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  1. It's the gym I suffered with the most. I don't want to spoil it to you. It's super......let's just say skill linky!!
  2. That is not the only way to defeat her. One of the strategies to use is shattering her field, which is how I won against her. You can still use or create other strategies luv. There are many ways you go to.
  3. Lol wait until you face the Normal gym leader. You need to shatter her field. Bulldoze will do the trick. After that she is super easy. Good luck luv.
  4. Gen 1: Victreebell Gen 2: Togetic Gen 3: Altaria Gen 4: Drapion Gen 5: Musharna Gen 6: Sylveon Gen 7: Blacephalon Gen 8: Hatterene
  5. So fun Reborn: Probably the moment where you get to choose sides with Radomus or El. I just thought the entire concept was genius. You get to decide which side is the correct one based of what is presented to you. The idea of not everything is black or white, or look beneath the surface fascinates me, and the entire episode was just epic. Rejuvenation: This is really hard because everything in Rejuvenation is perfection. If I had to select, I'll give you top 3: 1). Emma exposing herself as Melia, and sore to defeat Madame X 2). Melia has to make a decision when you go back in time while everyone is watching you 3). Crescent reviving you from death
  6. Altaria is my favorite Pokemon. I recently had some free time, and did some recoloring. I think it turned out nicely. I had a lot of problems doing the edges. It's all yours to use if you want ^.^
  7. I think it's an Umbreon. Who doesn't like Umbreon...Ba....BAKA!! 10/10
  8. This has been a life-saver for me. Thank you for the great effort. I just have a question in regards of the followings: Is this a part of the story? Because I never got Alexandra asking me these options.
  9. Thank you for creating the best Pokemon game ever. My question is very simple. What inspired the creation of Melia?
  10. Yeah, but I've seen many people continue a sprite if it wasn't complete. I wanted to see if other artists created the back side
  11. I came across this topic on the forum, and I couldn't help myself but to fall in love with the spiriting of Darkrai. It would mean the world to me if you can navigate me on where I can find the back sprite. I literally searched everywhere lol.
  12. So fun~ I nominate Ice Cream Sand Witch.
  13. Hmm I would say an event where the Ringmaster is included in. We find 2 Blacephalons. One will be caught by the Ringmaster, and the other one is for MC to catch. The one with the Ringmaster will continue to preform in the circus with the trio :3
  14. That's a very good question. I would say a very hard event in the circus area.
  15. I just did some recoloring to Blacephalon. I wanted to add some personality and Joker themes :3 You guys can use it if you like ^.^
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