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Found 24 results

  1. I play rejuvenation on a Mac. Whenever I start a battle the whole screen just turns black and I can't do anything except quit the program and start from my last save. This only happens when my game is on fast-mode with the R key. If required I send a video.
  2. I had this bug where in the place where you get your starter, the mart there, I wanted to buy some potions but when I did the like the text wouldn't appear. It was just blank, I could still buy the potion. I just wanted to know if there were ways to fix bugs like this? Bugs in general.
  3. Hello, so well, you can see the gladion have the dragon memory and have the type ???, this happen after i give the flying memory in the So, after see the ???, i think is a feature, but after i put him in the PC he still have the ??? thanks if you help me, sorry for my bad english, i use the google tradutor
  4. I am making a post here because I encounter a game-breaking bug and cannot find similar reports on the forum. I have downloaded the game (version 18.4.1, "fruit edition") on Mac (latest version, Big Sur 11.5), and I can launch the game without problem. However, after I initialize my character and view control, my computer freezes at the introduction scene when the train is riding through a desert (see spoiler below). The soundtrack is playing, and I can move my cursor, but otherwise the computer does not react to either mouse click or keyboard, so I am forced to restart with the power button. I have moved the game to the application folder. I have attempted installation using both the MEGA and Google Drive portals. I am running no other apps other than Safari and activity monitor. Also, in case this is relevant, I can play Rejuvenation just fine on my MacBook. Any assistance will be much appreciated. UPDATE: I have attempted a workaround by playing the game on a Windows computer until I can control my character at the train station and moving the save to my MacBook. However, the game remains laggy and freezes my computer after I move around 20 steps.
  5. I encountered and then lost to Rift Chandelure, but instead of just going back to the place where my team last healed, my game was stuck with the image of Rift Chandelure above. I could move around, but I couldn't see anything. I warped to another area with Debug mode, but it's still there. Can anyone help? Game_2.rxdata
  6. Hey all, I was going through reborn for a second time and I got to the part of the game where you fight El. My game started lagging (which is fairly normal, usually just have to restart and we're all good). However, I kept holding off on restarting. I beat El and moved on to the next part and the dialogue started going. The game slowed to a snail's pace and eventually froze mid-dialogue. The game displayed the message it shows when the game needs to close and restart (the game is taking too long to respond, the game will restart). After this message, the game saves and closes. The issue here is that it did this mid-dialogue, so when I got back into the game, I was unable to move, the dialogue wouldn't continue, but the game was still active (I know this because i was able to press the quick save button and the UnrealTime mod's clock was still present and progressing. Idk if this was caused by mods I have, but I highly doubt it. I tried fixing the saves, but nothing seemed to work. I tried renaming the Game.datarx file, I tried renaming the LatestSave.dat file, I tried fixing the saves from the InfiniteBackups mod, and I don't know what else to do. At this point, I've pretty much accepted the game is scrapped, which is fine. Mostly, this is to show the devs that there is something that should probably be fixed before the release of episode 19 (I'm not super tech-savvy, but it might just be something like resetting dialogue on a load or not saving during dialogue on a force close. If that's already been implemented, it might have something to do with the fact that I entered dialogue, battled, and then resumed dialogue, idk.) If anyone has any ideas on how to fix the save it would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  7. I'm having some troubles with the help requests, when I finish them and go to the help center to pick up the reward I dont get anything. Has happened both in Kristilline town and West Gearen city. Anyone know what is wrong here or how I can fix it?
  8. Hey y'all, I've been playing on intense mode and as such have been I've been playing the game along with the wiki so I can prep for fights. When fighting Valarie for the 5th gym badge, I noticed a discrepancy between what was on the wiki vs what was in the game, no biggie not the first time this has happened, there was a Seaking instead of a Wishcash. Anyways, I thought I would be a bro and update the wiki so I downloaded the v13 PBS to check the stats and moves on the Seaking and this is where I noticed something was up. The team I fought was: -Qwilfish -Floatzel -Tentacruel - Lanturn - Seaking -Primarina But when I checked the Trainers.txt there was no Valarie team with both Tentacruel and Seaking on any difficulty level. I went into debug mode to double check and the team I fought was Valarie 607 and yes indeed, the aforementioned team was the one I fought. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if this is the intended intense mode team but something went wrong with the release of the pbs? Idk if this is a bug or if it's intentional so I didn't submit it, but I will if it turns out to be
  9. Just got into the game yesterday and upon entering the buildings in the beginning city, I noticed that the ones with the colored doors and such had a blacked out interior. So I could only see sprites of the npcs and my own character. The professor (Jenner) building was fine, I could see pretty much the interior of buildings such as that and the blueberry shop. Pretty much where the story was I guess you could say (such as the sewers where you team up with Ren, the luck guy's tent that changes difficulty, berry shop where you get the berry for Venam/Veronica). I tried redownloading the reborn local version of rejuvenation, the first mirror version, I tried re-extracting the files, created a new game file, even updating my laptop (windows) and nothing changed. The image is what I see when I enter Venam's gym
  10. after emma tells you about her plan failing and madame x coming you have to look around for a secret passage. during this time you can go into neveds room and then you are stuck there. when you interact with the door in the back the text says its emma talking so im guessing you are supposed to have her.
  11. Help. Please. Stuck in West Gearan sewers. This happens soon after we first enter the sewers with Melia and Venam. After discovering Volta and her crew when Erick tells us to make a break for the stairs and our access is denied, and Garbodor comes up behind us. As soon as Volta jumps out of the room I was just in the game freezes. I can't do anything other than save [by pressing D on my keyboard]. I've checked it twice, both times the same thing happened. Please help. Game_2.rxdata
  12. The music is still playing, the characters are still doing their little wiggle but I can't move or open the menu. The only thing I can do is save by pressing D which I tried doing just in case but when I load back up it's still stuck. I've attached the save right before this scene and every time I run up to the gap it gets stuck again. So it's impossible to advance anymore at this point and a fix would be appreciated. Or if someone loads up the save and it doesn't get stuck for them, you could also just save right afterwards and post the new save here so I can at least continue playing. Playing on PC and have the newest patch btw. Game.rxdata
  13. enhancement items like megas and crests still appearing in my items slot in addition to the enhancement slot, is there any fix to this?
  14. Hello everyone, First at all I am happy of this release, even I lost my previous save I am intended to play again. This morning I notice there is a patch and I applied to the Mac Version but I am unable to do anything, this is the error I have after open the game: I am using Catalina in a MacBook Pro 15" of 2018, previous to the patch I was able to play it. Thank in advance, great job!
  15. I got this popup when encountering 4 different-colored puppets when going to the right of the dream axis high. It crashed my game, and set me back really far as there is no Autosave functionality. While it's a good place for me to take a break, I thought I'd let people know about it.
  16. LastSave.dat Here is my save. I lost to some grunts like an idiot in the water treatment center and ended up not able to get to the next area. If somebody could help me that would be great
  17. In every double battle my pokemons attack ally pokemon. Sometime the attack hit the user itself ... IDK if any mod is causing it.. I am using speedbreed and swm modpack
  18. So I am in quite the predicament here, I have been trying to do the starter egg quest and recently I’ve been having troubles with breeding my cyndaquil. Whenever I try to breed it with my ditto it says they don’t like each other, which means they won’t breed. But another thing is that my cyndaquil is male, so there is no way for me to get a cyndaquil without a ditto. And from what I saw there is no other way to get ditto. I need this egg to complete the quest, can anyone help me?
  19. So after My battle with Noel, everyone goes inside except when I also go inside, no ones there except him, and he asks me to go into the next room which then he disappears after going in. I cant continue the story without talking to him there. There's bug here and I did the route where Saphira gets captured so I will change routes but also save these save files in another folder to see if anyone has a fix progression still not fixed after choosing a different route (staying downstairs)
  20. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: An explosively lucky start! (Current chapter) [vs Julia] Chapter 2: Rivals, Vines and Deserts [vs Florinia] Chapter 3: Forests, Jungles and Revelations... Chapter 4: Release your soul from Poison... [vs Corey] Chapter 5: Gang wars and kidnappings Chapter 6: Insect Wars [vs Shelly] Chapter 7: Chasing the pretty boy Chapter 8: Straightjacket jam and ghastly encounters [vs Shade] Chapter 9: Buzzing on Ice, ft. Deliverance Chapter 10: Through Fire and Water [Fight vs Cal] Chapter 11: Try punching Skydancing bugs... [vs Kiki] Chapter 12: Forbidden allies and death by Dragon [vs Solaris' Garchomp] Chapter 13: (Still) chasing the pretty boy... and other grassy problems Chapter 14: Cleanse the Poison with Steel [vs Aya] Chapter 15: Rescue time and Yureyu raid! Chapter 16: Now you see me... now you don't... through the mirror [vs Serra] Chapter 17: Establishing... Shocking defences! Chapter 18: From chasms to peaks.... and off to sweeps! [vs Noel] Chapter 19: Endless grass and rivalries... Chapter 20: Lies and truth... among the fake gods [vs Dittoceus] Chapter 21: Entomophobia [vs Radomus] Chapter 22: Heretics, Lepidopterists and... the Twilight Zone [vs Luna] Chapter 23: Post the gate to Agate... Circuses, Strongmen and Quiver Dancers... [vs Samson] Chapter 24: Revelations, desperation and flames that burn souls. Chapter 25: Bugs vs Firebug! [vs Charlotte] Chapter 26: Winter Olympics, Reborn Style! Chapter 27: Ice Age, the Meltdown! [vs Blake] Chapter 28: "How to eliminate your brain cells", a best seller by M3G4T3RR4 [vs Terra] Chapter 29: Every Teardrop is a Waterfall Chapter 30: Maginot Line [Fiore Mansion Battles] Chapter 31: Waltzing through the Clouds [vs Ciel] Chapter 32: Claustrophobia Chapter 33: Another one bites the dust: Guilt and Desperation Chapter 34: Here comes your Angel... ft. the Pixies! [vs Adrienn] Chapter 35: Teamwork and iron will! [vs Titania] Chapter 36: Never get drowned in sorrow [vs Amaria] CHAPTER 1: An explosively lucky start! About three months ago, I was discussing with a friend about pokemon, so chat went to our most hated typings, to which (ofc) I chose bug, which I absolutely hated with a passion, apart from a couple exceptions (looking at you Butterfree <3). So, he wanted to make a bet that I wouldn't be able to beat Current episode of Pokemon Reborn by using only Bug types. Of course, I couldn't say no to such a challenge, and I accepted (bracing my heart to use pokemon I didn't like at all till then...). So, I began my playthrough, after running some research on Bulbapedia to not be a complete noob... Character name: Angel Sex: Non-binary Since I don't have the know-how to hack a bug-type starter for me, I decided to pick one based on breeding purposes. And since bug types lack (till gen VI) a good water type, I decided to pick Squirtle in order to breed Hydro Pump on a Surskit! My squirtle had great IVs, which was a great start for the game. I named her Respect (cause I'll eventually store her in box, but I'll always respect her) and she defeated easily Cain's Nidoran and Victoria's Tepig, before heading outside to get my first little bug... And, oh, the joy! It was a shiny Spinarak. And it has a 30 Attack IV, god damn! I caught her and named her Happiness. This run honestly couldn't have started any better! By wandering around I saved the Zigzagoon from the Bridge, it learned headbutt, so I managed to get a Combee (took ages of Headbutting a tree, I even found a shiny male Combee, fml, I know) and a Pineco as well. I also got a couple Burmy's but I never liked the idea of using Wormadam, so I boxed them. I also picked Kelly's Kricketot and a couple more catches, in the form of shiny Caterpie and Wurmple. Soon, I had a team consisting of: Valor, the Pineco (Male) Careful/Sturdy Protect Bug Bite Take Down Self-Destruct Valiant, the Kricketune (Male) Bold/Swarm Growl Bide Struggle Bug Fury Cutter Braveheart, the Butterfree (Male) Timid/Tinted Lens Confusion Sleep Powder Stun Spore Gust Patience, the Dustox (Male) Calm/Compound Eyes Gust Confusion Poison Powder Moonlight Happiness, the Spinarak (Female) Hardy/Sniper Poison Sting Leech Life Night Shade Scary Face Royalty, the Combee (Female) Bold/Honey Gather Sweet Scent Gust Bug Bite The evolutions were the result of grinding, destroying Fern's ass outside one of the two factories (the wrong one, idiot was waiting at the wrong place, then blaming others for his incompetence) and struggling through double battles in the correct factory... I don't know which was worse, having to survive Rock Tombs of Arons and Roggenrollas or admit that Fern carried me through that hell. At least I made it up to him by managing to handle the Magby while he was using Growth for 27 times in a row and getting annihilated. Bless the Lord for Night Shade, Spinarak saved the day, as well as Dustox with Poison Powder/Moonlight Stall. So, after that and with the aforementioned team, I went happily to fight Julia... VS JULIA Happily before the fight... I swear, this fight gets harder every time I replay Reborn. She leads with Helioptile and proceeds to Glare at my Valor, who is the slowest thing on Earth anyways! My Pinecone... errr Pineco, escapes through Paralysis and takes down Helioptile with a Bug Bite spam. Then, Julia sends in her first (small) ball of doom, and I consider it a good time to stack up Fury Cutter with Valiant. My Kricketune takes down Voltorb and wastes Julia's first potion with 3 Fury Cutters, but is in the red, so I swap him with Braveheart, who has to face the second Voltorb. Voltorb and Butterfree exchange Charge Beams and Confusions, but thank God, it gets zero Sp.Atk. boosts, and Julia has to waste a potion to take down my Braveheart. I send in Happiness, happy that I will just Night Shade and kill it... NOPE! This round m***fucker decides to explode, killing my spider and itself in the process.... There goes my easy fixed damage on Electrode plan! Julia sends in Emolga, so I say "Fuck this shit" to myself, and send in Combee to take a shot, as I heal Valor to full HP. Combee dies to 1 Acrobatics and my Pineco lives another Acrobatics with Sturdy, to perform the sequel of the previous round. It Self-Destructs in the face of the flying ele squirrel, killing himself, and its opponent! Dustox single-handedly kills Blitzle by an alteration of Poison Powder, Confusion and Moonlight, while I wonder why the Flame Charge isn't even taking half of Dustox's HP... This thing is a legit God! Finally, Electrode comes in. It is my third attempt, so I know that I need some luck. I leave Dustox in, and Poison Powder it, getting the damage going. At least, Julia has used her 2 potions already. Electrode Decides to go for Charge Beam, but fails to get the stat boost, as I start using Confusion/Moonlight in turns. However, it begins to Rollout (please miss, ffs) and in 3 turns, my Dustox is murdered from full HP... I send in my Kricketune, who has about 8 HP. AND YES, ROLLOUT MISSES! Knowing that if I attack it with Fury Cutter, Aftermath will probably cost me the win, I had selected Struggle Bug in advance. It leaves the Electrode with 7 HP and Poison Powder damage secures the kill, granting me my first badge (highly useful), my first TM (Charge Beam, highly useless) and a sleepy ex-cheerleader. I scream YES-YES like a maniac though, since it was my 3rd attempt to beat her and I start to get hopes that mono-Bug might be possible actually! Hugely surprised by Dustox's resillience and by Pineco's and Combee's sacrifices! Bugs gaining my respect! Now I shall go take care of weird plants that wreak havoc, as Victoria informs me... Good luck myself! PS. Stay tuned, and feel free to provide any feedback guys and girls! Hope you enjoy!
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