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  1. After Mimikyu hatches and gives the party access to their pokemon a small scene plays where you pick "its dinner time" or "to repent for our sins" and after this I'm teleported back to the island and haven't figured out a way to progress forward. I'm just wondering if there's any sort of workaround or fix for this? I'm on v13 with latest patch.
  2. I just finished the labradorra gauntlet and got to victory road, however in the second room there is a rockclimb spot, when i interact it crashes the game? is this part not finished or is there another problem? Game_2.rxdata
  3. Playing on the 19.1 open beta patch and when i recieve the quest egg from the girl in onix appartment, when i try to open the summary to look at the egg's description the game crashes. however if i open the summary on a pokemon in my team, then scroll down still in the summary screen it does show the egg without crashing. this is also specific to this egg, as i can simply open the summary tab for the egg found in the slums.
  4. Please tell me if I'm putting this in the wrong place, this is my first post here. I downloaded the game once I heard it'd been completed, and it's been smooth sailing so far! (The passwords certainly help, as I am far from a competitive battler and have no idea what I'm doing 99% of the time lmao) Also, please forgive me if this post is a cluttered mess due to all the hidden text, I'm trying to go by the "better safe than sorry" rule when it comes to spoilers. Chronologically, I'm 4 badges in. However, I have encountered an issue. after , it somehow triggered a dialogue with Victoria. As soon as the dialogue ended, I got a pop-up with this error message: _______________________________ I would greatly appreciate any help on the matter. I'm not the most tech savvy, so I don't want to accidentally break something trying to fix the issue myself.
  5. Title explain itself, i'm on 19.0.7... It started to happen after i installed SWM Modular Mod, Item Finder to be precise and i use some passwords (tought for passwords, on another save it did nothing like that) Before that (between1-2 hours earlier), i was managing my boxes and retrieved item without any problems... for now it happened on 3 of my Pokemons, didnt tested on others (Roserade, Throh and Blastoise) Should be in Grand Hall in the save, if i didn't goofed ! Game.rxdata
  6. Hi, I lost to El in the underground city twice and was sent back to the Pokémon Center instead of engaging the cutscene, then the third time the cutscene took place. Is this the place to report that? Pretty sure that's a bug.
  7. I got all of the stickers, I went through and counted multiple times, and for some reason I can't access the very top floor of the department store, the 12th. Not sure what to do here. Edit: I got it fixed.
  8. Right after getting the Ice type badge from Serra, there is supposed to be a cutscene where El and Bennet step outside the Volcain Estate to talk about the two cooperating to get Bennet into the Elite Four. The screen shifts to outside right after I get the badge and TM for Aurora Veil, but the cutscene doesn't play. Instead, I'm stuck "inside" the building, can't see my character but can pause the game and interact with the menu, and El and Bennet haven't appeared at all. I re enter the Estate by going up, and the game acts like the event already occured, but the Pokemart is visible both on the Estate still and it's teleported location where you can get the medicine so you can continue the story. This is the first bug I've encountered in the game so far, caught me by surprise. Upon further inspection, this glitch completely bypassed the Belrose Mansion Raid and Tanzan Mountain events. The next event I manually triggered was Saphira making her dramatic entrance when she blows up the side of the cave and gives you the jewelry she reaquired. Edit: issue is fixed in a recent update
  9. Propably only while doing the pinata password , if you give enough candies that a pokemon would evolve twice from the levels it took ,in my case got a vanilite from level 15 to 50 , the second evolution wont happen it will only evolve once , in my case it became a level 50 vanillish and i had to downgrade it with a common candy then level it up again . Pretty minor bug but im just reporting it
  10. Hi there, this isn't spoilerish, since it's literally the fourth fight in game, when fighting Doxy Lindsey. Her first Pokemon is a female Cleffa who went up against my male Torchic. She used Charm, my Attack stat dropped two stages, but MY TORCHIC ALSO FELL IN LOVE. In fact, at one point, it's even immobilized by love. Is this effect intended? What triggered it? It was raining at the time, too. If I have to guess, Cleffa might have Cute Charm. I did attack it using Scratch, a contact move. Maybe I sped up the game and didn't read that the ability was triggered. But, it might also be worth checking out. Thanks.
  11. In the trainer school, the people who teach you crud in the room that opens up after the kid goes to fetch the janitor, if you select a move you want to learn from them, but choose to back out and don't teach the move to anyone, they take the money. unlike npcs who will return your bag items for tutoring like heart scales, they just yoink your money anyway. a bit nitpicky and maybe not even a bug but just thought i would report it in case ;P
  12. So i was trying to do the quest to get Tepig when i pushed the rock into the hole i heard the woosh sound but the rock stayed on top of the hole
  13. After blacking out during the battle with Eclipse in the Rhodocrine Tree, when you go back up to fight her again, she's still kinda there, vibing, during Radomus and Noel's dialogue: Fresh E19 file, easyhms, hardcap, weathermod, Anna/Reshiram.
  14. I used a datachip to enter the qol password and my game crashed. Heres the error message.
  15. As soon as I stepped onto a bridge title in Agate City, the popup presented itself and the game crashed.
  16. So I chopped down the cherry tree in the past and went back to the present to pick up the 2 zygarde cell that were there, but I couldn't find one of them, so I tried changing the time, but no matter what time I changed it to the time wouldn't change, so I read about it, and it said that chopping down the cherry tree messes with the in game time, and replanting it should fix it, so I did, but the time still won't change, so at this point IDK what to do, could anyone help? Edit: I am on the most current patch
  17. After training my sceptile i was going to get him the right evs so i used reset discs to speed up the clearing process, but after a few minutes farming evs i noticed that nothing changed, tried berries but didnt fixed it. Game.rxdata
  18. I need help with somethin,(sorry for my bad english) for some reason the time of my game has stopped at dusk and never progresses, I have tried to change the time of my pc, wait hours for the time to change and nothing, what i can do?
  19. I have a very specific problem- I was doing the Stolen Cargo sidequest from the Sheridan Village help center, which has electrified conveyer tiles that force you to black out unless the warehouse is short-circuited. I completed the quest as normal when I, assuming the conveyers were not still electrified even though the lights came back on, switched the yellow tile to point east and stepped on it. I had just gotten the third gym badge, and hadn't gone to any healing machine since then, so my respawn point is Venam's house. There is also a relatively small bug associated with the conveyers- when you black out, at least when you respawn at Venam's house, you keep the movement from the conveyer as that is the last tile you stand on before blacking out. This isn't a problem when you're going north like during the sidequest, as you just go inside, take one step, and stop moving. However, when you're moving east, you're directly against the statue that says a gym leader lives in the house, so you can't take that one step. I can still access the menu and everything, so if I had Fly or Teleport or some other move (well, maybe not teleport, it might take me to the same spot instead of the laboratory) I could escape, but I don't, so I can't. I also saved, thinking the movement wouldn't persist after closing and reopening, but it did, so now the only way out is to delete my save file or perform some manner of save editing- you can imagine which I'd prefer. Help would be greatly appreciated ASAP
  20. I play rejuvenation on a Mac. Whenever I start a battle the whole screen just turns black and I can't do anything except quit the program and start from my last save. This only happens when my game is on fast-mode with the R key. If required I send a video.
  21. I had this bug where in the place where you get your starter, the mart there, I wanted to buy some potions but when I did the like the text wouldn't appear. It was just blank, I could still buy the potion. I just wanted to know if there were ways to fix bugs like this? Bugs in general.
  22. Hello, so well, you can see the gladion have the dragon memory and have the type ???, this happen after i give the flying memory in the So, after see the ???, i think is a feature, but after i put him in the PC he still have the ??? thanks if you help me, sorry for my bad english, i use the google tradutor
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