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  1. After training my sceptile i was going to get him the right evs so i used reset discs to speed up the clearing process, but after a few minutes farming evs i noticed that nothing changed, tried berries but didnt fixed it. Game.rxdata
  2. I play rejuvenation on a Mac. Whenever I start a battle the whole screen just turns black and I can't do anything except quit the program and start from my last save. This only happens when my game is on fast-mode with the R key. If required I send a video.
  3. Hello, so well, you can see the gladion have the dragon memory and have the type ???, this happen after i give the flying memory in the So, after see the ???, i think is a feature, but after i put him in the PC he still have the ??? thanks if you help me, sorry for my bad english, i use the google tradutor
  4. I am making a post here because I encounter a game-breaking bug and cannot find similar reports on the forum. I have downloaded the game (version 18.4.1, "fruit edition") on Mac (latest version, Big Sur 11.5), and I can launch the game without problem. However, after I initialize my character and view control, my computer freezes at the introduction scene when the train is riding through a desert (see spoiler below). The soundtrack is playing, and I can move my cursor, but otherwise the computer does not react to either mouse click or keyboard, so I am forced to restart with the power button. I have moved the game to the application folder. I have attempted installation using both the MEGA and Google Drive portals. I am running no other apps other than Safari and activity monitor. Also, in case this is relevant, I can play Rejuvenation just fine on my MacBook. Any assistance will be much appreciated. UPDATE: I have attempted a workaround by playing the game on a Windows computer until I can control my character at the train station and moving the save to my MacBook. However, the game remains laggy and freezes my computer after I move around 20 steps.
  5. Hey all, I was going through reborn for a second time and I got to the part of the game where you fight El. My game started lagging (which is fairly normal, usually just have to restart and we're all good). However, I kept holding off on restarting. I beat El and moved on to the next part and the dialogue started going. The game slowed to a snail's pace and eventually froze mid-dialogue. The game displayed the message it shows when the game needs to close and restart (the game is taking too long to respond, the game will restart). After this message, the game saves and closes. The issue here is that it did this mid-dialogue, so when I got back into the game, I was unable to move, the dialogue wouldn't continue, but the game was still active (I know this because i was able to press the quick save button and the UnrealTime mod's clock was still present and progressing. Idk if this was caused by mods I have, but I highly doubt it. I tried fixing the saves, but nothing seemed to work. I tried renaming the Game.datarx file, I tried renaming the LatestSave.dat file, I tried fixing the saves from the InfiniteBackups mod, and I don't know what else to do. At this point, I've pretty much accepted the game is scrapped, which is fine. Mostly, this is to show the devs that there is something that should probably be fixed before the release of episode 19 (I'm not super tech-savvy, but it might just be something like resetting dialogue on a load or not saving during dialogue on a force close. If that's already been implemented, it might have something to do with the fact that I entered dialogue, battled, and then resumed dialogue, idk.) If anyone has any ideas on how to fix the save it would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  6. LastSave.dat Here is my save. I lost to some grunts like an idiot in the water treatment center and ended up not able to get to the next area. If somebody could help me that would be great
  7. So I am in quite the predicament here, I have been trying to do the starter egg quest and recently I’ve been having troubles with breeding my cyndaquil. Whenever I try to breed it with my ditto it says they don’t like each other, which means they won’t breed. But another thing is that my cyndaquil is male, so there is no way for me to get a cyndaquil without a ditto. And from what I saw there is no other way to get ditto. I need this egg to complete the quest, can anyone help me?
  8. So after My battle with Noel, everyone goes inside except when I also go inside, no ones there except him, and he asks me to go into the next room which then he disappears after going in. I cant continue the story without talking to him there. There's bug here and I did the route where Saphira gets captured so I will change routes but also save these save files in another folder to see if anyone has a fix progression still not fixed after choosing a different route (staying downstairs)
  9. After getting whipped way too many times on that back to back fight I decided to grind up some new Pokemon, however once I got back I cannot get through the maze. The ice boxes are all set up in a way where I cannot make it back to Espeon or the boss room. Can I rest Espeon or is there a walk thorough? Please help, I really want to finish this game.
  10. Hey, I encountered an issue where I cannot progress any further because Glaceon is not interacting with me when I come down the ladder. Not sure what to do about this.Game.rxdata Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Help me please. When I'm going out the Pokemon Center, This Error Message pops up. "script 'PokemonMap' line 78: NoMethodError occurred undefined method 'bridge=' for nil:NilClass" I also started searching online on how to fix this. Tried deleting the Main Folder of Reborn and reinstalling it yet the error still pops up when I go out. So please help me, I don't wanna start over again. Please... Thank you in advance. Game_3.rxdata
  12. The department store sticker that the guy from the underground gives you is unobtainable in my file cause he is nowhere to be found after I talk to his girlfriend, which means I need someone to put in the sticker or something i guess... I plan on getting some megastones, but I can't since im missing this last sticker... Game.rxdata
  13. Anyone got a save file for Pokemon Reborn up until when Luna gets kidnapped which is right after the 8th gym badge? My save file got corrupted and my last backup is 2 days before. I've been on a marathon run, so my last backup is definitely not up to the 8th gym badge. I don't care what the starter or the name is. I just wanted to play. Cheers
  14. This just happened all of a sudden, going into battles and building didn't make it go away. Please help this looks absolutely terrible https://gyazo.com/0ce85e456c3ee4f11fe96d04378d41ce https://gyazo.com/fc86f1f9b11a46b5a769682e754fbbda
  15. i think i encountered a bug before spectral kiki. i pushed down the boulder from the higher cave into the lower one, but the boulder didn't crush the stone below. now there is no boulder left to push down and i can't get to kiki. can anyone remove the stones please?
  16. ArcaneHL


    Problem Solved. I am unsure how to close this.
  17. My savestates are all messed up, i need some help here's a print to help
  18. okay. Cain is frozen inside the room after the lvl 75 Garchomp scene. he absolutely frozen. what do I do?? How do I fix Cain?? No other NPC has gone frozen except this guy... but he's like so zompletely frozen I don't know what to do.
  19. hi! I recently used the walkthrough walls mod, but immediately after my character sprite started glitching. my sprite now disappears whenever I walk, but reappears when I stop walking. I've tried many methods; uninstalling the mod, installing a fresh game, using backup saves, but none seem to work. I'm attaching my save file here if anyone needs it. Game.rxdata
  20. I just beat Noel and talked to Saphira in Tanzan Mountain and got the ruby ring and amethyst pendant , I went the same way that she went (to South Aventirine Woods) and none of the really tall grass seem to let me pass through, I watched some youtube vids and they all seem to pass just fine, is there something I'm missing? Or is there a way form me to fix this? Edit: I've already fixed it
  21. I'm in the Grand Stairway and the game crashed in the middle of a cutscene, I reloaded the game and now I'm stuck and can't go anywhere or do anything, please help.. Edit :Now I can't go into the main menu too without crashing
  22. Hey, just updated to 11.3 today from 10.0 and all of my key items are gone. Any way I can get them back?
  23. Hi, can anyone pls help me: The Skuntank from Corey in this ice cave is not interested in me. I heard you only need Corey's silver ring but, still nothing. I found some other Player here who said that in E16, the Silver Ring was changed from being in the Items pocket to the Key Items pocket, so only Silver Rings from E16 onwards will work. Could somebody Change that struggle in my save file ? Game.rxdata
  24. Hey, I have the Silver Ring in my normal items bag and not the Key Items. Which isn't allowing me to interact with Corey's pokemon. Please Help!!! Game.rxdata
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