Relearner or as an Egg Move. Item Changes You will receive an EXP.Share along with your Pokedex. The following items cost $100 and are available at most shops to reduce time spent grinding: Common Candy, Rare Candy, HPUP, Protein, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Carbos. Other changes Slightly recolors some type icons for better consistency and aesthetics. New Old In-game look Old New abilities.txt moves.txt pokemon.txt
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  4. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  5. I used a somewhat similar strategy with Calm Mind Reuniclus in the past, so I'll give some tips from that experience. -You'll probably want to try replacing Leftovers with a Kee Berry. Swapping in to a weak physical move will do minimal damage, trigger the berry's Defense boost as well as remove the 50% Knock Off damage bonus (by not holding an item). --This means that mons that lure out those kinds of attacks that Chimecho can easily resist and trigger the Kee Berry make for good allies. Note that Sheer Force attacks will not activate the Kee Berry. -Trick+Choice item users are a great way to give Chimecho opportunity to set up. Rotom-Wash could fill that role as well as it doing decently against Scizor. -If Dark types/Knock Off continue to be a problem, you could create a lure and equip it with a fighting-type Z move to take out a Dark type by surprise. -A Pursuit user is useful against Ghost types and Psychic types that resist Stored Power. Though opponent Sableye will still be an issue. --Aurora Veil plus the Kee Berry might actually be enough of a defense boost to not need Cosmic Power. In that case, a Calm Mind/Recover/Stored Power/Dazzling Gleam set might be useful, though it might have fewer uses outside of specifically countering Mega Sableye.
  6. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

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      Happy birthday ! 🙂 

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      No problem 🙂 and you're welcome 😄 

  7. For images 96x96 in size, a Resize to 192x192 will do the trick, in the way the above poster mentioned. For the two sprites to the right, you'll have to adjust the canvas size first, rather than the sprite size. In Paint, that means going to the File menu -> Image Properties, then changing the Width and Height variables to 96x96. And then you can apply the above resize method to those ones as well to make them 192x192.
  8. <3 And thank all of you for still caring in 2018 yes das me Thanks, everyone. I still feel kinda weird about just bringing this out in 2018, because with how relatively little work it took to get the work on EP2 going and out there (only like a week or so) I could very well just have done and released this in 2016 had I realized. And then maybe the project wouldn't have ended like it did.
  9. Short answer: Not much since 2016. Longer answer: I took it upon myself to work on the Se7en Episode 2 beta files in an effort to gather the pieces of, polish and put out there what we left behind of Se7en in 2016. Just to clarify: Se7en will not continue development. This is purely to close the project off, in a sense, and to give you all what you've been missing out on. So yeah, barring some unforeseen event, this is the definite end of Pokémon Se7en. The version provided here is a Debug version which allows you to view all of the game's files, edit and mess around with all of the mons that are normally unobtainable in the game. Though I recommend playing through it normally first, the Debug tool really allows you to explore all of the content (Pokemon, some Gym Battles, etcetera) that would have made it into future episodes and gives you a lot of creativity in designing your own team. I hope all of you can make the most of it. I recommend starting over from scratch and playing Episode 1 again. Not much has changed about the old content, but it's well worth revisiting (I hope) to re-experience all of the content because it was literally more than 2 years ago that that episode was first made public. Download links Game (debug build) http://www.mediafire.com/file/f4ns9s55atd3651/Pokemon_Se7en_E2_(DEBUG).rar Pokedex http://www.mediafire.com/file/cjaowey1jfodyhh/Pokédex+IN-GAME+ONLY.xlsx Size Comparison (incomplete, just for fun) http://www.mediafire.com/file/ye5w9rexkbele42/Size comparison.pptx Known issues Credits Please enjoy!
  10. Apparently there exists a Pokemon theatrical musical based on the anime.  Weird stuff, but kinda cool all the same.


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  11. yo forgot it was your birthday yesterday man. happy belated birthday, it's been a while, hope you've been keeping well. cheers.

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