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  1. How outdated is the dev blog percentages? I'm curious.
  2. Last crests ideas I have: Noctowl Crest: Sheer Force and additional Psychic STAB Bouffalant: Rock Head and Fluffy Tauros: Stamina
  3. EVEN MORE CREST IDEAS! Blissey: Serene Grace+Attack and Defense scale with Special Attack. Archeops Crest: Aerilate+Offenses and defenses swap at 50% hp or less Carracosta: Speed and Special Attack stats swap+Sturdy. Mr. Mime: Has a chance to mimic the opponents' moves for half BP but removes any secondary effects. Togedemaru: Serene Grace+All Normal moves become Steel type. Morpeko Crest: This Pokemon's normal moves become STAB of the opposite form. (ex: Hangry Form = Galvanize and Full Belly = Dark) Luvdisc: Pixilate and Atta
  4. More crest ideas! Kecleon Crest: This Pokemon's attacks have a chance to swap items with its target. **doesn't work in wild battles Polteageist: Focus Sash and a Scald effect to all its attacks. Toucannon: Flame Body and Super Luck. Heliolisk: Chlorophyll. Aurorus: Aurora Veil is set. Tyrantrum: Intimidate. Forretress: Weak Armor and Light Clay effect. (Both Wormadam and Mothim): Rivalry Wormadam Trash: Battle Armor Wormadam Plant: Chlorophyll Wormadam Sandy: Sand Cloak. Mothim: Serene Grace.
  5. Cursola Crest: Swaps its offenses and defenses and gives it Sheer Force. Sirfetch'd Crest: Aerilate and boosted crit chance (Stick %). *cause Cursola and Sirfetch'd are counterparts* Wishiwashi: Always in Schooling Mode. Drifblim: Burns and 2x Speed. Bellossom: Fairy Stab and Dancer. Vileplume: Regenerator. Armaldo: Water STAB. Cradily Crest: Water Compaction and Special Attack scales with Special Defense. Lumineon: Special Huge Power. Emboar: Sheer Force. Serperior: The lower attack stat scales to the
  6. Would it be possible to move the guide to a Google Doc? Please?
  7. Small thing. 20% Script Updates on dev blog lol

    1. Jan


      Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out!

  8. There's debug of Infernal Red but not Natural Green. Can you add the other please?
  9. Two (possibly minor errors in the Credit Shop): 1. Link Stone is before Metal Coat but after Magmarizer (assuming it's meant to be going by alphabetical order) 2. No ice stone
  10. Wanted to know if anyone had scripts for a DesolatioN Randomizer or made one?
  11. I would rather not do too much videos, sorry. If you want though, I can PM you the guide so far.
  12. Accept Darkrai's offer since you can't continue the game if you got the bad ending.
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