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Found 6 results

  1. So when Lin battles you in Titania's gym, she uses an Alolan Ninetales--leading one to believe she took Ame's for herself. Later, she uses a Gardevoir to suck Samson into the void. This, of course, is leading to speculation that she somehow broke Gossip Gardevoir's will and is controlling her now. That would make Lin terrifyingly powerful, since Gardevoir was so intensely loyal to Radomus that she had sacrificed herself for him just ten minutes earlier. But wait...haven't we seen Gossip Gardevoir being disloyal once before? Oh right, that was a Ditto. So what if Lin's Gardevoir is also a Ditto? And the same with her Ninetales? What if she's just screwing with you to make herself seem more powerful than she really is?
  2. Greetings fellow trainers. While we patiently wait for any kind of updates, it's best to keep ourselves occupied. And one way to do that is by theory crafting! For example, after getting over the shock of what Lin did to Ame's in-game counterpart, I realized that she killed the champion. But we're not here to talk about her. Not today at the very least. With her gone, we never really learn what type of trainer Ame was. Far as I know, she was known to use two pokemon. Absol, a dark type, and Alolan Ninetails. Fairy and Ice Dual type. I know the battle will work out somehow, but I can't help but wonder what kind of challenge she would have to offer. Then my mind goes to a certain event Reborn and Rejuvenation use. You know, where you basically fight an illusion of a trainer before encountering the pokemon. This happened with the Fighting type gym leader, Kiki in Reborn and the MC's "Mother" in Rejuvenation. I mean, it's been done twice, exactly what's stopping a hat trick from happening? So, I have a favor to ask of you all. If anyone wants to, I'd like you to theorize down below exactly what team Ame would use. If possible, maybe some field advantages she would utilize. This will be useful information for a project that I'm knocking around ATM. Tysm in advance!
  3. So what if Nim is Nymiera? They have the same hairstyle, the same wacky personality (and maybe their serious personality is the same)... Nymeria gone mad after fighting Vitus/ Indrad/ (Insert man who like god so mych he go evil and stuff here) and start go turning peps to stone while "Storm 9 (or smt)" happen, making the governments think it's a rampaging pokemon and launch the bomb at it... just my dumbass theory
  4. Alright I have another theory for y'all. I looked back at the story Nymeria told us about how Arceus was once part of a bigger entity, got split by a meteor, and how a man and a woman went to war against each other. I think that the man was Vitus/Indriad/Sirius/(Angie possibly?) and the woman was Nymeria. I think this because the sprites were blacked out but looked very similar and she spoke as if she was there. I'd like to know if you guys have any theories about this or other parts of the legend.
  5. So I decided to go back to the Hidden Library and I read the Dual Prophecies with the Garufan book. I read the Prophecy of Light and after thinking back to the scene where Melia, Erin, Alice, and Allen suddenly turned into the Archetype, I started wondering if it's possible that the Four Lights not created by man are in fact these guys. It seems to make sense a little more if you do all the side quests. What do you guys think?
  6. Welcome to the OOC/ Sign-up thread for the RP "Surge Story" About the Inspiration for this RP: Now, before we go any further, allow me to make one thing very clear: This ain't pokemon, soldiers. Pokemon is a fantasy, Surge Story is a Science Fiction set in the 2060s and onward. Pokemon... is prettied up, tailored for the likings of young children, Surge Story is most DEFIANTLY not. Things in Surge Story are not sugar coated, they are not prettied up or censored, but instead raw and real, uncut and sometimes even surprisingly harsh at times. This... my friends, is NOT Pokemon anymore. Oh no, what we have here, lying before us, is instead Pokemon Reimagined, revisualized, taken from the realms of the fantastical to those of logic and hard reason. It is pokemon as it might be, if it were to ever exist in our world. But Surge Story is also a tale of war, the story of an American Military Officer, and the Squadron who served under him during the war to end all foreseeable wars... the war that would make America and it's allies the most powerful nations on the earth... the war that would decide who would go on to rule the global stage. The story of NATO, and it's final, heated battle... and it is also the story of the strange, mutated organisms who fought alongside these soldiers and their commanding officer, just as much as it is about them. The stage is set, the clock ticking, tensions rising... Kommaru Rising. The world's a powder keg... and the fuse is lit. That, Soldiers... is what this is. WE aren't pokemon anymore. we may share things in common, most notably the existence of strange creatures capable of far more destruction than any other weapon known to man. But we are done. There will be some events in this world, that of Surge and his men, far in the future that will hold some basic semblance to those described in Pokemon's games... but they will be heavily edited, altered, rationalized. they will be made real. You will find no 10 year old children running around taking on mobsters(Rocket) here, or Animal Rights terrorists (Plasma), or Eco Terrorists(Magma/Aqua)... oh no, such ridiculousness will not stand in this world. Things will be revised, reexamined, and won't be accepted until they actually make sense. The boy known as Red will not be a child, but instead perhaps a JDF agent under code name... and perhaps the boy known as "Black" will not be a teenager, but instead a young HS agent... who knows? All that matters is that this is our story now. not Gamefreak's, But our's, soldiers, and Our's alone. we will mold events as we shall see fit. And perhaps when we're finally done, we'll have something... worth being proud of. We are not bound by Gamefreak's mechanics here unless we agree that they make sense. otherwise, we shall use our own Prologue: A timeline of Events leading up to the story's beginning: Timeline of Story Events after the Exposition: The Rules on this RP: Signup template Major Personnel Files Matthew D. Surge ******************* Current Player Characters Current Number of Active Players: 6 (Active players will be denoted by Burgundy font color, ones that have dropped out our disappeared without a trace will be represented by teal color font.) Enyo Greyjoy Lionel Carter- PC of Bibarel Clint Cannon- PC of Supernovae Lars Kaiser- PC of Flux Nathan Grey- PC of King Murdoc Jory Robertson- PC of Jory Sid Maelstrom- PC of Typhlosionrulez Logan Walker- PC of Chimchain Kenneth Holmes- PC of K_H ******************* About legendaries Trophy Room~ Slain Legendaries Musical Sound Tracks Themes for the RP: Pokemon Battles: In the Field: The Art of Conflict Resolution Squadrons Countries Here are the Actual RP threads: Arc 1: Training Chapter 1: Cadets Chapter 2: GAOWS Arc 2: "The Threat of Hostility" Chapter 3: Game Of War: A feud of Lightning and Earth Unfortunately, New sign-ups are no longer being accepted. So sorry about that. But perhaps a slot will open in the future? Current Level Cap for wild encounters: Level 25 Current date in the RP: June 21, 2062
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