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  1. Is there an npc who can tell the hidden power type??
  2. Is toxic/flame orb available in the game. Want to activate guts or is there any other way we can utilise guts.
  3. OK I downloaded it and used it now how can i change my pokemon to shiny I cant see any option for that... Nvm i got it thx for ur help
  4. Thanks for this. But I did it once it was not that great it will change every sprites including that of even wild pokemon... I wanted to know whether I can change only mine to shiny
  5. Is there any mods in the game that make our mons shiny
  6. As far as I remember there no such specific day or time for it. It should be there near that house in the beach
  7. I wanted a ghost mon and I am confused of whther to pick Mismagius or Gourgeist......what do u guys suggest is good for a long run.......Also can u plz give me the moveset
  8. U can get one by doing the Kacleon quest in sheridan...and also one when u give the book in the Hidden Library quest 2
  9. My team now consist of Frogadier Fletchinder Meditite Buneary which one do u guys suggest
  10. Guys I just finished my second gym and I have 2 psychic types with me(actually 3 including Meditite), so i would like to drop one.......so which one is better munna or mime jr........i would like to know the moveset if u can share that too
  11. Many people hate delphox because of its design...I dont get it what do you exxpect from a last evolution looking cute like a baby...Its a nice design it turned into a witch bcz it is a witch......As for my worst starter i gues samurott cause it doesnt do anything other than having a great movepool
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