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  1. I have never been more excited in my entire life.
  2. While the wait for v13 is going strong, what do you all do? I thought this would be a fun little discussion while we wait. What I do is just shiny hunt my favorite mons and see what awesome design/recolor they get, the sprite artists sure know how to make them look cool and it's worth hunting for them! And on the sidelines, I'm trying to pick up other mons that could be of use for when hard fights come up in the version, gotta survive somehow.
  3. just beat my Diamond Nuzlocke, whole team survived

    1. Dark Champion

      Dark Champion

      good for you good job congratulations

  4. That's exactly where, but I guess he doesn't show up till later on? I'm positive he was here when I first played.
  5. In Sashila Village, near by the docks, a man will ask to see a yacht, show the guy your Yacht Keys and you'll get full access back to Gearen City. I hope that helps out, though correct me if I'm wrong-
  6. replaying Rejuvenation and doing the events I missed out on my (current) first playthrough

  7. Even if I'm on Casual, Lorna throws no punches, she was the worst to fight along with Angie. I guess I could go with Florin too.
  8. I love this thread so much that I'm finally committing to it with fanart of my favorite character.
  9. Hope all is going well with working on v13, can't wait for it :)
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