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  1. I would like to use the ash greninja mod but how do i do it?


  2. I still can't confirm this issue. My greninja can use Icicle Spear successfully without any errors.
  3. I didn't experience the same issue. It just worked. It seems like some compatibility issue. Drag the folder "Data" and "Graphics" into your game folder, not the folder "Aephiex's Ash-Greninja".
  4. I believe it worked fine for me. Please check again if you have put the script in the correct folder.
  5. Form 1 is regular Greninja with the ability "Battle Bond" and 2 is the transformed Ash-Greninja. "Battle Bond" is an ability that allows Greninja to transform into Ash-Greninja after knocking out an opposing pokemon (and revert to it's regular form after the battle ends). It doesn't make Greninja look different before it transforms and you shouldn't have the transformed form outside a battle.
  6. You must hold CTRL just BEFORE you press "use" in the bag view.
  7. I don't know, if you ask me, I guess yes, because it sounds like another game using the same framework.
  8. Features 1. Introduced Ash Greninja to the game. 2. Since Ash-Greninja can't spawn naturally in the core series, there are some tweaks on this mechanic: • There is a 1/16 chance that a wild/gift Froakie family pokemon is created with the ability Battle Bond. • Froakie family pokemons with the ability Battle Bond CAN BREED and CAN BE FEMALE and the ability Battle Bond CAN BE INHERITED. Hidden Features (only available in debug mode): 1. If you hold CTRL while obtaining a gift / encountering a wild Froakie family pokemon, it's guaranteed to be created with the ability Battle Bond. Installation: 1. Unzip this rar and drag it into your game folder. Don't worry, it doesn't overwrite anything. Uninstallation: 1. Head to the game folder and delete "/Data/mods/Aephiex's Ash-Greninja.rb". Pictures don't make sense. 2. Your existing Battle Bond Froakie family pokemons will have Torrent or Protean as their abilities, and if you install this mod again, they will once again have Battle Bond. If you want to use Ash-Greninja in a save data where you already obtained your regular froakie, go to the debug menu and set it's form to 1. The Ash-Greninja sprites are from pokemon showdown database. Since Ash-Greninja doesn't even have Torrent until its final evolution, it's discussable that is Battle Bond more viable than Protean. Aephiex's Ash-Greninja.rar
  9. Features: 1. You can now gain experience and evs from catching a pokemon. 2. Exp. Share through the entire team. • All battle participants receive 100% experience and other pokemons receive 50%. • All pokemons receive 100% evs, including those of level 100. • The held item "Exp. Share" has no effect. You should have been had to wary about level-exceeding, but... 3. Level-Capping: pokemons you control will stop gaining experience once they reached your badge level. Also, you can't use rare candies on a pokemon you control that is exactly at your badge level. Bug Fixes: 1. Fixed it so that you can now gain experience as usual if you knocked out a pokemon with a Z-move. Hidden Features (only available in debug mode): 1. Holding CTRL while catching a pokemon (before choosing to "use" a pokeball in the bag view) allows you to catch pokemons from opposing trainers' teams and pokemons that are set to be uncatchable by event. Installation: 1. Unzip this rar and drag it into your game folder. Don't worry, it doesn't overwrite anything. Uninstallation: 1. Head to the game folder and delete "/Data/mods/Aephiex's New School Exp Mechanics.rb". Don't use this mod if you believing it that the fun of a game is positively correlated to the amount of effort a player has to put on repetitive works, like experience earning and level-controlling. I would like to implement the Gen-7 hyper training as well, but I don't want to alter the map (for hyper training npc) or the database (for consumed items of hyper training). Aephiex's New School Exp Mechanics.rar
  10. I would add a Frosmoth to the ice gym. Ability: Ice Scales Moves: Blizzard, Bug Buzz, Tailwind, Aurora Veil EVs: 252spa, 252+spe, 4spd, 0-atk Item: Light Clay, Charti Berry, Occa Berry or Focus Sash
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