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Found 3 results

  1. (If anybody knows a better place to put this post, please move it there) Hi all! This is my first post over on the reborn side of things, although to be honest I didn't really know where to put this ... Anyway! Before we go any further, a warning: This post contains maths. If you do not like maths, you will not like this post. But TL;DR, nature important. There's also a summary at the end, so maybe go read that too. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction With that warning out of the way, let's get started. During a recent run of mine I caught this beautiful Zangoose called Disaster: I thought she was pretty neat, 26 Atk IVs and +Spd nature, despite only having 12 Spd IVs. However, I showed Disaster to a couple of people and got mixed reactions, with some thinking that she was absolutely trash because of the 12 Spd IVs. It got me thinking "I'm pretty good at maths...let's figure out just how good she is". So that's what we're gonna do here, but a little bit more generally. I'll try and answer the question: Just how good is a good nature? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Calculating the IV-Nature equivalent: A tale of floor functions To answer this question, we first need to know how a stat is calculated. Stats other than HP (which is irrelevant here, since we can't change it with nature) can be calculated using: Stat = Floor[ Nature * (Floor[ (2 * Base + IV + Floor[ EV/4 ]) * Level/100) ] + 5) ] Where Nature is 1 for a neutral nature, 0.9 for a hindering nature and 1.1 for a beneficial nature, whilst the floor function is defined such that it picks out the largest integer less than or equal to its argument. e.g: Floor[ 1.2 ] = 1, Floor [ -3.7 ] = -4. Ok great. So what next? To try and quantify how good or bad a nature is, I'll try to convert it into and IV equivalent. So let's suppose something has a neutral nature (Nature = 1) and IV IVs. I'll answer the question "for a different nature, which we will call Nature', what IV value, which we will call IV' , would give the same stat total?". Seems simple right? Let's get started. Well, there are a few problems here. First off, the floor function has no inverse so we can't just "solve for IV' ". But what we can do is use the definition of the floor function to say that: Stat <= Nature' * (Floor[ (2*Base + IV' + Floor[ EV/4 ]) * Level/100) ] + 5) < Stat + 1 Great! That's one of the floor functions gone at least. We can tidy up a little more and get the following inequality: (Stat/Nature') - 5 <= Floor[ (2 * Base + IV' + Floor[ EV/4 ]) * Level/100) ] < ((Stat + 1)/Nature') - 5 Aaaand, we're stumped again. Getting rid of this next floor function isn't very easy (trust me, I've tried...a lot). If anybody knows how to get the most general solution here then please tell me! Since I haven't been able to figure it out though, we'll stick with a more specific case. If we're at Level = 100, we see that everything inside the floor function is an integer, so the floor function goes away nicely. Leaving us with: (Stat/Nature') - 5 <= 2 * Base + IV' + Floor[ EV/4 ] < ((Stat + 1)/Nature') - 5 Which we can solve quite easily for IV': (Stat/Nature') - 5 - (2 * Base) - Floor[ EV/4 ] <= IV' < ((Stat + 1)/Nature') - 5 - (2 * Base) - Floor[ EV/4 ] But we want our new IV stat, IV', to be an integer. So we're going to stick in some floor and ceiling (the opposite of the floor function...great names I know) functions of our own in. Giving: Ceiling[ (Stat/Nature') - 5 - (2 * Base) - Floor[ EV/4 ] ] <= IV' < Floor[ ((Stat + 1)/Nature') - 5 - (2 * Base) - Floor[ EV/4 ] ] For those of you still reading, congratulations! We've found the range of values of IV' that will give the same total stat with a nature Nature' as something with IV and Nature. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- A worked example A worked example is always nice to put these things into perspective and give you an idea of exactly what I've been trying to do here. Let's suppose we're ready to take on the champion with our trusty Armageddon: He's got perfect attack IVs and EVs, so we're set, right? Well, let's find out just how good Armageddon is using what we've learnt so far. With those stats and that nature, Armageddon has: Stat = 219 Base = 60 EV = 252 Using what we derived so far, this means that if instead of a neutral nature Armageddon had a beneficial nature, Nature' = 1.1, he'd have the same stats with: IV' ~ 12 Yep, that's right! Stated in words: "Armageddon with 31 Atk IVs and a neutral nature is the same as a Torchic with 12 IVs and a beneficial nature." Oops! Looks like Armageddon isn't so perfect at all... Better get back to breeding! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Calculating the Base Stat-Nature equivalent: It's easier this time...because we've done it already We could have asked the question above in a different way: "for a different nature, which we will call Nature', what base stat value, which we will call Base', would give the same stat total?". All we're doing here is saying that instead of treating the beneficial nature like having more IVs, we could also picture it like having a higher base stat to start with. Given what we've done so far, this isn't too hard to calculate. We just rearrange what we have above to find: Ceiling[ (1/2) * ((Stat/Nature') - 5 - IV - Floor[ EV/4 ]) ] <= Base' < Floor[ (1/2) * (((Stat + 1)/Nature') - 5 - IV - Floor[ EV/4 ]) ] That wasn't so bad now, was it? So what does this mean for our trusty Armageddon? Well, just like before we can go ahead and plug in the numbers for Armageddon: Stat = 219 IV = 31 EV = 252 And we find using the above: Base' ~ 50 And once more in words, to make it clear: "Armageddon with 31 Atk IVs and a neutral nature is the same as a Torchic with 50 base attack and a beneficial nature." This, coincidentally, is exactly the attack stat of an Oddish. So maybe we should have said it a little differently: "Armageddon with 31 Atk IVs and a neutral nature hits as hard as a very angry Oddish." Wow, we really need to work on Armageddon... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- So what does this mean for Disaster, our beatiful Zangoose? So just how good is Disaster? After all, that's why I started thinking about this in the first place. Let's calculate the Lv 100 IV and base stat equivalents, just like we did for Armageddon. We'll have to work slightly differently here, since we're starting with a beneficial nature and trying to find the "bad nature" equivalent instead. Unfortunately the floor functions make this hard to do analytically, so I told my computer to do it for me instead. For Disaster's speed stat, we have: Nature = 1.1 Base = 90 IV = 12 EV = 252 So if instead she had a neutral speed nature, what IVs/base stat would she need to be as fast? Our computer tells us that: IV' ~ 38 Base' ~ 103 So our fabulous Disaster (I hope somebody gets this reference) is as good as a Zangoose with neutral nature and 38 Spd IVs, or a base stat of 103. To put that into perspective, that's faster than both Garchomp and even Oddish. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary If you're reading this coming straight from the start, or you've struggled to follow along, I'll try to summarise nicely: Nature is very important. Probably even more so than IVs and base stats, depending on what you're using to start with. I didn't realise quite how important it was until I started making this post, and I've pleasantly surprised myself even. Adamant nature Oddish hits as hard as Serious Torchic. Yep, it's true. Disaster is beautiful and very fast. So stop being mean to her. That is all. Peace!
  2. What are we? Who are we? Why...? Many questions race through my mind. Thoughts race at a fever pitch as I sit in the darkness all alone. Echos of doubts, and many darker things swim in the primordial sea, the depths of my mind. It is the beginning and the end of me. It hard to tell, what's a new thought and whats a demon that's been hiding for years.. or even what is a festering wound. Our mind can be damaged too ya know. Hell, it's mental and emotional wounds that hurt the worst. Because, the pain is so real to me, but... no one else can see it. They can see the tears roll down my face, the anguish in my eyes, but they can't see the hole in my heart. They cannot see the hole within my soul. They can't see the twisting briers that squeeze my form. The gnashing barbs that sink into my soul's flesh and cause it to bleed. Drip. Drip. Drip. They can't hear the compounding crescendo, the disheartening disquiet that is an unstill mind. Do they even care about the pain I feel? The pain that cannot be seen? Of course, they do when it rears it's ugly head. When the anguish roars, a beast uncaged. Of course they care then. But, do they care any other time? I doubt it. But, I can't read minds. I can barely read my own. Heh... it's pathetic really. I don't even know who I am. How could I know another enough to understand... when I don't understand myself? What am I? A curse? An omen? Must I bleed for the world, but the world never bleed for me? A Bleeding Heart. One that loves this world dearly, despite all it's blemishes. All that which is ugly... doesn't pale that which is beautiful. Life itself is beautiful. All life. Despite it's flaws. After all, flaws only serve as the backdrop for greatness. The curtain before the show. APPLAUSE!!! Doesn't it sound beautiful? The sound of praise... of worthiness. So they say. But, it only works so long. Until that hole is bored back into your soul. It's only a temporary salve to stop the pain. We seek this gratification to stop feeling our wounds for awhile. It's nice to not feel broken isn't it? To not feel the shards of glass that are embedded in our every emotion, even if for only a second. Some would be willing to do anything for that. They do dangerous things... or terrible ones. Sometimes, it's the only thing they know how to do to make the quiet go away. The painful quiet. The praise of others... such a horrible addiction. I've seen it kill plenty people. But, not their body. Their soul. They have forgotten what it is to live for themselves. They have forgotten that they have desires. It's a fate worse then death it is. For it's a hollow existence. One not worth living. Though, the ones there would hold onto to hope that it wasn't so, they'd say it was. They'd be wrong... after all, their opinions and desires don't hold any value to them, why should they to me? It's sad to see it be so common. Hmmm, I don't know why I'm here. Maybe to illustrate a point... maybe to say this isn't the pain I feel. It doesn't matter. What does anything matter really? What is value...? Is it real? Is it really okay for a being like me to decide what is valuable in this world and what isn't? I suppose it is if I decide for myself, but no others. Too often I see that though. One will try to push their values on another. Try and tell them what they should care about. It's disgusting really. Trying to force that on another. Presuming to know someone else's concerns but further that yours hold more merit just because they are yours. Peeeeeeeh. I'd tired of questions that have no answers having their answers forced on others. After all, a good question has many answers. Not just one. But, most are so obsessed with being correct, they forget themselves. They forgot that their answer... could be wrong. They forget that their answers could be right, but at the same time so could another. Life's questions are rarely a simple maudlin affair. After all, life likes that color grey a hell of a lot. Life is nothing but a bunch of murky grey loam. It can grow all sorts of things, and it's got a lot goin' on at any given time. I really don't know what I'm trying to say though. But, so is life I suppose. It's confusing isn't it? Right? What is right, what's wrong? Who knows but you and whatever deity you believe in. Of course... if you do believe in that kind of thing. Just do what's in that heart of yours. It can't be entirely wrong, no? It'd be nice anyway. To know that one's heart is always right. But, it's also be a nightmare. To know that every little terror would be true as well. That feeling that every time you feel someone is drifting that they would be. That because you thought everyone hated you that they did. Funny how what could be a good thing, could be so easily corrupted by a human's very own nature. It funny how fragile we are... how we try to kick back at life and things so much bigger than us. Things that threaten to swallow us whole. We just look them in the eye and say "Not today!" as if we have that right. Hell, maybe we do. If you can make it come to pass perhaps you have the right to do it. Doesn't save you from the consequences but... you certainly can do it. Click. Click. Click. Orderly clockwork, well oiled machines. Well, we're not really like them, but are in some ways. We're certainly a lot messier, that's for sure. But unlike an automaton we have a soul, a heart. At least, as of now. But maybe that's the issue. It makes us fragile. But maybe it's the spark that makes us... so unique. It's a catch-22 really. Or is it? Look, I don't know, but, we have had the choice picked for us already. We might as well make the best of it. After all, it's our fatal flaw. It's beautiful, no?
  3. As we all know, Pokémon games have fantastic landmarks. I remember going to Lumiose City in Pokémon X/Y and being as surprised as I was when I reached Castelia City in Pokémon Black/White. However, this is not true everywhere. There's usually that place. That place that you go through and thinks: "OMFG I forgot this shitty route/city/thing existed." And at least for a few hours the game simply turns terrible. Of course, I'll just go with a classic one: ROCK TUNNEL Oh all those times that I forgot flash. And all of my regrets for not having any repels. If this place was more late game, it might have been worse. It might have been better. But where it is, it's place where many players will just look at it, sigh, and go through. Hope you were ready for Zubats! So, let's share. What places do you dread in Pokémon? A route that is terrible, a city that there's just nothing, or something else that I forgot. Let's add a bit more hate to those places. But also let's leave fan-games out of this, yeah?
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