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  1. - Snivy is incorrectly listed as obtainable outside starter. - A few Pokemon locations are inaccurate (Wispy Path and Goldenleaf come to mind). - Polteageist's evo item can be found in Darchlight Manor Dining Room.
  2. A few errors - Arrokuda should, unless Rejuv changed the evo method, be obtainable as it evolves around Level 26 or 27. - The item to evolve Sinistea can be found in Darchlgith Manor as an interactable teacup. - Some Pokemon locations were changed froM beta to public release.
  3. The Variable is #228. Since some good spoilers, put the Pokémon in a spoiler tag below.
  4. They can in Rejuv but not maingames.The erroris becauseof incorrectly set abils in the PBS.
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