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  1. Just beat the normal gym. It's really manageable. Not even close to what annoyance ice type gym is.
  2. well the key to winning shouldn't be locked to one specific move. I already beat her. Arcanine did the carry. but the automatic double team is moronic. Nobody should battle her until he or she gets suuuper lucky. I wasted ALL of my revives.
  3. Listen, there is a limit and I don't know if the devs know any, but yisus. Those telluric, synthetic, magical, whatever seeds should be removed. The field, stronger pokemon and better moveset of the gym leaders is challenging enough. You don't have to add one-use items on top of that. Yisus. Haven't played since e16 so the seeds are new and I did use them on some of them and they helped but you have to make sure that when you use them, you're going to win, plus there aren't enough of them. Now I'm on the 6th/ice gym and guys and gals. You went too far this time. The synthetic seed is an automatic double team for her whole team, maybe 2, or 3 is the pokemon has snow veil. Plus boosts on all of her attacks, plus if I use the seeds, I get punished and get hit twice as hard. WHAT!? All my pokes don't learn the moves that reflect on those mirrors. It is not fair. I want a challenging game but I want to be clean. Delete those seeds.
  4. When this comes out, may someone make a list of obtainable pokemon before every badge. I'm guessing the version will have up to... 15th badges, I think. Don't know what's currently on. It's been 2 years. Just saw that someone had lvl 85 pokes.
  5. Yeah. It doesn't show up. Thinking of replaying reju with v13 with grookey since I want to get a taste of gen 8th in some way. I also would be disgusted getting a pokemon [grimmsnarl and gollisopod] to use it in the last 10-20 percent of the game.
  6. Been craving to play the game again, but beating the game and it being unfinished doesn't do well for me. I honestly don't care about the legendaries as much as the main game being done so why hasn't there been like, half of the last episode up to the league release?
  7. Well I thought it was obvious it was going to be good if glitchxcity was involved but that one isn't from her. Still very good and heart pumping.
  8. For those you add later, add a haircut/spa saloon when you get them. I probably won't use zubat, idk. I want to keep different from rejuvenation and reborn by not having one single pokemon be repeated.
  9. If you plan to add pokemon that require happiness to evolve please implement them early on in the game. I lvl up a zubat from 5 to 60 and hasn't evolved into crobat. (Rejuvenation) Walking and beating gyms, important characters might help the darn things to evolve, aka Togepi, golbat, budew etc.
  10. Yup, good job. People are eager to play your game. If you finish the next version in 1.5 month it would be great because rejuvenation's update would have been too old and there's still time for episode 16 of Reborn.
  11. When you finish making a bug fixed version with the first 3 gyms. Shofu should try it. He'll loves games with field effects.
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