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  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that, didn't know you weren't planning to - I do appreciate it though, it looks quite awesome tbh! You know, I tried my hand at messing with Zekrom a while back and I get you pain 100%. - It has so many different tones of gray and black with like one lumen difference between them it's absolutely stupid - I really like it tho!
  2. Hello - Sorry, but I'd rather be honest than let you get your hopes up, I will not - They're not gonna be of any use to me personally as I don't care for them if they're temporary. And it's not like they share the same color scheme with their final form most of the time - I'd have to mix and match colors a lot, also there's too many of them to begin with. But if you'd like one or two fully evolved forms in particular you can leave a suggestion - I'm just doing them for fun and 'cause I enjoy personalizing things. :)
  3. Absolutely amazing! Looking forward to Primarina and Decidueye a lot.
  4. Thank you! I love autumn colors a lot honestly. Here's a couple more I forgot to upload :) Edit - Not taking credit for the axe-tail, found it on another sprite and I had to use it too.
  5. Both of them have really great design - guess it just comes down to the whole truth versus ideals lore they have. :)
  6. Sounds like a great idea, looking forward to Zekrom - definitely my favorite between the two of them.
  7. Of course, I made this thread to share them with the community. :) I'll be posting more if people are into it.
  8. Fixed the white spots in the sprites - and found a couple more I forgot about. Cheers!
  9. Thank you - I like subtler colors way more honestly. Sadly, just noticed how quite a few of them are a bit messed up - used a tool to make the white around them all transparent without realizing they got white in the actual sprite. I'll have to fix them sooner or later.
  10. Custom sprites I recolored for the shinnies that weren't quite entirely fitting my tastes - Free to use if anyone wants to, of course!
  11. These are all absolutely top tier - looking forward to seeing more of your work! :)
  12. Hello! - Hope I'm not too late to the party. So, I'm a returning player after a very long time and unfortunately I do not have my original save anymore, and I certainly don't have the patience or time to start from scratch - my question is.. Can I safely use this mod to breeze through part of the game then uninstall it once I caught up and have the original difficulty restored for the rest of it? :) EDIT: And if so, how can I properly uninstall it?
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