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  1. This is the file with the error. Game.rxdata
  2. Ran into an error that keeps occuring no matter how many times I try. first fight with zel and the game just crashes and shows this error. I tried returning to hq to fix it but no luck. Side note I am using sandbox. * had to attach game file in separate post because the two files exceeded 2mb. Not double posting intentionally.
  3. wait wait wait wait wait. So its like Fire Emblem but with more skill...
  4. So I have no idea if this is plausible at all to build into the game but a Ditto Crest. Ditto Crest: Ability change to True Imposter True Imposter- Can change into any of the pokemon either trainer has upon switch in. (only if pokemon has been seen) I.e: If your opponent used Tyranitar but subbed it out or it fainted when switching ditto out you can choose its form to be Tyranitar or one of your other 5 pokemon. If no opponent pokemon have been seen in the battle then it can only change into one of your pokemon. I understand this is a potentially game breaking abilit
  5. There's no need for regrets for what's been done... its already been done and regret wont help. Keep doing ya thing, take one step at a time and be proud you've come this far. The game will reach its completion.
  6. I understand the frustration of not being able to get a project out when you really can't wait to see anything but its completion but with all the work you and the team have done over the years and the finish line being so clearly in sight, safe to say you are all good. Love the wall paper and all the work that's been done. Keep up the good work.... and at a pace that wont wear you all down.
  7. Thank you, this helped me get out of my head a little. It's just hard for me to write smaller contained stories so I get a little frazzled whenever I have to.
  8. So I've been writing for television for a while now and I'm really good at that because I know how to slowly build a story but making a contained self-story gets tough and one that can be told in less than 3 hours literally has my brain smoking. Anyone with ideas on how to condense major ideas I'd love to hear opinions. Story is basically Fireforce meets Star wars,
  9. I'm by no means a coder or anything but, wouldn't it be easier to just make the partner controllable this way there are no variables in a fight? Or would this be very difficult?
  10. So.... been a while since I wrote in the forums and even longer since I hit the creative works section since my little Reborn fan fic. (sorry to the eight fans I've kept waiting.) But I've come today while writing another project entirely. A crime drama following two young men on opposite sides of the law whose paths will inevitably cross in the worst way. However the character in question that I'd like opinions on is the ever present Officer K. A snide, clever and cynical corrupt cop that works for a joint crime organization combining an Italian mob family and a Mexican Cartel. His family was
  11. I know spiritomb isn't legendary but I think its a one of a kind in games so kinda but the rest I totally blacked out on. You right
  12. wait wait wait... I'm keen to guess. Filter being a good ability means his whopping three weaknesses would be targetted. Simple enough. Attack with a solid physical move since his defense is trash. But being the poke is built around defense and stall make it so he casts a barrier or something on transform. Have the game stall the player out. Have someone like Sirius that can tank hits until you are down to the last mon to make it so if it has pressure it force stalls you to struggle. Probably immune to destiny bond because Reborn. Orrrrr two healing moves and a healing item plus
  13. I guess its hard to narrow down when to focus on character vs story and usually helps to have additional eyes. My usual focus on character means the story isn't always as fleshed out and that hurts my writing a bit. I'm trying to write with fewer characters than I used to in order to have a better balance and I think its helping me focus on whats important when there isn't too many characters involved.
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