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  1. There's a tent in gearen that changes difficulty for shards. If you past grand dream city theres another tent that pops up by the train tracks outside grand dream somewhere to the left
  2. I thought this was Monster Rancher
  3. With Chikorita I can literally not be beaten. Thank you Tuxedo mask. I'll never forget this.
  4. Storm drain on lileep, lightning rod on rhyhorn with protector on if you'd be so kind. Own tempo on rockruff. Wish archen had other abilities but alas nope. IV's you can randomize along with natures bar Larvitar who i ask adamant for and yes please start everyone at lvl 5. Thank you! Game.rxdata
  5. Not sure if Rejuv does this like reborn but I wanted to do a hardcore Rock only run in rejuv. Wondering if anyone can set me up with the following mons if I give a save file. Rockruff-dusk form, Larvitar, Solrock, Lileep, Rhyhorn and Archen. I'm doing hardcore mode if that matters so I'm sure valerie and captain bladestar will give me timeouts but I'll make do. Thanks if so, if not... stay hydrated.
  6. I understand the frustration of not being able to get a project out when you really can't wait to see anything but its completion but with all the work you and the team have done over the years and the finish line being so clearly in sight, safe to say you are all good. Love the wall paper and all the work that's been done. Keep up the good work.... and at a pace that wont wear you all down.
  7. Thank you, this helped me get out of my head a little. It's just hard for me to write smaller contained stories so I get a little frazzled whenever I have to.
  8. So I've been writing for television for a while now and I'm really good at that because I know how to slowly build a story but making a contained self-story gets tough and one that can be told in less than 3 hours literally has my brain smoking. Anyone with ideas on how to condense major ideas I'd love to hear opinions. Story is basically Fireforce meets Star wars,
  9. I'm by no means a coder or anything but, wouldn't it be easier to just make the partner controllable this way there are no variables in a fight? Or would this be very difficult?
  10. I've run into this before. It's a weird bug. Each time you train a mon sometimes a new mon wont gain anymore EVs. How I fixed it was by having an older version of the game handy. I switched to the recent version and EV trained my mons there and then switched back when I was done. It randomly happens and I probably should of posted in the bug section but here we are. Hope this helps.
  11. this was nice and wholesome and I'm glad you enjoyed your first run in the game
  12. I've actually battled with this idea while replaying Rejuv and Reborn. I like Rejuv because its an adventure where you are not the main character but instead the main character's weapon. It allows you to join the ride and enjoy the story and it makes your reactionary role a bit better since you're part of a team with a defined leader. I enjoy Melia's character and feel she does grow and evolve with the story from bratty and impulsive to a lot more composed albeit with her breaks due to stress. The main character problem in Reborn is different because there you're a nigh unstoppable god who can cannonically never lose a fight. I don't think this hurt's reborn THAT much but it definitely poses a problem of never really worrying too much about your self-insert's decisions. As far as Melia is concerned she isn't a Mary Sue because she isn't all good or all powerful. She has her nasty moments and breaking points and there are several characters like Karen, Spacea, Tiempa, Crescent and Madame X who have all displayed greater strength feats than she has at this time. I honestly really like her character but yeah it is lacking in some heavy moments. Mainly the time she spent in the past which could have just been you taking control of her until she formulates the plan to return to the present. Also Erin being her sister did seem a little forced and out of nowhere and has some holes there. If they wanted to give Melia a sibling just bring back Zetta who actually had some urgency to have/find a family.
  13. Looking to do a ghost monorun. Hoping I could get two mons Ghastly with thunderbolt and sludge wave and Mimikyu with drain punch. Don't care about ivs and nature. Please and thank you. Game.rxdata
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