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  1. I haven't played it, but Pokemon Nameless is a rom hack that features gen 8 pokemon. It might have Corviknight
  2. The insurgence mod got moved to ExpScale.rb. Open it with notepad or something and look for the exp cap section and change the value there. There should also be an option in your ingame options to use it too.
  3. I haven't finished v12 yet, so sorry if these questions are already answered in the current release! Seeing as the Garufa tried to keep mega evolution locked away in the hidden library, is that mega ring special compared to other mega rings or are characters that can currently mega evolve associated with the Garufa in some way? Also, will we see more Sharon and Eli?
  4. I just finished episode 3 and WOW. I may be a bit biased because the story hits real close to home for me (maybe a little too close haha), but this game was absolutely beautiful. It is hands down one of the best Pokemon games out there! Just a quick side note, I'm not sure if this was intended or not, but thought I would report it anyways. My focus sash disappeared after I beat Tyson.
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