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  1. I had the same doubt, but i was using debug mode (sandbox) I pressed the control button very quick before receiving a mon from the pokemon generator NPC. Later I deleted debug mode. IDK if I can trade you one with the ability
  2. ok, I didn't understood well haha thanks
  3. Ok, Thanks i can't get there after Terra right?
  4. Hi, I was looking for a clefairy, but I can't get a 2nd one after the first time I get it in the circus game, but in the obtainable list says that we can found it catchable in wild or repeatable event, where I can find another, when I win they give me clefairy dolls
  5. tell me when you're ready to trade


  6. @Zarc Now i can, i was sleeping at that hour you answered haha Tell again when you can
  7. @Zarc sorry had problem with my internet lately, but now it's solved tell me when you're ready ID: Drak
  8. Hi @Zarc Hope you are ok. Do you have a 5-6ivs elgyem, turtonator or druddigon to trade?
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