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Found 4 results

  1. A bit of context: So I recently just got my hands on the Ash-Greninja mod made by Aephiex, and it works pretty well with rejuvenation, no problems so far, if not at all. So, being the inexperienced coder I am, I thought "Well, how hard could it be to put it on another pokemon?"... so about that attempt... I thought all I had to do was switch around the species number and and names to Luxray, but I found it wasn't quite that simple, no only being unable to make the supposed "battle bond" ability appear on luxray, but also being unable to start up the game when both the original Ash-Greninja and my Luxray mod. The main question: is it possible to code Luxray so that it has a "battle bond" like transformation ability? If not at least be able to have different stats and remain in that form if I debug it to be form 1 using the debug mod for V13 Rejuvenation? (8/4/2021) edit: well, it worker, Luxray now has my custom "Battle Bond" ability, thanks to a suggestion from @PulsarNyx it's just that now, there's an error that pops up whenever it beats an enemy Pokémon. I'm not quite sure what I did wrong, all I did was change the names of certain code lines to separate it from Aephiex's Battle Bond Greninja, but the worst I changed in the code was delete the water shuriken code. here's some screen shots of the mod I'm working on, as well as the file if anybody feels like messing around with it. I recommend you use the debug mod to give yourself a "Nemean" Luxray by setting it to form 1. DreamingDragon's Nemean-Luxray.rb
  2. Hey all I am thinking of doing a mono-type run. This is my first ever mono type run so I am going to do this in normal difficulty. So I would like u guys to pick one type for me. I will be picking usual starters so the types here will be of the types of the fully evolved starters.
  3. Hey guys, I kinda lack a grass type pokemon, if possible will anyone suggest a good one available now. I just finished the battle with geara and zetta and about to challenge amber. My current team, Infernape Lycanroc - Dusk Krookodile Vaporeon Heliolisk Meowstic In rotation Absol, A-Muk, Drapion. I have a phantump and roselia caught, should i choose btw them or get a new mon. Any suggestions on my team is also welcome :)
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