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  1. I had the same doubt, but i was using debug mode (sandbox) I pressed the control button very quick before receiving a mon from the pokemon generator NPC. Later I deleted debug mode. IDK if I can trade you one with the ability
  2. Oh didn't see it was a rejuvenation post i started playing this game recently and i love it haha. Ledyba is a good mon that i would like to see with other 2nd type like fighting instead of flying, because ledyba and ledian has rounded hands, like a fighting glove and it can access to comet punch and mach punch also ledian has iron fist ability, an evo would fit him right. Volbeat and Illumise, are also good candidate to have evos or second typing like electric or fire, assuming they are fireflies
  3. Sorry i'm chilean and idk what does mean crest exactly, but i think that is like an addition or change to certain pkmn? in my case I would like to see in pkmn franchise, forgotten mons or new ones, to have the ability ''contrary'' and access to close combat to raise both defenses, it would be a great moveset for mons with bad attack stats to make them a wall pkmn
  4. ok, I didn't understood well haha thanks
  5. Ok, Thanks i can't get there after Terra right?
  6. Hi, I was looking for a clefairy, but I can't get a 2nd one after the first time I get it in the circus game, but in the obtainable list says that we can found it catchable in wild or repeatable event, where I can find another, when I win they give me clefairy dolls
  7. tell me when you're ready to trade


  8. @Zarc Now i can, i was sleeping at that hour you answered haha Tell again when you can
  9. @Zarc sorry had problem with my internet lately, but now it's solved tell me when you're ready ID: Drak
  10. Hi @Zarc Hope you are ok. Do you have a 5-6ivs elgyem, turtonator or druddigon to trade?
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