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  1. How will seeds work then? Is it that the field effect takes priority and the seed will only work by a sole terrain or the terrain's seed being different than the field's?
  2. You can also obtain Piplup alternatively from the lady in Evergreen Island with the item she gives you when the player first tries to enter. Update: Checked scripts. Its based on whether the Anju's Pendant is obtained and it will use the Mysterious Emblem instead if the Pendant has not been obtained.
  3. Can't ask this on your tumblr but would you be able to add an RM of Teleport now that it got buffed?

  4. Yeah I forgot to edit that I got it figured out. Thank you though!
  5. Lost as Aelita and got stuck in the abandoned apartment and unable to continue the story. Game.rxdata
  6. Update: my friend also experienced this. If you lose to a kimono girl you get teleported there but the next battle begins and your team will be fully healed.
  7. Not game breaking but very odd. Lost to the Ice Kimono, teleported to Nightmare City and then I'm forced to fight Ayuda. My team is healed and if I win I get the Shadow Eevee. Here's the save. Game.rxdata
  8. Could someone note me to make custom sprites and VS of my persona for Rejuv?

  9. hype hype hype hype hype That must mean V13 is almost up for internal and beta testing?!
  10. The list isn't just bio or adoptive families but everything said there is true last I checked.
  11. Anyone have the AI for Reborn so I could incorporate it into my game?
  12. Would put this in the guides and resources channel but I'm not supposed to last I checked. https://docs.google.com/document/d/19SfcWp5U0ThP9ynbj3RHldubqAa2m__bWJgTJnrwsAY/edit?usp=drivesdk
  13. I'm pretty sure you can get the Hoenn and Kalos fossils in Akuwa Drill Center. Double check
  14. I'm pretty sure you can get the Hoenn and Kalos fossils in Akuwa Drill Center. Double check @BIGJRA
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