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  1. It certainly surprised me as to how much of an effect they have. As good as +/- 10% sounds, I usually put natures on the backburner compared to IVs. But they can have an equal if not greater effect, mostly depending on EVs and base stats! Your numbers on the Mew look about right, at least according to what I've looked at. I get about 114-115 Spd or 60-61 IVs for you example. It's a fun little puzzle! I think I first started thinking about this when I realised that I could make my Timid Gengar almost as fast as my Adamant Crobat, and at Lv 85 they were only ~10 speed apart, despite
  2. (If anybody knows a better place to put this post, please move it there) Hi all! This is my first post over on the reborn side of things, although to be honest I didn't really know where to put this ... Anyway! Before we go any further, a warning: This post contains maths. If you do not like maths, you will not like this post. But TL;DR, nature important. There's also a summary at the end, so maybe go read that too. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction With that warning
  3. Hi all! As most of you probably know, v13 will be out in a few hours! excitement noises As you probably also know, it's been two years since v13. This means that the devs have put in two years of work to give us something awesome, on top of the work to give us the other 12 vs! Sooo, I'd like to give a big thank you to all the devs and the staff for giving their time to us. <3 that is all
  4. Hi all, welcome back. Let's get started with Chapter 4! We make our way back to Goldenwood Town, where Venam opens up the entrance at last. After being greeted by a welcoming scene, we get our first and only encounter of the Chapter, as well as (I think) the only ground type in the run, Bunnelby! We name Bunnelby "Chungus" (seriously, what else would you call this?) and store it in the box for now. Before continuining the story, we take the time to complete the Rift Gyarados sidequest. After a fairly easy battle against "C" we make our way to Goldenwood Forest, where Ri
  5. Hi all, we're back with another update. Let's try to get to the end of Chapter 3 today! We pick up after having just dealt with the Ancient Guard Kingdra using some serious cheese tactics. That means it's time to face an equally spooky foe in the PokeGang Crobat, which sits at a nice Lv 48 and is accompanied by four Lv 37 Zubats. At first I thought the Zubats might be a problem for us, but they actually give us an opportunity to set up with Maelstrom and get a good headstart over Crobat. I won't go into much detail here for once, and I'll just show you the team instead:
  6. That would be very immoral of me and quite honestly despicable too.
  7. Hi everybody, we're back and ready to get on with Chapter 3! We start off by spending a little time at the Chrisola Casino before going anywhere with the story, which after (many, many) games of Voltorb Flip gives us enough coins to pick up TM10 Hidden Power and TM90 Substitute! The latter will certainly help us in the upcoming fight against Amanda, whilst the former will give us some much needed coverage. Here's a list of the HP types of our special attackers so far: Greg - HP Bug Hootdini - HP Fighting Maelstrom - HP Water (HA!) Reverb - HP Rock Flash - HP
  8. Hi, welcome back! Let's finish Chapter 2 today! We pick after defeating Rift Volcanion and waking up in the Sheridan Arena. The Eldest tells us to meet her in the Spring of Purification, where we're finally able to purify our Meowth from earlier! We nickname Meowth "Rocket" and store it in the box for now. Access to the Spring also lets us catch our last encounter of Chapter 2, Zigzagoon! We nickname it Bandito and store in the box alongside Rocket. As we leave the Spring, spooky Keta tells us to meet him in Amethyst Grotto before disappearing mid moonwalk. There's not
  9. Hi all, we're back with another update. There's not much to do right now other than face Keta, so we head back into Sheridan and set up the story ready for the fight. The team is the same one that we used against Novae: And here's the video! First off, Keta's music kinda bops. Second, that wasn't really much of a fight... Granted I got lucky with a couple of crits and a flinch, but either way that was an absolute walk over. The only factor that made that fight a little challenging when I was testing were the rolls on the first t
  10. Yep! I'm actually playing with a slightly extended species clause too so that I can't use two things from the same evo line, e.g only one eeveelution per team, Spearow and Fearow can't be on the same team etc. My list of rules are all in my first post here! Keta shouldn't really be a challenge anyway, I have tons of flying types and psychic moves to choose from. I think I can even get a Sylveon now if I want.
  11. Hi all, here's another update on the run! We pick up where we left off after defeating Rift Galvantula, and make our way through Amethyst Cave to Sheridan Village. We switch out a few of our team members along the way to try and gain some easy levels from the trainers inside Amethyst Cave. Once we reach Sheridan we take on the trainers and Hootdini evolves into Noctowl, whose psychic and flying type moves should serve us well against Keta a little later on. Whilst we're here we also start the Ditto questline, which will come into fruition quite a while later. We make ou
  12. I would definitely recommend taking a look at this guide to help choose a monotype for the run, as well as to let you know what's available in each chapter. I'd also agree with Vum. Some of the types have very little available in the early chapters (e.g ghost, steel) which will make them a bit of a nightmare, so for your first run I'd recommend picking something like normal, grass, water etc. The guide will help a lot! Good luck with the run!
  13. Thanks for the heads up! I'll look into it and see if I can notice anything myself.
  14. Hi all, we're back with another (slightly longer) update! Picking up where we left off, we need to get past Nim. Unfortunately, our current team is very unlikely to be able to make a dent in her Solrock and Lunatone lead, so we're going to need a new strategy. Taking a look at our box, Bambi seems like a great choice due its part grass typing, but unfortunately it doesn't learn any good grass type moves until Lv 32. We're also unable to rely on Shadowrat and Violence for dark moves, as Nim's psychic terrain cuts the damage from dark type moves in half. Sleep clause also stops us fr
  15. Angie was probably the most difficult fight for me on my first playthrough, though most likely due to a lack of preparation at that point. For reference, I was playing on normal difficulty with set mode, no healing etc. (standard competitive clauses). I remember her Crabominable and Beartic being a big part of the problem, mostly because of the Elemental Seed/Slush Rush causing them to outspeed most of my team. The terrain boosted Cold Truth from Rotom really didn't help much either, especially when I wasn't dealing a great deal of damage to her team through Aurora Veil.
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