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  1. So, Beedrill itself has a mega evolution yet Butterfree doesn't have anything like that, so I'd like Butterfree to get some love too being it's my favorite Pokémon. Butterfree overall is a pretty lackluster Pokémon having only a measly base stats of 395. Most attacks will just tear through it like it's paper. What I suggest is a crest in which buffs Butterfree's powder moves. By that I mean that whenever Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, or Stun Spore is used each of those moves will automatically have priority and 100% accuracy. Although a 100% accuracy sleep powder seems kind of over
  2. I'm fine with this as long as it doesn't just turn into a "Grind for 20 levels or stand no chance whatsoever" kind of game. Not the most fun when that happens is all.
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    Banned for being a part of keeping this chain going for like 7 years.
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