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  1. Yes, you can active it with a password, if you have an old save go to speak with an NPC in Calcenon Pokemon Center
  2. Bestemmie are pretty widespread, and it's funny because italy is strongly catholic country. Also bestemmiare is theoretically punishable by a fine, but this law is rarely applied, and also we have an entire region dedicated to this, and is the one with Venice Venezia This one is clever and interesting. I was refering to things like Lion Lamb (Leone Abbacchio), Black Risotto, Fugo Pannacotta, Day Joan (Giorno Giovanna, i know this one is a nickname, but still strange), Solid Nose (Solido Naso, also this one a fake name), etc
  3. In italy we use bestemmie as a swearing. They consist in combining the name of God(Dio, you get now why jojo's villain) or the Holy Mary(Madonna, etymologically literally my lady, but now only used for refer to the Mother of Christ) or any other holy figure with an insult, like porco(pig), puttana(b*tch, only for Mary), cane(dog), etc. Often italian people use them to be recognized Also i found most of part 5 names(or surnames) hilarious, same for Dio Brando
  4. Sul serio pensavi che fossero tutti "english speakers"? Se c'è una cosa che amo dei forum di lingua inglese è che tutti parlano la stessa lingua anche se di paesi totalmente diversi. Comunque se c'è un altro italiano oltre a me, si faccia sentire, preferibilmente senza nominare cattivi di JoJo e popstar americane anni 80. Also now i know what i will do tomorrow and that i will suffer a lot during Easter and Easter Monday, but i already knew that.
  5. I hope so, i love doubles so much
  6. This is the base team i will run, not the specific one for the elite 4. I run heat wave mainly because it can change some field (example Flower Garden in absence of rain) and double
  7. EVeryone has max IVs, obtained or via breeding or using the EV Overflow mod Main team: SchanaWana (Volcarona) 252 SpeA 252 Speed Nature: Timid Item: Life Orb Ability: Flame Body Bug Buzz Heat Wave Giga Drain Quiver Dance Sharknado (Garchomp shiny) 252 Atk 252 Speed Nature: Jolly Item: ? Ability: Rough Skin Earthquake Outrage Iron Head/Rock Slide Sword Dance/Stealth Rock Khione (Alolan Ninetales shiny) 252 SpeA 252 Speed Nature: Timid Item: Light Clay Ability: Snow Warning Aurora Veil Bilzzard Moon Blast/Dazzling Gleam Mist PepTheFrog (Greninja) 252 SpeA 252 Speed Nature: Timid Item: Life Orb(?) Ability: Protean Scald/Surf Dark Pulse Ice Beam Toxic/Toxic Spike EniGasLuce (Alolan Raichu) 252 SpeA 252 Speed Nature: Modest Item: Aloraichum Z Thunderbolt Shadow Ball/Surf if they add gen8 movesets Psychic/Psychoshock Nasty Plot Metallica (Mega Metagross shiny) 252 Atk 252 Speed Nature: Jolly Item: Metagrossite Meteor Mash Bullet Punch Zen Headbutt Earthquake (?) Reserves Maggica (Lucanrock Dawn form) Astolfo (Gardevoir shiny) Puffo (Vanilluxe shiny) Porcoskifo (Typhlosion shiny) Serperior (i don't decide a nickname yet) Anubis (Lucario shiny) Aether (Aerodactyl) Trick Room Plinius (Camerupt shiny) Zidane (Rampardos) TronoDelMuor(i) (Dusknoir) Mr. Krab (Clawitzer) Elektra (Vikavolt) PALMAAAH!! (Alolan Exeggutor) SUGOMA (Amoonguss shiny) Nuclearzilla (Mega Aggron) Sb****a(Alolan Muk) For now all of them are lv 1, excluding the one where i used the EV Overflow mod
  8. Everyone asks "WHO is Ace?" and "WHY is Ace?", but nobody asks "HOW is Ace?"
  9. I was going to wondertrade some scraps from my IV breedings (in this moment ralts and cyndaquills with mosyly of their IVs maxed) but as soon as i entered to the online i got this message:
  10. Me too, but with Zekrom on my main and Reshiram on the new save
  11. SWM modular modpack contain a mod for transfer Pokemons from a save to antoher. You just have to wait until it will be updated to E19
  12. You can wait that Wainolt updates the SWM SharedBox mod so that you can replay the game with your Gastly
  13. The first time i played Reborn was June 2021. I discovered it from a "what i expected, what i got" meme about Fern. Intrigued, i immediately searched what Reborn was, and i decided to play it after Xenoverse. And pass from something like Xenoverse to THIS was like being hitted by truck and being isekaied in a world were you are a god, os what i needed. Also, at the start i thought the game was complete, so when i beat Hardy i was like Padme in that meme: Game: You finished E18! Me: This is joke, right?! I see how i can't actual contuine the story and go to assault Labradorra. Me: Right? And now i'm here, thanks guy who made that meme! ps: i hope you guys have made the 1R253 Scrapyard "puzzle" less tedious and "long"
  14. Guys, i want to remind you that tomorrow is the 1st April. This can only means one thing: Labradorra Tournament of b00ty budew or a fake release date.
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