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Found 26 results

  1. so i saved in that back alleyway thing where all the Munna are, i saved right by a Munna so i could close the game and reopen until i get a shiny. however when i opened the game again this comes up everytime i select that file kinda a bummer bc i was having fun qvq
  2. So the tittle says it all.. In my first battle with Garbodor, I lost, and now every time I go back to fight him my trainer just passes through him and gets himself stuck on the wall behind, the battle still works just fine but if I win the cutscene bugs and after Venam gives Melia the signal (in which I believe Melia was suppose to touch the orb or something) she just stands there doing nothing.. No matter what I do, I am stuck, losing to him sends me back to the beacon and the bug stills happens, wining gets me stuck on the wall so I am soft-locked.. My save file is bellow, please help.. I really don't want to restart after spending DAYS on this save file PS: For some reasons all of my backup save files are from when I had 0 badges so.. Yeah.. Almost the same as restarting tbh.. PS²: If you could also place a 6IV Ditto in my Box for the inconvenience that would be appreciated (Just kidding but.. If you did I wouldn't complain) Game_2.rxdata
  3. A bug happened.. My trainer decided it would be a wonderful idea to phase through Garbodor and get himself stuck IN THE WALL.. So even after defeating him, nothing happens, I just get stuck on that damn wall and no one moves.. My save files on the folder, for some reason, are all of my character with just 0 badges so I can't go back before this happened.. BTW, this bug happened because I lost my first battle with him.. Is there anyway to fix this? I spent DAYS in this savefile, I really don't wanna restart from scratch.. My save file is linked here. Game_2.rxdata
  4. The Kricketot and its trainer are missing in lower Peridot. I am before Corey and if I start a new game it exists but I like my current run and am wondering if there is any way it can be fixed.
  5. So in reborn, I use WASD as my controls, and when i name pokemon and my character i can type "Leaf" with no problem. In rejuvination, I can't name myself Leaf, because pressing A moves a space left rather than typing an A. If this is something that others are experiencing it should be patched, because WASD or other control schemes can restrict naming
  6. Hello! I just recently started up Rejuvenation and am loving it except for one issue. It's crashing every time I try to encounter a wild Pokemon with the error: Script 'PokemonEncounters' line 331:NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'blackFluteUsed' for nil:NilClass I'm on a Mac and have the most recent version downloaded. It wasn't doing this from the start, this started occurring when I entered Goldenwood cave and will not stop anywhere now. Everything else works perfectly and I saw another post about this that mentioned a patch, but I was unable to find that patch if there is one. If someone's able to help that would be amazing
  7. Does anyone know how to unbug a game or know why Spiritomb won't appear in Rejuvenation? It's really kinda upsetting cuz he's my penultimate perfect team member.
  8. I ran into this early on with my Igglybuff in my Normal monotype Reborn run. I used Copycat the previous turn, and in the current turn, my opponent went first and used Encore. My Igglypuff responded with Copycat, which called Copycat, which called Copycat, which called Copycat, which called... You get the idea. There was nothing I could do.
  9. i think i encountered a bug before spectral kiki. i pushed down the boulder from the higher cave into the lower one, but the boulder didn't crush the stone below. now there is no boulder left to push down and i can't get to kiki. can anyone remove the stones please?
  10. So I just finished the desert town arc, and got Fly for the first time, allowing me to go back to East Gearen City to finally EV train some new team members: a Dodrio, a shiny Sheer Force Hariyama, the event Riolu, Nancy's Sylveon and an Axew. The Axew in particular I spent a good 1/2 hour soft-resetting in the Game Corner in GDC (I think) for a good nature/IV set. I EV trained all of them to my specifications, went to Hiroshi City to train them up, spending another 1/2 hour training against the Audino breeder there until all five of them are at level 80. I then go back to explore the newly refurbished East Gearen with a party of Zoroark, Barbaracle, Sylveon, Lucario, Dodrio and Haxorus. I get into a random trainer battle, and send out... Krookodile. Obviously very confused, I check my party, and it consists of Krookodile, Leavanny, Infernape, Zoroark, Barbaracle and Rhydon. These are all some of my earlier team members, all at level 80. I win the battle, and look at my party in more detail. They all have moves that I had since forgotten (such as my Zoroark still knowing Hyper Voice when I had replaced it with Grass Knot). I go to check the PC, and Leavanny, Krookodile, Infernape and Rhydon are also in the PC, with the updated movesets. Four of the five new Pokemon I had just trained were nowhere to be found, the only survivor being the Hariyama. So, essentially what happened is that my party was replaced with the party I had from an earlier save, duplicating four pokemon and deleting four others. I immediately hit F12 and soft-reset, only to find my last save with the same issue. The Dodrio isn't too much of an issue, as it was just a lucky wild catch with good IVs and nature, but the Axew took ages to get as previously mentioned, and in the case of the Riolu and Sylveon, are unable to be reobtained. (I know I could breed a new Eevee, but Nancy's Sylveon had perfect IVs). Anyone else have this issue, or know how to solve it? Without help, I can't bring myself to touch the game I poured 80+ hours into anymore. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Nothing I try seems to work, I'm unable to switch between Ren and Aelita. I've loaded a previous save to see if it would fix itself, I even set the controls to default and went back to see if it would change my situation. If anyone can help me with this I'd appreciate it!
  12. I have received the 'Emotion Powder' and the moment I go down the fist set of stairs (1B) the game stops. The only thing I can do is use is the key D to save. I can't move nor open the menu. What to I do? No really, help... I tried uninstall and reinstall Pokemon Rejuvenation (and restarting the game, too) but I still remain blocked at that point
  13. So I'm trying to get through this pyramid in Rejuvenation and it seems as though I can't really switch to Ren or Aelita. I clicked A and then I clicked every other button I have and yet it won't give me the option to select a character so now I'm stuck here... Any help would be appreciated, I really don't wanna lose all my progress in this game due to this bug Below is my save file if that can help in anyway to fixing the problem... Game.rxdata
  14. Kiki has a Hitmonlee that carries fake out/normal gem + unburden + High jump kick. This poses a serious threat to my ice mono with the speed boost. So my strategy was to throw in a fodder mon carrying a red card while Hitmonlee clicked fake out. I was given the prompt that normal gem strengthened fake out's power, then her Hitmonlee was promptly withdrawn. I was almost through with my sweep when Hitmonlee came back out and clicked fake out again. As if just to undermine my effort, I was given the prompt that a normal gem strengthened fake out's power again. Switched to a clean copy of the game without Waynolt's, though I doubted that had anything to do with it. And I was indeed able to duplicate this. TL;DR: foe clicks normal gem fake-out on a switched in mon carrying a red card, causing them to be withdrawn but allowing them to keep the normal gem, despite the prompt telling me it had already been used. Hope this helps, thanks dev team for this awesome fan game. -Gray
  15. It's my first time posting something so i'm not sure how it works, but basically I entered Valor mountain through the door in Crawli's gym but when i tried to go back, I got stuck and could not move. When I restarted the game, the door in Crawli's gym won't open anymore. I also tried buying the golden drift board but that doesn't work either. Does anybody know what i should do?
  16. After Karrine gave me a megastone, I tried to walk but couldnt, i can turn, can access menu normally, but cant move. game autosaved so I cant load an older save. I have 75 hrs in this game and I really dont want to start new mode.
  17. Title. I started doing the puzzle just fine, then suddenly the A button stopped responding, and I'm locked in the middle of the puzzle with no way out. Game.rxdata
  18. I got softlocked when i reached route 5 in the past. On this route, there is a manor. At this point in the game, if you have the key to open a certain door in this manor (which i had because i did a sidequest), you will get back in the present whith no way back to route 5. And if you saved your game by mistake, then you can't continue the story at all and you are good to start all over again. This is the manor: And this is the cursed door (DO NOT APPROACH IT) Well, in fact it's not opening the door which gets you back in the present but talking to the npc behind (I got my save back because i did a backup before) but this thing really needs to be patched because it can literally kill your save if you like to explore the game. And, the other thing I noticed is that the zoom lens is not working in the game. I know it because i use megahorn, slash and burn and charge beam with slow pokemons in my team. Sometimes i even succeed in missing 3 times in a row while my mon is holding the item and playing after the ennemy.
  19. Hello there ! I have not played reborn for a looong time, got a new little laptop today and wanted to play again, cause I'm like soooo disapointed with Sword and Shield... So, two problems for now : I have no music And worse, the game can't start the first battle with Cain and crashes... I share to you the message I got: Thanks for your help (sorry for the English, not my native language.)
  20. ArcaneHL


    Problem Solved. I am unsure how to close this.
  21. My savestates are all messed up, i need some help here's a print to help
  22. Whenever I try to start my game, it appears as a black screen and closes in about 10 seconds. I have tried redownloading, restarting my computer, adding to the the DEP list, using other mirrors, and running as administrator. Nothing is working and it said that it has 'Incompatible programming" once when it actually gave a crash report, and I was able to open it once but when I closed it I haven't been able to open it since. Please help me!
  23. Hey everyone! Game sometimes gets the script hanging error and saves the game and then restarts - when this happens the game freezes and you can't move or action. Anyone able to help? Uploading game file incase they know what to do! Using version 12 also incase that helps! Thanks. Game.rxdata
  24. okay. Cain is frozen inside the room after the lvl 75 Garchomp scene. he absolutely frozen. what do I do?? How do I fix Cain?? No other NPC has gone frozen except this guy... but he's like so zompletely frozen I don't know what to do.
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