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  1. How to remove this vileplume? I already catch it or run but it still there.
  2. Is chinchou available in the wild (v13)
  3. I found a bug in Hospital of Hope. "Lost Children Quest". Mosely and I went at rooftop of Hospital using her Staraptor. We went inside then I saved the game before entering in a room where vial is. The police came and I lost in a battle because I only have 2 pokemon. The game starts at goldenleaf town pc. I have a chance to withdraw pokemon then I went to hospital of hope but I cant go to the rooftop of hospital. I restart the game but the game starts at goldenleaf town pc not inside of hospital. I didnt saved it in goldentown pc. Hope to fix.
  4. I want to evolve my eevee to glacion and leafeon. Where should I evolve it?
  5. thanks.. i thought it was in grass area
  6. What floor? Ok... I found Mawile. Thanks.. the obtainable should be update to Ruby Island Cave (lowest floor)
  7. Spending 2 weeks on Ruby Island and it won't go out.
  8. Does anyone know where to get mawile?
  9. What kind of event is Buneary? I already read comments on Buneary.
  10. Eevee always evolving to sylveon even no fairy type move and during the night. Both game and game-z. If you encounter this problem. Kindly download the latest patch. Thank you.
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