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  1. So what does claydol crest do from now on? Only removes the drawbacks of beam moves such as hyper beam's turn skip and solarbeam's 2 turn charge?
  2. I am pretty sure that's part of the main Storyline before u battle the puppet master and its not connected to the side quest
  3. Try downloading rejuv v12's debug mode modify your team there then load your file in v13 that shud work altho only up to gen 7 mons are in v12 of course so just make do with it
  4. Perhaps in 13.5 then im sure it will be added since i read that if 1 starter of a generation has a crest so will the others
  5. Somebody pls find the Serperior and Emboar Crest for the love of god
  6. Its in the last room where their is a bar behind it is a chest that contains it. u must open all 9 doors in the wispy ruins to access it first
  7. If you are into Glass cannons blaziken is the better choice but if you want to play safer cinderace is better i think
  8. Greninja and Cinderace is basically the same in ability but cinderace being the one with better attacks between the two. Now blaziken on the other hand has great moves like cinderace and with speed boost he is almost the first 1 to move next turn plus the mega evolution too which i think is a little help by the time you get it tho. So if i will choose between the 3 ill go for blaziken with the moves you said but add protect so he always gets a speed boost before he attacks So yeah blaziken with Adamant and 252 atk evs and 252 hp ev with the move protect, flare blitz (or blaze kick if you dont want recoil), high jump kick and add whatever you want as last
  9. Is there no way to fight a decent opponent i mean im finished with v13 main story but i want to test my different teams how well they will do in a real battle (with field effect and enemy pokemon benefitting from it) I dont want to just run around catch enw mons and EV train them i want a decent fight
  10. Yes abomasnow is good if it survives the enemies attack of course. I mean grass has many weakness plus the fire weakness is just a death sentence for him. But if used in a fight that he is not at disadvantage its good
  11. i already did zumi's quest where the last was present the litwick to her cause i did the quest in v12 already. Can i find her elsewhere after the litwick?
  12. So would you be kind enough to tell me here where to get A-paras? and must there be specifics to do so?
  13. Vespiqueen Crest - Swaps Vespiqueen's Defensive and Offensive stats when using the move Defend and Attack Order respectively. ( I assume it works like Aegislash stats swapping?)
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