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  1. Plz no.....not even as a joke
  2. Just a guess, does this mean it takes 2 more (days,weeks) for V13 to release
  3. Thanks guys for taking ur time to vote, here are the results and the voting ends here. So I got poison so bulbasaur will be my starter. I was thinking about uploading the details of my run here but i dont know whether its a good idea or not, any suggestion on that matter will be really helpful. Again thanks everyone and wish me luck on this run
  4. thanks for the suggestion, looks like poison overtook fairy, which is good for me. Hope this will be good run, and i was thinking of just updating the details of my run here, i think that would be interesting, do u guys have any suggestions about that? And again thanks for voting and giving me good suggestions.
  5. Thanks for ur suggestions guys but since I put up this post i took it as a challenge to choose the type which gets the most votes by tomorrow, lets see what it is
  6. Hey all I am thinking of doing a mono-type run. This is my first ever mono type run so I am going to do this in normal difficulty. So I would like u guys to pick one type for me. I will be picking usual starters so the types here will be of the types of the fully evolved starters.
  7. Thanks, will definitely try out these mons, i also have an interest in trevenant, so right now venausaur and trevenant are in training..
  8. thanks for the suggestion, but i kinda wanna use another mon, always had roserade in almost every game its available sorry for not mentioning that in the post.
  9. thanks, I just finished those help requests got a bulbasaur egg and rowlett. So currently i have pumpkaboo phantump bulbasaur sewaddle rowlet which is the better one and if you all dont mind can u give an appropriate moveset, or should i get another mon?
  10. Oh, thanks but it seems a bit frail to me and i forgot i had one in my pc. If you dont mind, would you suggest a good moveset for the mon?
  11. Hey guys, I kinda lack a grass type pokemon, if possible will anyone suggest a good one available now. I just finished the battle with geara and zetta and about to challenge amber. My current team, Infernape Lycanroc - Dusk Krookodile Vaporeon Heliolisk Meowstic In rotation Absol, A-Muk, Drapion. I have a phantump and roselia caught, should i choose btw them or get a new mon. Any suggestions on my team is also welcome :)
  12. Many people hate delphox because of its design...I dont get it what do you exxpect from a last evolution looking cute like a baby...Its a nice design it turned into a witch bcz it is a witch......As for my worst starter i gues samurott cause it doesnt do anything other than having a great movepool
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