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  1. No idea why the audio is as quiet as it is here, but in Pokemon Desolation when you enter the forest where you fought the Team Fox grunts + Amelia after defeating them then the music is normal until you stop surfing in which it then turns into the epic bad stuff is happening oh nooooo music.
  2. It's "Y'all" not "Ya'll", it's meant to mean "You all" and "Ya'll" doesn't really make sense comparing it to other words using apostrophes like "don't" which means "do not" and "it'll" which is "it will."
  3. You can walk here in Cellia City. Just north of the Gligar house
  4. So, Beedrill itself has a mega evolution yet Butterfree doesn't have anything like that, so I'd like Butterfree to get some love too being it's my favorite Pokémon. Butterfree overall is a pretty lackluster Pokémon having only a measly base stats of 395. Most attacks will just tear through it like it's paper. What I suggest is a crest in which buffs Butterfree's powder moves. By that I mean that whenever Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, or Stun Spore is used each of those moves will automatically have priority and 100% accuracy. Although a 100% accuracy sleep powder seems kind of over
  5. I'm fine with this as long as it doesn't just turn into a "Grind for 20 levels or stand no chance whatsoever" kind of game. Not the most fun when that happens is all.
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    Banned for being a part of keeping this chain going for like 7 years.
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